Entertainment Updates: The King’s Avatar, Legend of Fuyao, Records of the Southern Mist House, Disney Mulan, Idol Producer, FeiTian Award, and Celebrity Updates


Entertainment Updates: The King’s Avatar, Legend of Fuyao, Records of the Southern Mist House, Disney Mulan, Idol Producer, FeiTian Award, and magazine shoots

Drama News

The King’s Avatar officially started filming!  Released poster for the characters below. Song Zuer who were previously announced as Su Mucheng dropped out of the drama and the new rumored leading lady is Lai Yumeng, but nothing is confirmed yet.

You can read the translated novel here.

Yang Yang as Ye Xiu

Maggie Jiang as Chen Guo

Li Yu Jie as Tang Rou

This may be long overdue since we haven’t updated much in March but Legend of Fuyao released first trailer starring Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan back in mid March.

Records of Southern Mist House has released a large batch of the two leads’ character posters, bts of the male lead played by Jing Boran, character stills of the supporting cast that includes the amazing Zhao Lixin and the lovely veteran Liu Mintao and absolutely stunning background/scenery stills. At first, I was not feeling Liu Yi Fei‘s outfits, but it grew on me as more pictures were released. The story itself takes a rather somber tone and thus, the darker palette is quite befitting despite the other colorful choice in the manhua (vivid colors are used to capture the attention of readers).


Supporting Cast

Gorgeous drama set stills

Commence filming ceremony for new drama Finding Love on the Journey starring Chen Xiao and Jing Tian.

Movie News

Donnie Yen to join Disney’s Mulan alongside Liu Yifei as Commander Tung, Mulan’s mentor. (Remind me again who Commander Tung is..?) The movie is expected to be released in March 2020.

The actor will star opposite Chinese actress Liu Yifei, who is playing the title character.

Gong Li confirmed to join Disney Mulan as some evil witch villain. Jet Li is in talk to join as the Emperor but nothing is confirmed yet.


Variety News

Idol Producer announces the top 9 members that will debut as a group called Nine Percent. Members that made the cut off are: You Zhangjing, Zhu Zhengtin, Lin Yanjun, Wang Ziyi, Cai Xukun, Xiao Gui, Fan Chengcheng, Chen Linong, Justin

Nine Percent.png

Celebrity News

Zhang Tong and Sun Li awarded Outstanding Actor and Actress awards at the 31st Feitian Award Ceremony for their role in dramas Heroes in Defense  and Nothing Gold Can Stay.

Deng Chao congratulated his wife on Weibo with the caption “Sun Li teacher, you must have a great man behind you!?”

Luhan poked fun of Deng Chao with a funny meme of Deng Chao and the caption “A great man”

Stars that attended the Feitian Award Show included

Wei Xuibo

Liu Tao

Jiang Xin

Xie Na became the first celebrity to achieve 100 million followers on Weibo! An incredible feat! She opened her account back in 2009.

Leaked conversation of Tang Yan sponsoring university students in Tibet. The person thanked her for her kindness and she responded by asking him/her if there are more students who needed help. She’s willing to sponsor more.


Barbie Hsu announces her third pregnancy at age 41.  Her response: “Since I’m older now, it’s more tiring being pregnant at this age. Thank you to all that cared. Wish me luck.” Congratz Barbie.

Angelababy for the cover of Elle magazine

Fan Bing Bing for Bazaar Jewelry

Chen Qiao En – green tea themed photoshoot.

(LOL. Imagine having someone like that looking over your shoulder as you’re making tea!)

8 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: The King’s Avatar, Legend of Fuyao, Records of the Southern Mist House, Disney Mulan, Idol Producer, FeiTian Award, and Celebrity Updates

  1. I’m beginning to think of the Mulan live action as more of an adaption if anything. Tho if they add the witch there’s less need to be historically relevant, not that the original was accurate or anything. I’m loving the movie cast, if anything it will be a powerhouse movie. Now all we need is a substantial plot.

    LYF’s drama keeps giving me xxxholic vibes, not in a bad way just somehow similar. I watched the video of the bts in making the temple/palace of the drama and it looks absolutely stunning. They’ve got Jing Fei Niang Niang (Liu Min Tao) which just makes me super happy. In a way I can see LYF aging gracefully like her in the future haha.

    Thanks for all the updates, love the fashion ones too. Angelababy is such a stunner in editorials and goddess FBB, nothing more to be said.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Even though they LOOK NOTHING alike, every time I see Jing Boran I automatically think of Jo Cheng idk why, maybe the jawline??? Supper excited about Ethan and Yang Mi!!


  3. Wow witch in Mulan? They seems took another route . I mean as far they have completely Chinese cast with no white actors there I don’t mind plot alternation, but however they turning history into fantasy…?

    And can they finally confirm Li Shang? I’m also curious whether Mushu be in film


    1. Yea…found out that Donnie Yen’s character is also a new addition. So yea..don’t know how this movie will play out. hahah curious to see who will play our main male lead also!
      The gotta have mushu! He plays such an important part to the story. hahah

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yeah, idk why they just keep adding new characters and I think he’s technically Mushu?? At this point, we don’t deserve this movie and Im scared they’ll ruin it. BUT If anything I’d love it is Eddie Peng played Shang! His smile gets me every time lol

      Liked by 2 people

    3. There is no Li Shang in the remake. The love interest is called Li Hong Hui, a fellow soldier who considers Mulan his rival in the army. When he finds out that Mulan’s a woman, his feelings turn to love. It’s in the casting call.

      Liked by 1 person

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