Entertainment Updates: Story of Minglan, The King of Blaze, Handsome Siblings, Fearless Whispers, Records of Southern Mist House, Secrets of Three Kingdoms, and Liu Hao Ran

Hello folks~ It’s been so long since I did an entertainment update due to busy schedule. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to cover some other dramas/movies or other celebrities (I’m picking one celebrity to show pictures lol). I’m going to start shorter entertainment posts to help save time so hopefully I’ll be able to post more than usual.

Drama News

Story of Minglan starring Zhao Liying and Feng Shao Feng posted pictures of both their leads plus behind the scenes (the first one is more serious while the other has more of a joking tone sometimes). The filming is almost wrapping up (Feng Shao Feng is already done filming) as the cast and crew have been filming for over 200 days(!)

So Liying’s friend came to visit her on filming set and brought her kid along. Thought this video was quite cute and Liying was calling the little fellow a naughty kid lol.

The King of Blaze with Jing Tian and Chen Bolin released drama stills and a poster for the historical version.

Handsome Siblings (2018) released drama set pictures that will star Chen Zhe Yuan as Xiao Yu Er and Hu Yi Tian as Hua Wu Que. The drama follows the same storyline like the other previous remakes. Liang Jie will also star in the drama as Su Ying.

Here are some fan snapped pics of the two male leads.

Records of the Southern Mist House posted some behind the scenes look at Jing Boran‘s character. Records of the Southern Mist House is based on the manhua of the same name by Ke Xiao Sha. The main storyline revolves around the owner of the incense shop played by Liu Yi Fei who uses these magical incenses to help solve internal turmoils of her clients. The storyline is quite “episodic” with each chapter centering on one client and so forth. Jing Boran’s character is somehow related to the heroine with a mysterious background… I haven’t gotten the chance to read the story as much and only the manhua’s first few chapters are translated. Here’s the link that shows more information regarding the manhua.

This is the most recent picture posted by Liu Yi Fei’s assistant that I’ve found. Basically, Liu Yi Fei is sporting a later Qing dynasty hairstyle.

Fearless Whispers, a Republican spy drama that will star Li Yi Feng, has casted Jin Chen as female lead along with supporting cast of Wang Long Zheng, Niu Junfeng, and Shi Shi.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Secrets of Three Kingdoms starring Elvis Han and Ma Tian Yu as the drama has reached 100 million reviews within three hours of premiere! I’ve been wanting to watch this drama and have been hearing decent things (solid acting and good cinematography).

Let’s end this post with pictures of Liu Haoran posted by his studio since I know some of the readers and one of our admins love him lol. Let’s welcome spring with Liu Haoran ~

8 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Story of Minglan, The King of Blaze, Handsome Siblings, Fearless Whispers, Records of Southern Mist House, Secrets of Three Kingdoms, and Liu Hao Ran

  1. Ahh finally a new post, been waiting for the updates. I literally live for your Ming Lan updates lol
    Wow 200 days of filming that’s quite a bit of time, my expectations for this has been hyped up so much now.

    It’s so ironic you’re welcoming Spring with images of Liu Hao Ran, because winter is coming to my place T___T. However any updates is better than none 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awww, hope you stay warm. It’s spring in China hence all the pictures celebrities’ studios post lol. Most of Minglan cast should be done with filming soon. At the latest this drama will air at the end of 2018 (it all depends on the approval).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh that’ makes more sense, I was still thinking in terms of American Spring haha

        Oh yay that means plenty of time to catch up on the novels at least. I hope ZLY can take some rest but knowing her, she’ll probably be drowning in another project lol

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Ohhh I’m loving how you end all this drama news update with Liu Haoran photos haha any content of him is always welcomed 🤣 Anyway, I’m also looking forward to watch Three Secret Kingdom because of Ma Tian Yuuu! And the trailer seems interesting. but not sure if DF or Viki pick up the drama for sub. Hope there is!

    You guys seem busy because you rarely post these past few weeks. It’s nice to see you’re active back~~~ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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