Happy Camp 20th Anniversary

Happy Camp celebrated their 20th anniversary. For those of you that were looking forward to this episode, you can discuss it here. 😉


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[Thread] 72 Floors of Mystery

Xu Lei, the writer of The Mystic Nine and The Lost Tomb, will write and producer a new variety show for Hunan, 72th floors of Mystery (七十二层奇楼). It is an original story adventure reality show. Guests will enter the 72th floors of mystery, which is a massive building, to explore mysterious rooms and also travel to all parts of the country. The show will expose the audience to a variety of traditional Chinese cultural practices.

It airs every Friday at 10:20PM

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[Feature] Chinese Variety Shows 2017

Chinese Variety/Reality shows have been booming in the recent years! There are so many nowadays that we can’t even keep track of them all anymore. Below is a short list of what is currently airing. Some are just ongoing shows with new episodes every week (Happy Camp) and others (most) are seasonal where they have a short break and then come back with a new season (an with a new cast most of the time). Theres’ probably quite a few missing from the list. Let us know which one and we can add them. we don’t watch all of these so we can’t speak for all of them but we did for the ones we do. For anyone that watch these, please leave a short review and we’ll add them to the post so that others know what to expect! =D

UPDATE: The variety show that people mentioned (Give me Five, Who’s the Murderer, and Chinese Dating Style) were added to the list. Also added some reviews left by people to the post. (Hope you don’t mind =D)

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