China TV Stations 2019 Dramas Line-Up

Five big satellite stations (Hunan TV, Beijing Satellite TV, Dragon TV, Zhejiang Satellite, Jiangsu TV) in China revealed their list of dramas that are expected to air in 2019.

1. Hunan TV

Story of Minglan starring Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng

巨匠 starring Yang Mi and Wallace Huo

Empress of the Ming 大明皇妃 starring Tang Wei, Zhu Yawen

Cry Me a Sad River starring Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu

Merry Christmas starring Liu Shi Shi and Dong Dawei

Nice to Meet You starring Zhang Mingen, Wen Yongshan, Wei Qianxiang

Being Lonely In Love 山月不知心底事 starring Victoria Song Qian and Ou Hao

雷霆战将 starring Zhang Yunlong, Gao Weiguang, Lai Yumeng, Wang Ruizi

你是我的答案 Guo Xiaodong, Wu Jinyan and Zhao Shunran

Irreplaceable Love 初晨,是我故意忘記你 starring Sun Yi and Bai Jingting

2. Beijing TV

Fighting Youth 青春斗 starring Zheng Shuang & Gao Taiyu & Gai Xi Xi & Ren Zhong & Wang Yang

Related image

The Unknown Detective “无名侦探” starring Wu Xiubo & Tang Yan & Qu Tianlin & Ren Dahua

Image result for 无名侦探

La Royaute 大宋宫词” Liu Tao & Zhou Yimin

Eighteen Springs 半生緣” starring Carina Liu Jialing & Jiang Xin & Zheng Yuanchang

Image result for 半生緣2019

3. Dragon, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Beijing, and Hunan TV

Behind the Scenes 幕后之王starring Zhou Dongyu & Luo Jin on Beijing TV and Dragon TV

艳势番之新青年” starring Huang Zitao & Jackson Yi  & Hu Bingqing on Beijing TV and Dragon TV

Growing Pain “少年派” starring Zhang Jiayi & Yan Ni on Beijing, Hunan, and Dragon TV

Memories of Peking芝麻胡同” starring He Bing & Wang Ou on Beijing TV and Dragon TV

Attain the highest level in one step一步登天” starring Wen Zhang & Yan Ni on Beijing TV, Jiangsu TV, and Zhejiang Satellite

Image result for 一步登天2019

City of Desire 渴望生活 starring Wu Xiubo and Angelababy on Dragon TV, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Satellite

Ordinary Glory“平凡的荣耀 starring Mark Zhao Youting, Bai Jingting, Qiao Xin on Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV, and Zhejiang Satellite

My True Friends 我的真朋友 starring Angelababy and Deng Lun on Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV, and Zhejiang Satellite

If Time Flows Back 如果岁月可回头 starring Jin-Dong and Jiang Xin on Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV and Zhejiang Satellite

Go Go Squid 蜜汁炖鱿鱼 starring Yang Zi and Hu Yi Tian on Dragon TV

Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 starring Li Yifeng and Jin Chen on Dragon TV and Jiangsu TV

A trip to love 一場遇見愛情的旅行 Chen Xiao, Jing Tian Zhejian TV


Qing Yu Nian 慶余年 starring Zhang Ruoyun, Chen Daoming, Li Qin and Wu Gang on Zhejian and Jiangsu TV


All is Well 都挺好 starring Yao Chen, Ni Dahong, Guo Jingfei on Zhejian and Jiangsu TV


For some dramas, I just put the Chinese name because there’s either no official English name or I just can’t seem to find what they are. If you know, comment and I’ll make corrections. =D

Chexmix: Lots of dramas to look forward to in 2019! Seems like Minglan will be pushed back to early/ mid-2019. Beside Minglan, I think I’m anticipating Yang Mi and Wallace Huo’s new drama, Go Go Squid, and Jiang Xin and Jin Dong’s drama the most.Behind the Scenes looks pretty good too!

Which drama are you most looking forward to?

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8 thoughts on “China TV Stations 2019 Dramas Line-Up

  1. I’ve been seeing so many stills from Cry Me Sad River all around since last year so I should check it out.

    大明皇妃 English title is Empress of the Ming

    I like Yang Zi after Heavy Sweetness so Go Go Squid gonna be in my list.

    I hope for Pillow Book to be confirmed for next year too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh thanks! I’ll add the name.
      One reason why Go go squid is on my list too! >.<
      I hope for Pillow book too! I don’t think they wrap up filming yet that’s why nothing is confirmed yet.


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