Happy Camp 20th Anniversary

Happy Camp celebrated their 20th anniversary. For those of you that were looking forward to this episode, you can discuss it here. πŸ˜‰


A lot of celebrities attended this special: Zhao Liying, William Chan, Huang Zitao, Song Andy, Ouyang Nana, Ren Jialun, Chen Feiyu, Zhang Haochen, Wang Boren, Niu Junfeng, SNH 48, etc.

I split part of the banner to make it easier to see the pictures.






Note: I will post more pics and gifs as I find them. I am really sad that there is no Princess Agent’s special.

At 48:41 a fan asks William Chan. You have cooperated with many different actresses, is any of them your ideal type? Then he kept looking at ZLY.

ZLY passes the bat to William so he can hit the fan.

then William gives a good response about how you have to be professional, etc.

Then the next fan asks to ask YingBao (ZLY’s nickname) a question and asks her exactly the same question. William tells her that she can use his answer. ZLY says copy and paste. Girl: can I get a different answer? ZLY: no solution, so the fan just asks for a hug.

Fancams: 1


Just sharing this hilarious video of Zhao Liying riding a roller-coaster that was trending yesterday.

the clip was deleted so I am just sharing the official link


34 thoughts on “Happy Camp 20th Anniversary

      1. Please post more BTS!

        I just watched it, and the two didn’t have a lot of interactions. It was to honor HC 20th anniversary, which took up the majority of the time. Go figured.


          1. What happened at the candle in the cake game? In the first set, it looked like WC was trying to coach ZLY where to stand before he came to the door she was standing at. Also was he trying to bring her with him when they were rushing for the candle which is why she fell ?


              1. Rewatching the part where they answered audience questions and if it was not staged, WC definitely looks at ZLY a lot ! πŸ™‚


                1. at the end with the balloons, he is in the middle then he gets some balloons and moves closer to ZLY and high five hers with a balloon. You can see it better on the fancam.


            1. His arm hooked her neck and pulled her down as he was running off to put the candle in. It wasn’t intentional. He just moved so quick.


            2. lol WC always has to explain the rules again to ZLY. She is always so lost when it is time to play games. But then she does really good in 72 floors.


            1. I have been watching 72 Floors of Mystery and ZLY is actually quite good at playing games so it’s surprising that it’s only when with WC that he always has to “help” her πŸ™‚


        1. I think there weren’t quite a lot of interactions but maybe not broadcasted as they were also looking at each other in the huan zhu ge ge segment.

          Poor Zitao looks like a kid next to WC!


    1. they were supposed to film it in June, but a lot of the main cast members were too busy filming their current projects and they couldn’t get out. So only ZLY and Jiu Junfeng ended up going.


  1. Omg – this episode have completely confirmed my fangirling that there is something going on between WC and ZLY πŸ™‚

    The fan query part – he was looking at her when the fan asked for his number and the subsequent one where the girl asked who was his ideal partner and he gave that PC non-answer while glancing over. And also letting ZLY use his answer when she was asked the same question. They are too cute! The chemistry is completely different from their other co-stars interaction πŸ™‚

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  2. LOL!! the roller coaster vid. Liying’s reaction is too cute. =D

    Found Liying’s BTS interview for the 20th anniversary. She talked a little about PA here.

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