Entertainment Update: movies, dramas, and L’Officiel Fashion Night 2016

Statistics gathered from the 9 largest video sites showed that the 11 TV dramas Zhao Liying starred in exceeded 83 billion views! Journey of Flower has 24 billion views, Legend of Chusen has 22 billion views, Old Nine Gates has 11 billion views, Boss & Me has 6.7 billion views.

The Game Changer released its first poster [scroll some more :]. This film is the first of a trilogy (about the Shanghai Bund’s wildness). Through a series of stories, the worldview and game rules of Shanghai Bund’s gangs will be revealed. The movie version will be the center, there will be products in other areas i.e. comics, games, and online dramas. The online drama has already started filming! The production team of this film is American (from Hollywood) with the expectation that this movie will be released in North America. The Gamer Changer stars Huang Zitao, Peter Ho, Gulinazha, Wang Xueqi, and Choo Ja-hyun. The director is Gao Xixi whose last film was For Love or Money starring Liu Yifei and Rain.

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First Impressions: Memory Lost

UPDATE!! New episodes to be released on 14 November 2016!!


Watched 3 episodes and so far, the verdict is GOOD! Bai Jin Yi (Yang Rong) is spunky smart (but not overly so) with the best suits and stilettos while Han Chen (John Bai Yu) is the right mix of mildly brusque, intelligence and mystery. Love the scene where he helped Bai Jin Yi down from the container – he is sufficiently pragmatic without overdoing the hero-saving-damsel-in-distress trope and she is shown to be having a weak moment but not immediately transforming to a fragile flower.

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Entertainment Update: The Great Expectations, TVB StarHub Awards, Legend of Du Gu, and Royal Highness

The Great Expectation officially announces the 4 main actors and actresses: Cheng Si Cheng, Yuan Hong, Tong Li Ya, and Amber Kuo!! This will Amber Kuo first drama in a looooong while. Hopefully it’ll be a good one. (Sad to say that this is not the same Great Expectations by Charles Dickens but excited for the drama nevertheless =D)

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