Entertainment Updates: It’s a wrap for Meteor Garden run, The Rise of Phoenixes Netflix premiere, Mr. Swimmer posters, Li Xi Rui left Jaywalk Studio, filming news, wedding news and baby news

Hello folks! It’s been a long time since I did an entertainment post but I just wanted to post in some updates! I will try my best to keep the pics in minimal as there are quite a few stuff I have to covered. So let’s get started!

Meteor Garden 2018 remake wrapped up its run with 0.707% CMS52 and 0.602% CMSNationwide ratings which were not too bad for this drama. It garnered much popularity online internationally and in mainland China it was fairly talked about. So anyone who has watched this show have any thoughts about it?

Good news for those waiting for english subs of the drama The Rise of Phoenixes starring Chen Kun and Ni Ni! Netflix has licensed the drama and will air it on September 14th with the first 15 episodes subbed in various languages. Afterwards, they will update every Friday. You can read more info on this post by Netflix. This is a step forward by Netflix in licensing more c-dramas and going toward the streaming approach with Asian dramas.

Mr. Swimmer which stars Ju Jing Yi and Mike D’Angelo released some character posters. The drama will be premiering on September 5th at Mango TV. The general premise of the drama is a story of swimmers and their partners.

This is a rather late on my part, but Li Xi Rui has left Jaywalk Studio. Jaywalk Studio said the contract ended off amicably and they will support her future endeavors. She is one of the first stars under the studio to leave the studio after her contract expired and is one of the earlier people who signed onto Jaywalk (the others including Vengo and Dilireba Dilmurat).

Godfrey Gao and Xuan Lu started filming and attended the filming ceremony for their romance drama The Force of the Rainbow which will depict three women’s lives and is adapted from the novel by the author who wrote Moonshine and Valentine and Remembering Li Chuan. The production crew is the one behind Remembering Li Chuan.

Xu Hai Qiao and Liu En Shang are casted in the sci-fi drama titlted Nowhere and they both attended their filming ceremony.

New crime thriller drama Nameless Detective will star Wu Xiu Bo and Tang Yan as leads and both actors attended the filming ceremony held in Hengdian.

Another drama that started filming recently is the drama Running of High-Heels starring Qin Hai Lu, Du Chun, and Yang Rong.

This is rather late news but congratulations to Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan who got married in a wedding at Bali around mid-August or so!

Also congrats to the recent low-key wedding in Shanghai of actress Zhang Xin Yu and her military beau He Jie! The actress also posted a video of the wedding on weibo which you can see below.

As you can see by the post below from a fellow admin on our twitter page, congrats to the newly parents of Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi!

Also another baby new is the birth of Wang Lee Hom‘s third child Wang Jia Yao with wife Li Jing Lei!!! The actor/singer/songwriter wrote on weibo that he no longer has a love rival with Beethoven, but rather with Wang Jia Yao. Although mother and son were exhausted, he thanked people for the blessings to the baby and the couple. His heart was moved by his wife. He’s looking to move forward with warmness and hopefulness and he thanked everyone.

Alright that ends this post! If you have any questions and commentaries (I love to read them), feel free to comment!

12 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: It’s a wrap for Meteor Garden run, The Rise of Phoenixes Netflix premiere, Mr. Swimmer posters, Li Xi Rui left Jaywalk Studio, filming news, wedding news and baby news

      1. I think it does look like they are dating. Good that she has a healthy love life – I did recall however that ZLY said she would inform her fans if she was 😉

        There goes my ZLY-WC ship!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ooooh, I’m not too sure then about when they will update us or not lol. I kind of ship ZLY and WC too but I stopped after Mystic Nine ended lol. Well I’m happy if she’s dating anyone and is resting well 😀


  1. so many weddings! >.< congratz to all the couple.
    I saw the filming ceremony of nameless detective a while back and it looks quite interesting. especially with the combo of Wu Xiu Bo and Tang Yan as the leads.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mostly want to see TY in republican outfits lol for that drama. I don’t remember seeing her wear outfits in that time period yet. I hope they ease off the politics though since republican dramas have a lot of those and nationalism theme.


    1. The novels are both written by the same author, Tianxia Guiyuan. I remembered briefly reading that someone mentioned how

      Fuyao and Wuji united the kingdoms and then the characters in The Rise of Phoenixes will go destroy it lol.
      I’m not too sure if it’s the same kingdom of Fuyao’s that they used as a setting for The Rise of Phoenixes. I like to think not lol.

      But definitely relations in that the author likes writing stories with intricate politics and revenge woven quite strongly in.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I see. I’ve seen many speculation like female lead from Phoenixes can be the descendant (particularly daughter) of Fuayo and Wuji. So apparently Rise of Phoenixes share the same universe with Fuyao but without fantasy component. That’s quiet interesting

        Liked by 1 person

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