[Feature] C-Actors Who Are Younger Than 25

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Despite their young age, these C-Actors have already dominated the C-Entertainment world. Whether it was through the support and guidance of older actors and actresses or through their own talents, these actors have already made a name for themselves. But they’re still considered rookies! Anyway, here’s a list of some of the most sought after C-actors in the industry.

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[Feature] Antagonists We All (Should) Hate

Whether it’s becoming sworn enemies, being friends with and then betraying the main character, or just being plain annoying, you can’t deny that the entire purpose of an antagonist in the any C-drama is to make the life of the MC miserable. And, as a longtime viewer of C-dramas, there have been a few antagonists that I’ve come to absolutely hate. And before I go on to name a few of these characters, I do want to say that this has nothing to do with the actors and actresses who portray the characters, as they all did a great job in their performances. Seriously, props to them for being able to play despicable characters. But anyway, here is a list of some antagonists that I honestly did not like.

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[Feature] Supporting Female Leads Who Deserve Some Recognition

Most of the time we focus so much on the female lead, her character growth throughout the series, and her romance with the male lead, that we often forget that there are also supporting female leads that deserve some attention as well. Whether she’s the one who is fighting with the FL for the ML, having an unrequited love towards ML or someone else, or has her own agenda in the drama, you can’t deny that sometimes she just outshines the FL in one way or another. Personally, there have been many times where I truly rooted for the second female lead more than the FL because I saw more potential from her and I liked her character more. Unfortunately, not all supporting female leads get their deserved happy ending. But, regardless, here’s a list of supporting female leads that I personally rooted for and really liked because of their badass attitude, selfless love, and unwavering convictions.

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CBN Weekly’s Most Commercially Valuable Celebrities of 2018


CBN Weekly released their list of Most Commercially Valuable Celebrities in 2018 a few weeks ago, so this post is a bit late. My apologies! Topping the list of 2018 is Yang Mi, who was #3 in 2017’s list. Being one of China’s most popular actresses, Yang Mi has definitely established herself as an important figure in the Chinese entertainment industry. It makes sense for her to be at the top. See below for which celebrities made the top 100!

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[Feature] Hu Ge’s Notable Roles

Hu Ge Emporio Armani Hu Ge Fronts Emporio Armani China And Asia Pacifics Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign

If you are a fan of C-dramas, then the name Hu Ge should be very familiar with you. Not only is he a big star in the C-entertainment industry, but he is known to play many different types of roles. Initially, he started with doing wuxia and fantasy wuxia dramas, such as the Chinese Paladin series, but, in recent years, he’s been foraying into other types of dramas. As of now, he’s had a lot of both modern and ancient dramas under his name, both of which cover a wide range of genres. In my opinion, Hu Ge is a very talented actor. His portrayal as Li Xiao Yao in Chinese Paladin was every girl’s dream hero in the mid-2000s and his role as Mei Chang Su was marvelous and magnificent. He’s definitely one of those actors you know that will always leave you with a good impression. And, if you didn’t know already, he’s also one of my favorite Chinese actors. So that’s why I decided to write this post and dedicate it to my love for his acting. Read below to see some of the different roles that he’s had throughout the years.

To watch some of Hu Ge’s dramas check out Viki! Most of them are English subbed.

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[Quiz] Which Yang Mi Said It?

Happy Birthday to Yang Mi! She turns 32 as of today (September 12th)! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been a fan of hers since the beginning of her career. My first drama of hers was Liao Zhai where she portrayed the infamous fox demon Nie Xiao Qian alongside Hu Ge. Her performance in the drama really left an impact on me (especially her chemistry with Hu Ge), and I’ve been a fan of hers ever since. She may not be the best at acting or singing, but she’s definitely talented and smart. She’s established a good career for herself and she’ll forever remain a powerful icon in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Anyway, without further ado, I’ve created this quiz to showcase the many characters that Yang Mi has portrayed throughout her years as an actress. Similar to the Who Said It? quiz series, this quiz is filled with quotes from Yang Mi’s female characters. If you’re a big fan of Yang Mi, like me, it might be an easy breeze. If you’re not, you should try and test yourself anyway.

Good luck!

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[QUIZ] Who Said It? **Princess Agents Version**

I am back with another quiz!!!! In honor of Princess Agents (PA), which aired about a year ago on this day, I decided to create this quiz so that we can remember how much we loved (but really just the cast) the drama! ^_^ Below are some memorable quotes that I found from the drama that stuck with me. Go ahead and test yourself to see how much you remember about PA.

Good luck!

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