[Feature] Favorite Drama OSTs

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[Feature] 2018 Remake Dramas

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Some classics like the Condor Trilogy probably get remade once every few years or so, so it’s no surprise if you see them on this list. This year, however, the list of remake is so much longer than normal!  New faces playing old roles…that’s always a hit or miss but lots of anticipations and hypes for some of these dramas.

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[Feature] Huang Zitao

Many people know of Huang Zitao (Tao), but here is his moving life story that converted me from a neutral to a fan… I hope it will dispel some misconceptions and provide an overview of the person he is:

  • As the only child of a billionaire father (7th richest man in China), Tao was not interested in/did not excel in school. So, he left home at age 14 to make it on his own. He worked odd jobs to support himself, even donning costumes to hand out flyers on the street. When his father passed by him on the street, he would cry but did not force him to come home. By age 20, Tao bought houses for his parents. To this day, he has never taken any money from them
  • Even then, Tao saved up money to buy clothes for his grandma and lied about its price so his grandmother would not feel like he is spending too much money on her

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[FEATURE] Rising Stars of Yang Mi Studio


Have you ever wondered what talents are managed under Jaywalk Studio AKA Yang Mi Studio? Well, you’re in luck! Here is a list of some of the rising stars that are managed under the studio. You may recognize some names, as they’ve pretty much become huge stars already. However, they’re still rookies when compared to the prowess of Yang Mi, but, nonetheless, they’re all still very popular.

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[Feature] Tong LiYa

For readers that are currently watching “Nirvana in Fire II: The Wind Blows in ChangLin“, I though I might do a little feature about the actress Tong LiYa (who currently plays Meng QianXue in the drama aforementioned) since she is an actress hasn’t been in many films and dramas that are highly exposed to the overseas audience but is nonetheless successful.

Tong LiYa (Chinese: 佟丽娅) born on the 8th of August 1984 is a Chinese actress of Xibe (Sibe) descent.  She made her acting debut in 2006 with the role of a young “Li Zai Ai” in the drama “C’est La Vie, Mon Chéri“.

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2017 Sina’s Best Performances Short Films

Every year Sina selects 10 outstanding actors and actresses to participate in their annual “Best Performances” films. This year the 10 selected actors and actresses are Huang Xuan, Zhao Liying, Zhang Yishan, Ni Ni, Lei Jiayin, Ma Li, Wu Xiubo, Pan Yueming,  Zhang Zhijian, Ma Yili. These actors and actresses participated in the making of 10 short creative films (with the help of 4 promising directors) at one minute each. The film was released on December 18th.

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