First Impressions: Stay With Me


Bingewatched to Ep 13 and sadly, don’t think I am going to continue! Found the first eight to ten episodes really addicting – I liked Li Wei Wei being an unapologetic b$&ch at work (high pressure, high stakes yo!) and Wang Kai is a good actor. He managed to convey the love-hate relationship Chen Yi Du had for Wei Wei (internally of course!) with his micro expressions especially when he saw she was marrying Huo Xiao (Kimi Qiao) or all the moments he was struggling with himself whether to be there for her or just walk away. Joe Chen, too, did well in her part and she does both the Devil Wears Prada and 23 year old girl parts equally well – she like ZLY and Janice Wu,  is another one that doesn’t annoy me when she is acting a lively or bubbly role(although she is older).

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Movies Released on Chinese New Year 2017

Chinese New Year’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for movies, if not the biggest in China. Most of the big budget movies filmed by huge directors are released during this period and some of them end up being the #1 movies of the year when it comes to box office gross (notably: Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons ($215 million) and The Mermaid ($553 million), both by Stephen Chow).

The movies coming out on CNY 2017 have already been announced!

Updated: You can find all the compiled MVs for the movies released here

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Second Impressions: The Legend of Flying Daggers

Up to Ep 21 now and it’s still pretty entertaining. The story drags in some parts and the show seems to be lacking a genuine Big Bad but I really do enjoy the team-of-6 adventuring through jianghu looking for clues/treasure and that’s enough for me now 🙂 Trying to minimize spoilers so shout-out to:-

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Second Impressions: Shuttle Love Millennium

Up to Ep 20 and can happily report that the show keeps getting better and better! The editing’s done well (couldn’t tell that Puff Kuo was a last minute replacement for Yoo Inna)  and the juxtaposition of 2016 vs 1936 is also executed seamlessly without being cheesy. I am still allergic to Janice Man but it’s being overcome by the awesome double dose of Wei Da Xun and the woeful elegance of Puff Kuo.

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[Thread] General and I (2017)

Updated: The drama is now set to released on the 2nd of January. And the the production team just released a long 5 minute trailer for the drama along with new stills!  


Title: General and I (孤芳不自赏)

# of episodes: 62

Release date: January 3rd, 2017,  January 2nd, 2017

Watch here without eng sub

Synopsis: When the mansion of Prince Jiang’an is under attack and destroyed overnight, He Xia and his attendant Bai Pingting is forced to flee the Kingdom of Yan. They got separated, and Pingting took refuge in a monastery where she meets the powerful general Chu Beijie. He is captured by the beauty of Bai Pingting’s zither playing, and falls in love with her. However, their situation renders this relationship a difficult one as they are from opposing kingdoms.

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