Hi all!

This blog is an effort from different people with different interests coming together to bring news and discussions to a community with the similar interests. Below are the introductions from our admins who take time from their daily live to create this space for Chinese drama, music, fashion, movie, and more.

New members are always welcomed!! Leave a message here if you wish to join our community of bloggers!


Hi everyone!

I’m newest member, Su_Ramen. I love the idea of community blogging so I joined Cnewsdevotee recently. I love Chinese historical dramas and anime. I adore Chen Kun, Hu Ge, and (like everyone else here) Zhao Liying. Sadly, I speak very little Chinese, mostly picked up from dramas. I also run my own personal blog called Invisible Asia, where I post a wider range of topics from dramas, anime to history and travel. I think my contributions at Cnewsdevotee will mainly be reviews and features.



This is my first time helping out with a blog so I’m a little new at this. I go by Chexmix and my Chinese level is intermediate. I can watch dramas without subs and read Chinese with basic understanding of the content. I have access to Weibo but I only follow news on Zhao Liying, Yang Mi, and Chen Qiao En because they are my faves =D. For this site, I think my main contributions will be reviews/recaps on movies and dramas that I’m watching.


Hey everyone!

It’s also my first time writing on a blog~ I’m currently a student balancing a full course load and two internships, but I will try my best to contribute to this blog. My main interests are Zhao Liying (as well) and Huang Zitao, but I also follow other C-celebrities. On this site, I will mainly contribute to entertainment updates. If I watch any dramas, I will also review/recap those! Btw, I am able to speak and understand Chinese fluently, but I can’t read much Chinese

– Victaorious

Hi guys!!

Nice to meet everyone! Just like you guys, I am a Zhao Liying fan, but I also have a positive feeling for most of Chinese actors and singers. I like to watch dramas and sometimes, it becomes like an addiction >< I was blogging with Cdramadevotee and I am happy to join everyone to blog more casually on this blog! Nice to meet all the new ones and hi to all the old friends! 😉 Love you all!


Hi everyone!

I’m a first-time blogger and like most people here, I am also a Zhao Liying fangirl. I am a casual fan of other actors, but I don’t follow anyone else closely. I am really happy we will be able to keep the community going and will try to contribute as much as possible. I can’t help with translations, but I am able to gather some information.


Hello to everyone here!

ChocolateCosmos here. I’ve been a reader for cdramadevotee/centdevotee. I would say my Chinese is not that great. However, I will try my best to contribute as much as possible whether through entertainment updates or commenting. This is the first time that I am a co-admin to a blog. I have pretty positive opinions on a lot of Chinese actors and actresses. Since everyone likes Zhao Liying, I ended up being influenced by people’s fangirling and goodwill. So I would say Zhao Liying is definitely one of the actresses I am interested in, a little bit more so than other folks 😛


Hi all! I was sad to see original Cnewdevotee go, so I figure I’ll help out as I can. I do have my own blog talking about what I love best “Fashion,” mostly though, I like to post magazine photo spreads of celebrities. My Photoshop skill isn’t bad either.The Facebook page for this blog is also live, so invite your friends and lets expand. Anyways, looking forward to a great collaboration with everyone!


Hi all.  I’m Lia.  I do comment sometimes on Centdevotee, I found it’s the friendliest blog and it’s sad to see it go.  I am a big fan of Kris Wu Yifan and I also like Fan BingBing, Angelababy and William Chan.  I will most likely do posts on fashion and movies.  You will not see me too much with drama because I can’t catch up to 50+ episodes enough to blog it.  Cheers!


Hello everyone!  I used to be a long time reader of cdramadevotee/centdevotee (guess like most of the awesome bloggers above me ^^).  My interest in the c-entertainment started all the way back in the late 90s when I was still elementary school.  I own a business and thus, I’m working most of the time (and when I don’t, I try to catch up on my sleep these days).  Haha…guess my age? =P That’s going to be my very legit excuse why I seem MIA most of the time as far as blogging goes here at this blog.  But you will probably going to see me commenting on blog posts (or like it) most of the time.  Anyways, please just treat me as a guest blogger.


Greetings everyone! I’m Peachilyme, and I’m ecstatic to be joining the Cnewsdevotee admin team and will try to contribute as much as I can. Like many other admins on this site I’m a BIG fan of Zhao Liying but I also like YangYang, Huge and Tong Liya. I’m pretty “fluent” in Chinese but struggle with ancient proverbs and sayings lol. I’m more of a wait-until-a-drama’s-finished-before-watching kind of person unless I’m super excited for that drama.  This is my first time blogging so I still have a lot to learn so please bear with me! >_<

– Peachilyme

Hi, I’ve been reading blogs on Cnewsdevotee for a while now, and I am excited to join the team. Like many others, this will be my first time blogging about anything at all! I am fluent in chinese but can’t read and write it, although I do plan on learning in the future. I mainly watch dramas and don’t really keep up with entertainment news. Like the other admins, I’m a huge fan of Zhao Liying as well ^^, along with Yang Yang~

– iiangelx3

Hi Everyone! This is my first time blogging and I’m super excited to be able to share my love of C-dramas and C-Entertainment with everyone. I am a big fan of a lot of Chinese actors, actresses, and singers, but my ultimate bias is Yang Mi. Aside from binging on C-dramas, I like to write short stories and listen to K-pop. I plan to write a variety of posts that include various features on dramas, as well as the actors and actresses, and, of course, some reviews. Please wish me luck. ^_^


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Could one of you lovely bloggers finish the recaps on The Legend of Dragon Pearl? I can’t find any site that has completed English subtitles so if I can’t watch it, I don’t mind reading about what happens. Please, and thank you!!


  2. where to watch chinese dramas with english subtitles? I want to watch zhao li ying legend of mermaid? please tell where to watch this drama?


  3. Can i ask what is the real playdate of the chinese drama “COLOR OF THE NIGHT aka SIEGE IN FOG”?? I have been waiting for this drama for months now…thank you


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