List of Recommended Dramas

Here’s a list of dramas that we want to recommend to people old/new to Chinese dramaland based on our personal preference. Also, if you have any suggested drama, we will gladly listen.

Admin’s Favorite Ancient Dramas

2017 Dramas:

2016 Dramas:

2015 Dramas:

2014 Dramas:

2013 Dramas: 

2011 Dramas:

2009 Dramas:

1999 Dramas:

1998 Dramas: 



3 thoughts on “List of Recommended Dramas

  1. 2016 Dramas:

    The Legend of Flying Daggers (飛刀又見飛刀)
    The Princess Wei Young ( 锦绣未央)
    Fox in the Screen (屏裡狐)
    Magical Space-Time (奇妙的时光之旅)
    When a Snail Falls in Love (如果蜗牛有爱情)
    My Amazing Boyfriend (我的奇妙男友)
    Border Town Prodigal (新边城浪子)
    Decoded (解密)
    Singing All Along (秀麗江山之長歌行)
    Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long (武神赵子龙)
    The Classic of Mountains and Seas (山海经之赤影传说)
    Chinese Paladin 5 (仙剑奇侠传5)
    Legend of Chusen (青云志)
    The Imperial Doctress (女医·明妃传)
    Legend of Nine Tails Fox (青丘狐传说)
    Princess Jieyou (解忧公主)
    Princess of Lanling King (蘭陵王妃)
    Memory Lost (美人为馅)
    Memory Lost 2( 美人为馅2)
    Hunter( 猎人)

    2015 Dramas:

    Love Me if You Dare 8他来了, 请闭眼)
    Legend of Fragrance( 活色生香)
    The Legend of Qin (秦时明月)
    The Journey of Flower (花千骨)
    The Four (少年四大名捕)
    Yun Zhong Ge (大汉情缘之云中歌)
    Wu Xin: The Monster Killer (无心法师)
    The Lure of the Hua Xu Song (華胥引之絕愛之城)
    The Legend of Zu (蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇蜀)
    Ban Shu Legend (班淑传奇)
    Detectives and Doctors (陆小凤与花满楼)

    2014 Dramas:

    Battle of Changsha ( 戰長沙)
    Sword of Legends ( 古劍奇譚)
    The Romance of the Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣)
    Cosmetology High (美人制造)
    Scarlet Heart 2 (步步惊情)
    The Palace 3: The Lost Daughter (宫锁连城)

    2013 Dramas:

    Prince of Lan Ling (蘭陵王)
    Swordsman (笑傲江湖)
    The Patriot Yu Fei (精忠岳飞)
    Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties ( 隋唐演义)

    2012 Dramas:

    Legend of Chu and Han (楚汉传奇)
    Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky (軒轅劍之天之痕)
    The Palace 2: The Lock Pearl Screen ( 宫锁珠帘)

    Drama 2011:

    Water Margin (水浒传)
    Scarlet Heart (步步惊心)
    Palace: The Lock Heart Jade 宫
    Beauty World (唐宫美人天下)

    2009 Dramas:

    Chinese Paladin 3 (仙剑奇侠传之灵珠神剑)

    2008 Dramas:

    Legend of the Condor Heroes (射雕英雄传)

    2005 Dramas :

    Chinese Paladin (仙劍奇俠傳)

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  2. How do I get to watch these movies


  3. Ice fantasy 2016 drama starring feng shaofeng, victoria song, matianyu and alina zhang should be in the recommended list.


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