Variety Shows Update: It Takes A Real Man, Keep Running, etc.

The third season of Takes a Real Man will start filming June 18th and the cast list is out.

Cast for season 3 of Takes a Real Man was announced:

Liu Tao

Jackson Yi


Zhang Tianai

Huang Xuan

Zhu Yavin

Wang Luo Dan

Zhang Da Da

Are you excited about the new cast?

I am mostly excited about the female cast members since I am not too familiar with the male cast.

Keep Running: Dilireba will leave the show at the end of the season. I think she did a great job this season.

If you are looking for variety shows to watch with subs, some shows are being subbed by fans on youtube. If anyone else has a link to another show, just let me know in the comments and I will add them.

Divas Hit The Road Season 3 with Chen Bolin, Maggie Jiang, Nazha, Zhang Ruoyun, Jing Boran, Song Zu’er, Lai Yumeng, and Tony Yang

Keep Running Season 5 with Deng Chao, Li Chen, Zheng Kai, Chen He, Wang Zulan, Luhan, Dilireba, and Angelababy (for the last episodes of the season)

72 Floors of Mystery Season 1 with Kris Wu, Zhao Liying, Simon Yam, Leo Wu, Wowkie Zhang, and Wang Xiaoli.

I am really liking this season of Divas Hit The Road, it is just a bunch of young people traveling and having fun. As for Running Man, I really liked Ep. 3 this season. The girls versus boys was a lot of fun. I started watching 72 Floors of Mystery because of Zhao Liying, but Leo is such a cutie.


Side note: SARF is issuing new regulations for dramas/webdramas and I predict that they will just make it hard for us as viewers. (I had to get it out of my chest)


20 thoughts on “Variety Shows Update: It Takes A Real Man, Keep Running, etc.

  1. I ship Luhan and Dilraba so hard, but I posted my opinion on Dilraba getting hate on some other forum and got blasted. Love watching videos of them, I feel like her addition to the show really opened him up. I also like picking up on his body language.

    Divas Hit the Road 3, I do enjoy seeing a relatively young group this time around, although the age range between oldest and youngest is still pretty large. The really young girl is very cute, she looks like a young Cecilia Cheung. Wasn’t very fond of Chen Bolin by himself for so many episodes, I didn’t see the point in that, they should’ve just had them together the entire time.

    Need to catch up on 72 floors. Kris + Zhao Liying will be fun to watch, hoping they are as shippable as Luraba minus the hate.

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    1. I like Luhan and Dilireba together, they are cute. She did get a lot of hate from it, but I think in the end they both gained attention from this ship. It was trending like every day.

      I really disliked that Chen Bolin was by himself for so many episodes. I have to confess I skipped his parts after a while because him and that dog were just boring. But I like the overall feeling of the show.

      More than Kris and Zhao Liying, I like Leo and Zhao Liying. He is so much younger than her, but very attentive. So cute. I think the show is pushing for a love/friendship triangle lol.


    2. I like Luhan and Dilraba as well, but I was annoyed at times by how contrived their relationship was. I don’t mind natural chemistry developing, but, in the first few episodes especially, it was so obviously scripted that I had to fast forward. Not to mention the entire comments section is dominated by people posting essentially the same comment over and over again about how much they love Luhan and Dilreba together, and how much they hate angelababy. Even in the episode with Jackson, who has quite a few obsessive fans of his own, I barely saw comments related to him.


  2. OOOH! TAke a real man 3 looks so exciting! Liu Tao and Yang Zi will be in it together! yayaya!
    I really like Luhan and Reba together (even if it’s scripted). They’re funny and cute together. hahah Sad to see her go. 😥 I think she adds freshness to the team.
    Started watching 72 floors. I still don’t really get what their purpose/mission is. hahaha but I like Liying and Leo together. He’s so considerate but blunt at the same time. hahaha especially when he started laughing at her marked up face in the latest episode!


    1. idk what 72 floors is about either, but I see it as Xu Lei being a gamemaster and forcing them into difficult situations that are not based in reality. However, in the process they encounter towns or interesting Chinese customs.

      I think Liu Tao and Yangzi will be interesting. Also Crystal Zhang who seems very tomboyish to me.


      1. I kinda guessed..but I was expecting more puzzle solving instead of game missions. hahaha Liying seems at ease in this group tho. That’s good at least.
        When are they airing Real Man3? The female cast interests me more too. hahahah


        1. dont know, shooting is suppose to start June 18th.
          Yeah I was expecting more tomb action. It ended up being a bit like RM imo, today’s episode was really funny.


          1. hahah I saw the preview! oh gosh so much stuff to watch!! hahaha I feel like I’m falling behind on all these dramas and variety shows!


  3. Honestly, why can’t they just keep Dilraba? It does’t make a difference whether there is one more or less member.

    And wow Real Men 3 is star-studded. Everyone is pretty much well known except the last guy lol.


    1. it does make a difference in the sense that one girl gets more attention than two. It is probably a contract issue.
      No idea who he is either. It will be an interesting season ^^


    2. I heard that Reba is leaving cause she’ll be starring in another drama (Chinese Paladin I think) soon. She left for a better opportunity not because they kicked her out.


      1. but while filming Running Man she did two dramas, so I dont think that is it. Anyways the show is past its prime, ratings are not what they used to be, and she got all she needed out of it which was a lot of buzz. Now it is probably better for her to move on.


  4. I don’t really watch variety shows, but decided to give Divas Hit The Road a try. And I’m loving it. I hope they keep subbing it, watched a couple of episodes RAW but rewatching with subs I truly realized how many jokes I missed. It’s a really fun cast, who light-heartedly joke with each other without taking it too far and they look out for each other too. I’ve burst out laughing plenty of times which is when you know it’s good. Absolutely love Bolin’s laid backed attitude while travelling, I might be turning into a fan. They all seem fun to be around, the youngest girls haven’t made much impact on me yet, but they seem nice too.

    I’ve wanted to start Keep Running for Dilraba, but kept it off. I’ve read some things here and there on the Dilraba x Luhan ship the show is apparently pushing and I feel bad for Dilraba having to deal with the let’s just say the more delusional fans of Luhan’s fanbase. Entire essays on how Dilraba is ‘using’ him and whatever. Sad she has to leave, but that was to be expected. I’m curious as to the specifics since she did drew them a lot of attention, so I can imagine the show might have entertained the thought to keep her nevertheless, at some point, but I doubt we’ll get to know that. I’m glad she got the buzz and the exposure boost out of this show.

    The Takes A Real Man cast looks great.


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