Entertainment Updates: Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book wrapped up filming, Past Life and Life, Like A Flowing River, The Learning Curve of A Warlord, The Fated General, and Celebrity Updates including Alyssa Chia’s wedding

Hello everyone~ It’s been a while, but Chinese entertainment is still as vibrant and busy as always~ I’ll try my best to cover things.

Drama News

Congratulations to the cast of Dilireba Dilmurat, Vengo Gao, Baron Chen, Dylan Kuo, Wayne Liu and others + the production crew of Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book as they have finished filming for the drama at Hengdian World Studios after 162 days~

Stills of the hard working production crew:

Behind-The-Scene stills of the cast ~

BTS Video:

Past Life and Life started off as an announcement I made about the production at work.

Then there was official announcement of casting Chen Yu Qi and Alan Yu Meng Long as leads. The cast and crew held their booting ceremony on November 4th, 2018 and I collected all the released stills so far.

As for the story, it is based on the web novel written by Ji Yue Jiao Jiao and is set in ancient times with mystery or somewhat of a fantasy type elements as Chen Yu Qi plays the female lead who is amnesic. The female had a different identity, but through an accident of some sort, she took on the identity of a constable and avoided an arranged marriage. As a constable, she will help solve cases alongside the male character, Jing Ci (Yu Meng Long) whilst the looming threat of someone trying to obstruct the female. Not too sure how well they will follow the novel. Currently, they’re still filming, and we can expect a release sometime later next year.

Booting Ceremony pics:

Stills of Setting:

Couple Still:

(Not really a still, but a behind the scene pic posted by Chen Yu Qi)

Stills of Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, Dong Zi Jian starring along others for Like A Flowing River that depicts the lives of those during China’s economic reforms and how each individual was able to take advantage and grow during the ever-changing economy. For example, Wang Kai’s character Song Yun Hui was bullied due to his background of his doctor father working for the Kuomingtang (a political party based in Republic of China on Taiwan). He took advantage of the reform for university entrance exams and he eventually worked his way up from a state-owned enterprise where he became part of the technical staff. Step by step, he paved the foundation for a successful life, but lost his way in the transformation of a new era.

The drama will premiere December 10, 2018 on many platforms such as Youku, Tencent, iQiYi, Dragon, Beijing TV and others with 45 episodes for part 1. There will be part 2, but as of right now, no update on the filming. This drama is licensed by Viki!


The Learning Curve of a Warlord starring Dicky Cheung will be premiering December 3rd, 2018 on TVB Youku in both Cantonese and Mandarin with 30 episodes. The drama will tell a story of transformation about the ruthless Di Qi who eventually become an exceptional warlord. This is Dicky Cheung’s return to TVB after 20 years and will likely be his last drama. As usual, you can expect some quirky comedy when Dicky Cheung is the main lead lol. Others in this drama include Sisley Choi, Tony Hung, and others.

Trailer for The Fated General starring Zhang Ruo Yun, Mao Xiao TongBai Yu (as the friend and enemy), Alan Yu Meng Long and others. Directed by Zhang Jian, the 70 episodes historical drama will tell the life chronicles of famed general Huo Qu Bing during Western Han dynasty who was born from a lowly maid and rose up to be a great general after military victories at a young age.

Celebrity Updates:

There were a lot of stuff that have occurred these past months, but I’ll try to keep it short.


I wanted to do a separate post, but couldn’t due to being busy in real life. I wanted to give a brief remembrance to the recent passings (Oct-Nov) of famous wuxia writer Jin Yong (Louis Cha), actor Elliot Ngok Wah, actress Yammie Lam, and famous producer Raymond Chow Man-Wai. They have contributed to the Chinese cinema through either their acting, films, or writing works (in the case for Jin Yong who have influenced many people). May they rest in peace.


Unfortunately,  Dolce & Gabbana posted a video on their instagram and twitter which you can find on several websites( I’m linking dramapotatoe twitter post) which is a very mocking video and has upset many C-netizens. However, what upset people more is the messages the designer, Stefano Gabbana, has made in an instagram direct conversation with model Michele Tranovo which were clearly derogatory (pretty racist imo) and showed the usage of negative stereotypes. They posted on instagram claiming the account was hacked, but people are not convinced.

Link to the messages here (courtesy of model Michele Tranovo via instagram)

Later, Shanghai fashion show was cancelled as many celebrities opt not to attend the show and Chinese models chose not to walk. Dilireba Dilmurat and Wang Jun Kai also terminated their contracts and endorsement of the brand. In addition, Chinese e-commerce sites such as Alibaba, Kaola, T Mall and others have removed the products of the brand from their websites. There were of course the backlash from netizens and celebrities such as Zhang Zi Yi.

Eventually, the two designers posted an apology video, which originally was posted on weibo, but then were posted on twitter, instagram, etc. after folks noted how they did not posted the video in other social media. I’m summarizing this controversy, but I recommend going on twitter to gain more information. I know many western news sites have penned the upset on the ad video, but messages were the ones that led to the eventual consequences for the brand.


This is bit of a late news, and some folks may have been aware of this. Jiang Jin Fu’s girlfriend posted a bunch of pictures depicting what are severe bruises on instagram (I think they’re now deleted on her instagram). Here’s the twitter link with the weibo link to the photos (trigger warning for abuse). The twitter post by TrendingWeibo revealed him admitting to the domestic violence. This situation is complex and we don’t know what really happened except the two individuals who are involved. Domestic violence is still wrong regardless of another individual’s past actions and since he has admitted to them, he is in the wrong and will be charged.

An update to this situation is that on November 28th (around that time), it was broadcasted on a Japanese station that Jiang Jin Fu has been arrested as he surrendered to Japanese authorities. His studio also wrote in an earlier post that he is in contact with the Japanese police.


In more lighter, positive news, actress Grace Chan and husband Kevin Cheng have announced that they’re expecting a baby! Congrats to the two and I’ve included the English message Grace has posted on her instagram.

Happy Belated Birthday to Bridgette Qiao Xin on Sept 23! Her Ode to Joy/ Ode to Joy 2 costars posted birthday wishes like they did for Yang Zi~~ Excuse my not-so-great translations >.<

Olivia Wang (Wang Zi Wen) : “Happy Birthday little sister Qiao, there’s a bright starry path, repeated good luck 🎂🎂🎂🎂❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Yang Zi: “Happy Birthday beloved bao bao (baby) Qiao. I will always accompany you and you will not be lonely as you have me. Forever your big backing/support ❤️Let’s race forward together❤️I will not say much as you’ve understand✌️”

Liu Tao: “Happy Birthday to the more and more wonderful Little Xin Xin (Happy Happy)! 🎂🎂🎂 Next time at the same place, let’s continue to eat “lambs” (“legs”) ah~ 😁😁😁

Jiang Xin: “Long legs Little Xin, happy birthday!🦄️🦄️ ​​​​”

Alyssa Chia and her husband Xiu Jie Kai married in 2015, and held their wedding ceremony on November 25th, 2018 in Bali with attendance of various Taiwanese stars. It was said that the Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan attended as well. The couple shared their beautiful wedding photoshoot~

Here are photos of their gorgeous wedding ceremony where one of their daughters, three year old Bubu (nickname) got emotional for her parents’ special day ❤

Of course, Mark Chao was there and it got posted on weibo 😂

Lovely wedding video:

After party pics (that I could find)~ Congrats to those two and wish them more happiness to their marriage~

Here is Mark being his playful self and attempting to dance 😛

The wedding dinner/party video:

19 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book wrapped up filming, Past Life and Life, Like A Flowing River, The Learning Curve of A Warlord, The Fated General, and Celebrity Updates including Alyssa Chia’s wedding

  1. I have been waiting for The Fated General FOREVER. I hope that the appearance of this trailer means that the broadcast will be by the Spring of 2019. The trailer is awesome as usual. I am constantly wowed by these epic trailers and the epic trailer music (reminiscent of Two Steps from Hell’s powerful music). I love Zhang Ruo Yun’s screen persona.

    The Director, Editor, Scriptwriter, Cinematographer and Music Supervisor should sit in a locked room immediately, and watch all the 1,000 episodes (MUAHAHAHAHA), to remove all the extraneous flashbacking, flashbacks and filler, redo the stupid scene intercutting edits, and tone done the music and singing. They might shave the length by 30%, and produce an outstanding epic drama.

    ps; I also hope that that Entity does not pick up the U.S. broadcast rights, to lock out the Western fans from watching it.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy Holidays to you too SHQA!! I hope they get to air this drama early or around the time you’ve mentioned. It seems like a well done drama and hope that everything is solid. If the drama can get enough hype, they should be able to broadcast it on bigger broadcasting tv channels and a license from either Viki or Netflix (who seems to be aiming to expand into the Asian markets with bigger budget dramas).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve always wondered why Jiang jingfu never blew up even with a good company and powerful network. Now I know why. I’m guessing he’s abused someone in the Chinese industry before and the news about him is known throughout the industry. So he had to go to Japan to get a naive gf who didn’t know his violent tendencies. What an idiot.


    1. He was doing pretty well in Tangren, but then decided to suddenly leave the company and then studied abroad in Japan. During the time I’ve read that news, I was guessing he either didn’t like the company or had a dispute with someone important in that company. Based on the weibo posts, his costars were surprised at his domestic violence news. Well now he’s arrested and hope they make him legally accountable.


  3. I am curious about Pillow Book, but I dont think I will like it as much as 3L3W since I didnt like their CP that much during the drama. I do wonder how they will adapt it to accommodate the changes they made during 3L3W and Dilireba was adorable in her role so I am looking forward to that.

    Really messed up news surrounding Jiang Jin Fu. I don’t know what happen but no excuses for his actions. I have been getting annoyed at his friends and fans trying to give excuses by saying that his gf is not a good person. If your gf is not a good person and lies to you, you just break up with her not beat her to a pulp and it seems that he did it more than once. People make mistakes but men who beat up women are on the unforgivable category to me. Usually, it is not a one time thing and they do it again and will do it to other women. It is an anger issue and wanting to abuse those weaker than them. It is sad how a lot of people disregard domestic violence and say well he is a good person just made a mistake. Hmm, he didnt just make a mistake. I have never beaten anyone but I am sure there a lot of moments while you are beating someone up where you can stop. They just keep going to get rid of their anger, that is a conscious choice. He needs serious counseling. People who abuse women or children shouldn’t be easily excused.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not holding high expectations for Pillow Book. I’m not into their OTP either lol. I agree Dilireba was cute and hope they show other aspects of her character besides pinning for Donghua lol. I’ll watch it to see how it is, but I’ll probably fast-forward some scenes 😅 especially the second female scenes since I don’t like her in the novel and probably will not like her in this drama too, heh.

      Reading all those comments either on social media or other blogs about Jiang Jin Fu… showed some polarizing views. There are others that said what he did was wrong. Others who were like “but he was a good person” etc. Others went on to talk about the girlfriend’s past actions etc. My goodness.
      In the end, he admitted to domestic violence which is a crime. I agree people have the conscious choice to stop themselves from abusing others. I guess he realizes how wrong he was…He needs counseling and the girlfriend needs it too after what has happened.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yeah, he needs help with his anger issues. But I do hope people stop making excuses, I saw some posts defending him. I dont know fans sometimes refuse to think their favorites can do wrong.
        I am sad that the second lead on Pillow Book is not YangZhi, who was probably my favorite in 3L3W. I wanted her to get a happy ending. Justice for her love story. I have no idea who is the second couple in pillow book, but like you not really holding my breath. Hopefully they surprise me and it ends up being good.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m quite sad with Yan Zhi 😫
          But the second couple is basically another “world” or rather a different area/dream the lead couple will visit… in a way it’s basically relates to lead couple. If not, the drama is probably centering around the lead couple love triangle with the second female lead (the girl in green which i dont like lol). If not, you get the second side couple to be Lian Song and Cheng Yu which is a cute couple 🙂 However, not going to hold my breath on that because that cute couple’s story isn’t finished writing so I’m not sure if the production will have enough material to cover Lian Song and Cheng Yu moments.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. never been a fan of unfinished stories since it leads to open endings. You would think they could have written Yan Zhi into the storyline since both actors are under the same company as Dilireba and Vengo.

            Liked by 1 person

                1. The actress who played Su Jin (Maggie Huang) has been in a ton of stuff that year though. She was also the supporting actress as the princess in Princess Agents AND another princess in Lost Love in Times. Along with 3L3W, all three dramas aired 2017! Although it seemed like they really typecast her because her two princess characters in PA and Lost Love in Times were so similar…also both times her character ended up being pretty pointless, even though she got a lot of screen time.

                  She was much more interesting as Su Jin, but her quality of acting is pretty good and made me feel a bit more for those princesses than I normally would have based on their character/stories alone.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Both dramas were filmed before 3l3w. I think afterwards she only got a drama produced by her company. All with pretty unknown actors. I know Dilireba is more popular but all her dramas afterwards have been produced by their company and after 3l3w she has filmed 4 dramas and like 2 movies. Even the other antagonist from 3l3w got two second lead roles in other productions by their company. One with Yangmi in the lead and the other one with Dilireba and she is not as good of an actress imo. And yes Maggie got typecasted.

                    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Jo!
      For the novel, I thought it was okay. I’m not a super fan of the author as she tends to interject philosophical stuff in between stories and is quite verbose. As for the story itself, a better-written story than Ten Miles. As for the drama, I’m keeping a lower expectation. I personally find the clothes and hairstyles to be an upgrade from Ten Miles drama. The aesthetic of the drama will definitely be better or around the same as Ten Miles. As for the story… won’t know until I watched it lol. I must say, after watching Vengo Gao’s other dramas… I still find him to be rather wooden and I’m not too excited about having to watch most of Pillow Book with his acting. He definitely fits certain characters better than others, but most of those characters were side/supporting characters. As for Dilireba… not fond of her most recent works. I know others don’t find her acting that great… I find her servable and roles where the character fits her are the ones I find that she shines the most.
      So for that last question… it really depends if they have a solid script and if the two leads can keep their chemistry long enough. Also, I hope they don’t over-promote any side characters… just let them shine with their screentime according to the novel. I see this won’t be a problem as much though because Jaywalk Studio is one of the production/ sponsors and will likely promote their artists which include the two leads and Wayne. So more attention to leads for sure. The author is one of the scriptwriters so I hope she is at least there on-site sometimes to make sure they aren’t butchering her novel lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Beautiful!
        I agree with all your points esp: upgraded styles and Vengo’s acting, even though I love Dilireba to pieces I agree she needs some work, but I tend to gloss over that when I watch her dramas😂. Glad the writer is part of the team so maybe they will focus on the leads and follow the book. Still haven’t read this part of the series so I’ll have to read it before the drama starts.


        1. The reason why I’m pretty suspicious of The Pillow Book is because Fengjiu’s character was already changed so drastically in 3L3W – she was used as the “cute” side character who basically caused problems and had a sort of cutesy crush. She apparently couldn’t fight at all and was basically a huge flaming damsel in distress, both in the immortal world and in her human arc.

          But in The Pillow Book, Fengjiu is much more levelheaded and is a freaking warrior who can fight and make swords and use magic by herself; she did struggle to accept her duties and responsibilities as Queen of Qingqiu, but she was very much aware of her position and never wanted to do anything that would bring shame to her family. A LOT of her suffering (and there was so. much. suffering) in The Pillow Book is a result of this awareness of duty/responsibility and desire to avoid shame; essentially even when she was most lovelorn, she still remembered that she’s a queen first.

          So the Fengjiu in 3L3W is already so different, she might as well be another character entirely. I don’t see how they can really stay faithful to The Pillow Book because of that, and even if they tried to transition her character (like her ending arc in 3L3W where she’s crowned) it doesn’t really work with the timeline presented in The Pillow Book, where her “crush” has really been a one-sided love that’s been going on for hundreds of years, not to mention in fox form…

          Liked by 2 people

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