First Impressions: Shuttle Love Millenium



Watched up to eps 7 and have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with Wei Da Xun! He is acting two roles and making them both believable –  one is Zhang Zhi Gang, a French cuisine chef living in Shanghai, 1936 who is an all-round Mr Nice Guy (Michelin-level cooking, loves kids,etc) who looks regal in a changshan and has merciful killer kungfu moves and the other is Sun Qi Long, a third-generation-rich party boy in Shanghai, 2016 with sublime taste buds, impeccable fashion sense and wads of money.

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Entertainment Updates: Baidu Award, 53rd Golden Horse Award, General and I Trailer, YangZi and Qin Jun Jie dating rumor.

<Congratulation to Zhao Liying on becoming “100 billions queen”. Though not an official award it is a great accomplishment for gaining 100 billions online views for all her dramas combined.>

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December Airing Schedule

List of dramas and movies to air in the month of December . This list will be updated as more releases are announced.

December dramas:

Candle in the Tomb, starring Chen Qiao En and Jin Don, is a web drama based on the Chinese web novel series, “Ghost Blows Out the Light”.  It is  confirmed that the drama will air December 12th with 12 episodes. 

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[Anticipation Post] Stay With Me

After such a loooong wait and with so much changes to the official date, Stay With Me had finally finalized the official air date to be December 11th!! Updated with more pictures and a newly released trailer (11/28)

English title: Stay With Me

Chinese title: 放弃我抓紧我

# of Episodes: 45

Viki also has the drama licensed so you can watch it here with English sub when it’s released!

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Entertainment Updates

Yi Xia Technology announces new employee #0535: Zhao Li Ying! Zhao Liying has now became Zhao BOSS as she is the new Vice President for Yi Xia Technology.

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Second Impressions: When A Snail Falls In Love

Watched ep7-15 (thanks @chocolatecosmos for recommending me to continue!) and was riveted by the crime aspect of the show. It was well shot (love the muted colors), coherently developed and well acted by the ensemble crew. Special shout out to Xu Yue (Yao Meng) and Wu Xiao Yu (Ye Qiao) – both resonated with me, the former tender empathy and the latter womanly sympathy.

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