Rankings: First Half of 2018

Overall, I feel that this has been a pretty bad year for cdramas. All the strict SARFT regulations and lack of creative stories have resulted in a very weak first half. This has been reflected with low ratings and online views, even those with popular celebrities have not faired that well. If you look at ratings last year you will see a huge difference. Let’s hope the second half of the year provides better content.

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Seige in Fog Ep 1 Eng sub

For those that want to watch this drama. It is being fansubbed by Productive Procrastination.

EDIT: We are not subbing this, all credit goes to Productive Procrastination. I just wanted to share the post. ^^

Productive Procrastination

Synopsis: To the world, Yi Lian Kai is a rich playboy who cares very little about his filial responsibilities, compared to his talented elder brothers who falls in love with the daughter of a military officer who has fallen out of favor. Qing Sang, on the other hand is his unwilling bride who he used every means possible to marry, despite the fact that she still harbors feelings for her crush who disappears without a word. In the beginning of this coerced marriage, she rejects all his advances and gestures of love, but they slowly develop a stable partnership through the chaos from the constant battles for land and power between the different warlords. Things get complicated when Qing Sang’s old lover returns under a new identity and becomes her husband’s subordinate. Adapted from the novel Siege in Fog by Fei Wo Si Cun.

Ep 1: It’s 2 years after…

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