[Thread] 72 Floors of Mystery

Xu Lei, the writer of The Mystic Nine and The Lost Tomb, will write and producer a new variety show for Hunan, 72th floors of Mystery (七十二层奇楼). It is an original story adventure reality show. Guests will enter the 72th floors of mystery, which is a massive building, to explore mysterious rooms and also travel to all parts of the country. The show will expose the audience to a variety of traditional Chinese cultural practices.

It airs every Friday at 10:20PM


Kris Wu 

Simon Yam 

Zhao Liying

Leo Wu

Wokie Zhang (I douldn’t find his poster with a planet so I used another one)

Wang Xiaolin

Xu Lei (writer)

Liu Chang (XuLei’s assistant)

Wa Er (XuLei’s assistant) 


Press Conference:

Eng Subs: (The show is being subbed by Kris Wu’s fans within a week of airing)

Episode 1: Guest William Chan

Episode 2: William Chan and Alan Yu were guests.

Episode 3: Kathy Chow as guest

Zhao Liying will appear from the third episode onward.

Episode 4: 


Wow! Leo is so grown up.

Are you watching or planning to?


8 thoughts on “[Thread] 72 Floors of Mystery

  1. I watched the first episode and liked it! Even didn’t FF once 🙂 clearly into this adventure genre! Simon Yam has settled into fathering the team and his most common phrase seems to be 小 心 (be careful)! Esp around the younger ones. Wu Lei is a handsome lovable brat, Kris Wu the educated introvert, Woxie the smart thinking, quick on his feet dude and William Chan the fearless one. Can’t wait!


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