Entertainment Updates 2018


  • Entertainment Update: Story of Minglan, Poetry of the Song Dynasty, Broker, Miss Truth, Liu Shi Shi’s Pregnancy, Gillian Chung’s Wedding
  • Entertainment Updates: Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book wrapped up filming, Past Life and Life, Like A Flowing River, The Learning Curve of A Warlord, The Fated General, and Celebrity Updates including Alyssa Chia’s wedding


  • Entertainment Update: New trailers for The Great Craftsman, King’s Avatar, Fighting Youth, The Files of Teenagers in the Concession, Dancing in the Storm, Our Glamorous Times, The Love of Hypnosis



  • Entertainment Update: My True Friend, Fearless Whispers, The King’s Avatar, The Files of Teenagers In The Concession, Shadow, Story of Minglan, Yang Shuo and Wang Liwen’s Wedding
  • Entertainment Updates: Ordinary Glory (Chinese Misaeng Remake), My Lucky Star remake, Jaywalk introduces 6 new faces, and tv ratings manipulation problem
  • Entertainment Updates: It’s a wrap for Meteor Garden run, The Rise of Phoenixes Netflix premiere, Mr. Swimmer posters, Li Xi Rui left Jaywalk Studio, filming news, wedding news and baby news


  • Entertainment Updates: Yang Mi and Wallace Huo New Drama, Legend of Fuyao, Martial Universe, Handsome Sibling, Zhao Liying’s First Concert, Yang Mi, Liu Yifei, and Angelababy’s Photoshoot


  • Entertainment Updates: Zhao Liying, Gillian Chung’s Wedding, Selina Jen, Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu, Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen, Michelle Chen and Rainie Yang, Kris Wu topped Billboard’s Hot 100 and celebrity photoshoots
  • Entertainment Updates: Little Update on Story of Minglan, Records of the Southern Mist House, King of Blaze, Ten Years Late, Sweet Dreams, Novoland: Eagle Flag, 355 movie, Meteor Garden 2018 Remake, Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings, and more


  • Entertainment Updates: The King’s Avatar, Legend of Fuyao, Records of the Southern Mist House, Disney Mulan, Idol Producer, FeiTian Award, and Celebrity Updates
  • Entertainment Updates: Story of Minglan, Handsome Siblings, Meteor Garden 2018, Take Away My Brother, Don’t Turn From Summer, Barbie Hsu, and Elvis + Eddie


  • Entertainment Updates: Story of Minglan, The King of Blaze, Handsome Siblings, Fearless Whispers, Records of Southern Mist House, Secrets of Three Kingdoms, and Liu Hao Ran


  • Entertainment Updates: Story of Minglan, Legend of Dugu, Ten Years Late, Novoland: Eagle Flag, The Longest Day in Chang An, In New York, Monster Hunt 2, 21 Carat, Europe Raiders, Monkey King 3, and Celebrity Updates/Photoshoots
  • Entertainment Update: Celebrity Baby Count is up to 5 in the month of February: Allen Ren, Fu Xinbo, YingEr, and Mao Junjie
  • Entertainment Update: The Mobile Video Festival, news, photo shoots, love reports, and Jia Nailiang moves out of family home


  • Entertainment Update: It’s twin girls for Xie Na and Zhang Jie: Updated with baby pics
  • Entertainment Update: Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost, New Dramas Announced, Vlinkage, Ruby Lin’s birthday, etc.
  • Entertainment Updates: To Love To Heal, Police Tactical Unit, Sweet Dreams, Pillow Book, King of Blaze, Cry Me a Sad River, Beneath the Embroidered Uniform, Return the World to You, Moonlight Doesn’t Understand the Bottom of My Heart, Youth Chu Liu Xiang, Dongshan Fine After, Legend of Fei, Twenty Four Hours, Monkey King 3, and Celebrity Updates
  • Entertainment Update: Dilireba Dilmurat and Vengo Gao Confirmed For the Three Lives, Three Worlds Pillow Book
  • Entertainment Update: Cast of Qing Yu Nian revealed to include Zhang Ruoyun and Li Qin
  • Entertainment Updates: Story of Minglan, The Destiny of White Snake, Flipped In My Youth, Eagles and Youngster, The King of Blaze, Ace vs Ace Season 3,
  • Entertainment Update: Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, Win the World, and Mr. Right