Entertainment Updates: Story of Minglan, Handsome Siblings, Meteor Garden 2018, Take Away My Brother, Don’t Turn From Summer, Barbie Hsu, and Elvis + Eddie

Hello everyone~ Hope all is well and hope you guys have a wonderful Easter weekend for the folks that celebrate Easter. Also happy April’s Fools Day even though this post is not a prank lol~

Drama News

The cast and crew from Story of Minglan has wrapped up filming within 208 days! The story starred Zhao Liying and Feng Shao Feng with some of the supporting cast depicted in these pictures including Zhu Yi Long, Zhang Xiao Qian, Zhang Jia Ning (orange clothing), and Shi Shi (green clothing). Most of these are posted by the members or their studios (or crew member… not too sure on this lol). Feng Shao Feng is one of the  actors to finish filming first while Zhao Liying is the last one or so which makes sense since she started filming for this drama later than the other people. Anyhow, I’m glad they are wrapping up filming as this means there remain the editing and approval left. With the announcements from various broadcast channels on this drama, we can definitely expect it to air around 2018 unless there are some other issues arising (let’s hope not).

Posted by Zhang Jianing

Posted by Zhu Yi Long’s studio:

Zhang Xiao Qian joined the ladies in these pics~

More official character pictures for Handsome Siblings 2018 remake starring Chen Zhe Yuan and Hu Yi Tian~

Meteor Garden 2018 with the cast of Dylan Wang, Shen Yue, Darren Chen, Caesar Wu, and Connor Leong posed for cover of Men’s Uno Young! The cast and crew members have also wrapped up filming for their 2018 release~

Take My Brother Away stars Sun Qian and Joseph Zeng in this campus idol webdrama with the release of posters. It’s based on the manhua of a similar name (Please Take My Brother Away) by You Ling and also has its own anime adaptation. I have watched the anime adaptation and found it to be quite cute and silly at times about this pair of siblings that will pull pranks and bicker with one another, but stands up for the other when outsiders cause trouble for one of the siblings.

Another Ding Mo’s novel adaption, Don’t Turn From Summer, back on the table (they started to work on it again)! Drama will be having around 42 episodes and they intend to start filming by the end of 2018 (this will be a 2019 drama). There are rumors of the possible casting of Lin Mo Chen or Jason Lin (who is Our Glamorous Time female lead (Lin Qian)’s brother) and Mu Han Xia (our female lead) being Dilireba and Zhang Yixing (Lay). However, such rumors were a bit back so I do think the casting will change. What is your ideal casting for this drama?

Celebrity News

The lovely Barbie Hsu graced the cover of Elle Spring issue and I’m so glad to see her looking quite healthy. It’s been a while since she stopped acting and I always have a soft spot for her since Meteor Garden.

Let’s end this post with two handsome lads, Elvis Han (Han Dongjun) and Eddie Peng (Peng Yuyan)! Elvis updated his weibo with these two pictures and saying how he met his spiritual mentor while on his way to the gym~

11 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Story of Minglan, Handsome Siblings, Meteor Garden 2018, Take Away My Brother, Don’t Turn From Summer, Barbie Hsu, and Elvis + Eddie

  1. Thanks for the update. I know we’ve all been swamped!
    ooh excited for the Story of Minglan! Glad that they’re finally wrapping up! =D wow 208 days.
    Barbie looks the same!! Gosh she hasn’t aged one bit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem… there were all these updates I could have added but it took too much time 😥
      I thought the filming for Story of Minglan was shorter than some of the other dramas. I hope ZLY gets some rest after this.
      Barbie’s pictorial is so gorgeous.


      1. True. Shorter than most but I think still longer than PA tho. I hope she gets some rest too! Good thing she’s slowing down tho.


  2. Yay for officially finishing filming for Ming Lan! I’m so happy it looks like ZLY has gained a bit of weight from filming this drama, girl really needs to rest. I wonder if we’ll start seeing more promo stuff in the near future.


  3. Hope you had s great Easter too. Thanks for the stills, I am so happy Story of Minglan finally wrapped up. I wonder when will it be casted ?

    Eddie and Elvis are such eye candy 🙂


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