[Thread] Sword Dynasty (剑王朝)

Title: Sword Dynasty (剑王朝)
Production Company: Beijing Film & Television Culture Co., Ltd, iQiyi
Director Feng Xiao Gang
Episode Count: 34
Genre: Historical, Action Wuxia, Romance
Premiere Date: December 6th, 2019

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[News] Yang Mi’s fans protest against Jaywalk Studio in support of her future projects

If you haven’t heard, there’s been a recent protest among Yang Mi’s fans. Due to an announcement that she might be headlining another Jaywalk Studio produced drama alongside other actors and actresses from the same agency, many of her fans decided to speak out in defense of their beloved actress. A lot of these fans spoke out against Jaywalk Studio for using Yang Mi as a steppingstone for their up and coming rookies. So, at one of the events that Yang Mi was supposed to attend, many fans actually showed up and protested. They wanted their voices heard and they wanted to justice for Yang Mi.

But, honestly, if you really think about it, many of the successful actors and actresses from Jaywalk Studio have started their careers alongside the powerful actress. And here’s a few dramas to prove it!

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September 2019 Airing Schedule


It’s school season for students and fall is coming up~ We see a new batch of dramas airing this month~~

Please note that this month, due to the celebration of PRC’s 70th anniversary, NRTA (National Radio and Television Administration) or formerly known as SARFT, are restricting dramas centering idols and entertainment while pushing for government-recommended modern dramas or dramas relating to the founding of PRC. This will last for 100 days or so.

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