Feature: Admins’ Favorite Ancient Dramas


We are combining Historicals, Wuxias, and Xian Xias all under Ancient dramas since they all take place in “ancient times”. Please share your favorite ones.

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[Feature] April’s Ranking Report by DataWin and VLinkage

Both DataWin and VLinkage released their April ranking reports for actors, actresses, and dramas. This month, the actors from In the Name of the People dominated the list for dramas and Devotion of Suspect X actors/actress dominated the list for films. Since this is just for one month, it doesn’t really mean much. It’s just a way to see which actors and actresses are most active in the month of April.

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Rankings: 2016 Chinese film and television actors, Vlinkage’s Star Brand Index, and Top Celebrities in March

The list was released during the 7th Beijing International Film Festival “Film and Television Risk Assessment” meeting by 新传智库. It was compiled taking fandom, activity level, reputation, and projects’ value into consideration.  Continue reading

2017 China’s Top 100 Commercially Valuable Celebrities

Another list of China’s most commercially valuable celebrities released by Jie Mian after a vigorous compilation of a lot of data from different apps and sites from the beginning of 2016 to the end of 2016 (even though they call it 2017, it’s technically 2016 data)

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[List] 2016 Douban Highest Rated Chinese Movies

Image result for duckweed deng chao

If you don’t know, Douban is one of the most influential website in China for any thing related to film, books, music, and recent events. It attracts millions of users who come together to rate and discuss any and all topics. Below are the list of Douban highest rated Chinese movies in 2016. And with so many people voting, I would say anything that is above 7.0 is considered good.

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Chinese Dramas with over 10 billion online views


VLinkage released a list of dramas with over 10 billion online views. And the current King and Queen of online views.

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