[Recap] Legend of Fuyao Episode 26-30

TitleLegend of Fuyao (扶摇)

# of episodes: 66

Release date: June 18, 2018

Starring: Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Vengo Gao

Broadcast schedule: 2 episodes every Monday – Thursday

Where to watchViki (subbed); Youtube (raw)

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[Recap] Legend of Fuyao Episode 21-25

TitleLegend of Fuyao (扶摇)

# of episodes: 66

Release date: June 18, 2018

Starring: Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Vengo Gao

Broadcast schedule: 2 episodes every Monday – Thursday

Where to watchViki (subbed); Youtube (raw)

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[First Impression] The Taoism Grandmaster (玄门大师)

The Taoism Grandmaster (TTGM) is a currently airing drama led by a cast of rookie actors and actresses. While the plot contains the typical XianXia genre storyline, I was pleasantly pleased and entertained by it. Read below for my first impression of the drama. I assure you that while the leads are somewhat unknown to most fans, the drama itself is definitely a treat!


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[C-NOVEL REVIEW] Sang Ge/Mulberry Song (桑歌) by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鹭非香)

I am back with another C-novel review!!! This time I will be reviewing a novel that is quite tragic and sad. If you are not a fan of melodrama and tragic endings, I highly recommend that you stay away from this story because you will BE SAD. Regardless, this novel still is quite a good read. It’s super short (only 4 chapters!), and the writing is just beautiful. And, yes, it is by the same author of the first novel that I gave a review on from in earlier post.

For this post, I will be reviewing a C-novel called Mulberry Song. More information of this novel is posted below.

Title: Sang Ge / Mulberry Song / 桑歌
Author: Jiu Lu Fei Xiang / 九鹭非香
Genre: Palace, Romance, Tragedy, Short Story
Synopsis: For him, she willingly became his wife even though she knew that she would never be first in his heart. For him, she withstood the torture and abuse from the tyrannical ruler that he sought to overthrow. For him, she did not hesitate to jump off the city tower to help him fulfill his dream of becoming a ruler. Yet for her, what had he ever done?

Unable to reincarnate, Sang Ge returns as a spirit to silently accompany An Zi Wu as he reigns emperor of the now peaceful kingdom. Yet, as she follows him for years, she does not understand why he has never found another woman to become his empress….


“The late empress sacrificed her life for the country, is but a one-of-a-kind woman in this day and age, this little king naturally knows.”

“Since the founding of this era, (imperial) I have always been longing for my empress, every day tossing around for a long time, before being able to fall asleep. Should princess enter the back palace, I’m afraid princess will suffer unjust.” These words of his did not hold a single trace of emotional fluctuation. The several senior ministers familiar with Zi Wu simply continues to lower their heads in drinking, not sparing a glance towards the stage.

Nanyue King believes the emperor has already been shaken by the thought, hurriedly turning to Su Er as he loudly asks: “Do you feel wronged?”

Su Er timidly glances at Zi Wu, cheeks brightly glowing red, she softly answers: “Su Er……Su Er doesn’t feel wronged.” Nanyue King smiles at Zi Wu, but sees him indifferently place the wine cup down, saying: “But (imperial) I fear my empress will be wronged.”

Once those words were spoken, Nanyue King’s face instantly changes colour. Su Er even more so, turns limp as she falls into the maid’s arms, a pale face staring at the emperor.

Thunder strikes my heart. The land of Nanyue has always been subjected to endlessly chaotic struggles. And today, the Nanyue King has brought his daughter along, intending to make peace through intermarriage, should Zi Wu agree to this, that land shall definitely settle down a lot more in future. Yet he actually……

“This throne came with the price of the empress’ life, (imperial) I being able sit on this throne every day is all thanks to the empress’ grace.” His speaking tone remains indifferent, yet the words spoken had a group of people’s faces turning ashen, “As long as the emperor is An Zi Wu, the empress shall forever be Sang Ge. Should anyone want to enter the back palace, in accordance to the rules of the imperial family, first go ahead and ask the empress for her consent.”



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Review: Tientsin Mystic

This was one of my anticipated dramas for 2017 but after watching about 10 minutes of the first episode without subtitles, I realised I was in over my head as got a little lost with no backstory or context. Picked this up again recently after Nirvana in Fire 2 as it was fan-subbed up to ep10 on https://siantlark.tumblr.com/post/168222628416/tientsin-mystic-english-subtitles and on https://dostforu.blogspot.com/2018/02/english-subs-for-tientsin-mystic.html for ep11-24.

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[C-NOVEL REVIEW] San Sheng Wangchuan Wu Shang ( 三生,忘川无殇) by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鹭非香)

Being a huge fan of C-dramas, it makes sense that I am also a big fan of C-novels. Over the years, the Chinese entertainment industry has been adapting various novels into tv shows and movies. Many of them have been successful, such as Tong Hua’s Bu Bu Jing Xin and Tang Qi Gong Zi’s Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom.

For this post, I will be reviewing a C-novel that is an all-time favorite of mine. It’s a Xianxia genre (which is closely related TLTWTMPB’s genre) novel and features immortals, human/heaven world, and reincarnations.

Title: San Sheng Wangchuan Wu Shang / San Sheng, Death Exists Not at the River of Oblivion / 三生,忘川无殇
Author: Jiu Lu Fei Xiang / 九鹭非香
Genre: XianXia, Romance
Synopsis: San Sheng, a stone spirit by the River of Oblivion, meets Mo Xi, Heaven’s God of War, as he departs to undergo his three human trials. Because of her curious and straightforward personality, she gains interest from the revered God of War. In return, he gifts her three lifetimes of freedom. And what does she do with them? She decides that she wants to seduce him.

“Mo Xi, can I come to the to the human world to seduce you?”

His lips were also upturning into a smile. “If you can find me, then go ahead.” At his last word, he drank down the soup in one gulp.


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[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 29-32


Episode Count: 52

Where to Watch: Raw | Viki

Release Date: January 14, 2018. Two episodes every sunday and monday.

Synopsis: (includes potential spoilers)

In 464, Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. A leading secret organization wants to overthrow Liu Ziye and they decide to replace his sister, Princess Shanyin, with their disciple, Zhu Que (Guan Xiao Tong). There she meets the princess’s companion Rong Zhi (Song Wei Long), who is actually a spy from Northern Wei. They grow closer but their opposing goals hold them back. During the rebellion Liu Ziye and the real princess are killed. Both RongZhi and Zhu Que lose their memories. Some time afterwards, Zhu Que is sent to their neighboring country, Northern Wei to marry the prince who turns out to be RongZhi. Continue reading “[Recap] Untouchable Lovers Episode 29-32”