Lists and Ranking

2019 Lists and Ranking

Top 10 Dramas With the Highest Douban Score (2019)

2018 Lists and Ranking

CBN Weekly’s Most Commercially Valuable Celebrities

Rankings: First Half of 2018

Top 30 Celebrities with the Most Weibo Followers

2017 Top 10 Movies on Douban

2017 Lists and Ranking

[2017 in Review] Tencent and DataWin Ranking Lists

Sohu Entertainment: 2017 World’s 50 Most Beautiful People

[2017 in Review] Top 10 TV ratings and Online Views

10 Chinese Actresses You Need to Know

[2017 in Review] Top 10 movies at the Box Office

2017 China’s Most Commercially Valuable Stars

[2017 in Review] Top 10 Dramas With Best Douban Scores

Top 10 Recent Book to TV Dramas with the Best Douban Scores

Chinese Entertainment Power Couples

Rankings: First Half of 2017 (updated)

Top 30 Celebrities with the Most Weibo Followers

2017 China’s Top 100 Commercially Valuable Celebrities

Celebrity Rankings by CCSmart and Forbes China

April’s 2017 Ranking Report by DataWin and VLinkage

2016 Lists and Ranking

2016 Douban Highest Rated Chinese Movies

China’s most commercially valuable stars for 2016

Baidu Top 10 Trending Searches

Chinese Dramas with over 10 billion online views

DataWin 2016 Top 50 Chinese Celebs Value Ranking


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