Dilireba Dilmurat and Vengo Gao Confirmed For the Three Lives, Three Worlds Pillow Book


Dilireba Dilmurat and Vengo Gao WeiGuang will resume their roles as Bai FengJiu and DongHua Dijun for the Three Worlds Three Lives Pillow Book!!

This drama was confirmed a while back and many were hoping that Dilireba and Gao Weiguang would continue their role after the success of the prequel: Three Lives Three World Ten Miles Peach Blossom (aka Eternal Love) but I actually didn’t think this would happen. I’m so glad it did tho! I’m more than ecstatic to see these two continue their love story as Fengjiu and DongHua in the Pillow Book version. >.<

This version of the story will focus of the love story of Donghua and Fengjiu and their three entwined “lives.”

Synopsis: The story started off with Fengjiu already the Queen of QinQiu. There will flashbacks of her as the fox under Donghua’s care and bits of their lives in the mortal world but the story will move forward with their blossoming relationship in Fanyin Valley and in the Aranya’s dream arc (which was not part of the prequel).

More information of the book at Shushengbar or read the book in English at Hamster’s blog


Both parties also responded to the confirmations on Weibo

Dilireba: Actually, our past lives were just, I once liked you that much

Vengo: This time I won’t leave. Sleep Xiao Bai. When you wake up, we’ll be home.


11 thoughts on “Dilireba Dilmurat and Vengo Gao Confirmed For the Three Lives, Three Worlds Pillow Book

  1. Understandable why they would take on this drama since their popularity shot up from 3l3w. I’m a bit ambivalent on this because I still find Vengo pretty stiff >.< but then again his Donghua is a stiff dude (he's basically a rock lol). I wish I could like both leads' other works after 3l3w… yet I don't. I agree their roles for FJ and DH are their best. Aranya's dream arc… took me forever to finish lol. I was reading it on hamster's blog before and then stopped reading because I was busy. When I came back, we were still in Aranya's dream LOL. Honestly, this novel could have shortened its length a bit there. Got draggy in the middle.

    I just really, really hope that the number of episodes count isn't over 50. And that they don't drag the angst.


    1. Acting wise, there’s definitely room for improvements but after eternal love, it’s just hard to imagine another fengjiu and donghua. hahaha
      I agree, they could have cut some parts out in the novel. From what I remembered, the flow of the scenes doesn’t seem lengthy but the writing was (therefore there was a lot of skimming. hahah).
      Lol. I think I have less patience than you. No more than 40 for me. I can’t imagine this pillow book has enough content to drag it out longer than that.


  2. aww I am looking forward to this. I do hope they get the same director, but I know it will be hard. This was such a good move on their part, after all this is their best known role and you have to strike when the iron is hot. They are going to look so pretty *_*

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