[Thread] Idol Producer (Variety Show)

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Title: Idol Producer

Coaches: Lay Zhang Yixing (Nations’ producer), Li Ronghao (Vocal instructor), Jackson Wang (Rap instructor), MC Jin (Rap instructor), Cheng Xiao (Dance instructor), Zhou Jieqiong (Dance instructor)

Release Date: January 19, 2018

Where to watch: iQiYi, Youtube (raw)Youtube (sub)

Synopsis: The Chinese version of Produce 101 (from South Korea), Idol Producer brings together 100 trainees from different entertainment companies and talent agencies, both within and beyond China. The trainees will have seal-offed training sessions which are recorded for a period of four months. Nine candidates will be chosen through a voting system by the audience from the pool of 100 trainees to debut as a unit boy group of 9 people.

 Lay Zhang Yixing (Nations’ producer)

Li Ronghao (Vocal instructor)

Jackson Wang (Rap instructor) 

MC Jin (Rap instructor)

Cheng Xiao (Dance instructor)

Zhou Jieqiong (Dance instructor)



Can’t cover all the contestants but here’s a few facts about them

  • Former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestants Justin and Zhu Zheng Ting will be appearing on the show
  • Fan BingBing’s little brother Fan Cheng Cheng will be one of the contestants

Idol Producer themesong “Ei Ei”

Previews of Lay Zhang Yixing

Previews of Zhou Jieqiong and Cheng Xiao

Previews of Jackson Wang and MC Jin

Previews of Li Ronghao



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