Entertainment Updates: The Coolest World, The Priceless, The Master Of Cheongsam, Cry Me A River Of Stars, My Bargain Queen, Go Into Your Heart, Chong Zi, Beloved Life, Dr Tang, The Curse Of Turandot, The Ingenious One, etc…

Xu Kai and Zhong Chu Xi lead upcoming Republican drama Lost In The Kunlun Mountains. The drama follows a young man who investigates the mysterious disappearance of his brother. However, the more he learns about the reason why his brother disappears

Entertainment News

The Coolest World (最酷的世界). Starring Zhou Yu Tong, Wang Dong, Li Hong Yi, Guan Xin. Premiered August 25th.

The Priceless (婆婆的镯子). Starring Lan Ying Ying and Niu Jun Feng. Premiered August 30th.

The Master Of Cheongsam (一剪芳华). Zhang Hao Wei, Gai Yue Xi, Hong Yao, Zhao Yuan Yuan. Premiered August 31st.

Cry Me A River Of Stars (春来枕星河). Starring Luo Zheng and Huang Ri Ying. Premiered August 31st.

My Bargain Queen (我的砍价女王). Starring Lin Geng Xin, Wu Jin Yan, Nicky Wu, Wang He Run, Ma Si Chao. Premiered September 3rd.

Go Into Your Heart (舍我其谁). Starring Niu Jun Feng and Li Lan Di. Premieres September 8th.

Chong Zi (重紫). Starring Xu Zheng Xi, Yang Chao Yue, Ma Wen Yuan, Lin Si Yi, Deng Wei, Wang Zhuo Cheng, Yang Xin Ying, Gao Han, Zhang Ke Ai, Li Dai Kun, Jia Ze, Zheng Guo Lin, Zhang Zhi Xi, Yu Bo, Wang Jiu Sheng.

Beloved Life (亲爱的生命). Starring Victoria Song, Wang Xiao Chen, Yin Fan, Myolie Wu, Wang Sen.

Dr Tang (关于唐医生的一切). Starring Qin Lan, Wei Da Xun, Gao Lu, Huang Jue, David Wang, Xuan Yan.

Master Wait A Moment (双面神探). Starring Lin Yu Shen, Liu Yi Tong (刘怡潼), Luo Yu Tong, Long Zheng Xuan.

The Curse Of Turandot (图兰朵魔咒缘起). Starring Guan Xiao Tong, Dylan Sprouse, Hu Jun.


The following are new drama(s)/film(s) that have recently been announced and/or started filming:

Weaving A Tale Of Love 2 (风起霓裳). Starring Gulinazha and Xu Wei Zhou. Shooting started earlier this month!

The Ingenious One (云襄传). Starring Chen Xiao, Mao Xiao Tong, Tang Xiao Tian, Xu Ling Yue, Liu Guan Lin. A wuxia following the journey of a young man named Yun Xiang and his adventures in the Jianghu.

Fighting For Love (阿麦从军). Starring Zhang Tian Ai, Zhang Hao Wei, Wang Rui Chang, Zhang Jun Ning. Story follows a young woman on her journey for revenge.

My Superhero (我的超级英雄). Starring Huang Xuan and Bai Bai He. Story follows a romance between a hotel doorman who has little aspirations in life who falls head over heels in love with a flight attendant and decides to change into a better man to pursue her.

Blooming (师兄总是要开花开机). Starring Fang Yi Lun and Huang Ri Ying. A xuanhuan story about a young girl trying to help save her senior brother who has a magical flower growing on his forehead.


The following drama(s) have wrapped up filming:

Wenderella Diary (温德瑞拉日记). Starring Yu Meng Long, Song Yan Fei, Fan Zhi Xin.

Dr Tang (关于唐医生的一切). Starring Qin Lan, Wei Da Xun, Gao Lu, Huang Jue, David Wang, Xuan Yan.

Life Is A Quiet Long River (心居). Starring Hai Qing, Tong Yao, Feng Shao Feng, Zhang Song Wen.

*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information. 

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