2017 China’s Top 100 Commercially Valuable Celebrities

Another list of China’s most commercially valuable celebrities released by Jie Mian after a vigorous compilation of a lot of data from different apps and sites from the beginning of 2016 to the end of 2016 (even though they call it 2017, it’s technically 2016 data)

This ranking is based on 3 factors: 2016 estimated income (brown), traditional media exposure (orange) and online media ranking (red). Within those factors, they also included drama ratings, online views, movies, variety shows, events, magazines, etc. We posted something similar before here and the ranking differs somewhat. Not really sure what accounts for the difference, but what’s most interesting for me is actually the estimated income of these celebrities

For the top 13, we have:

  1. Fan Bing Bing – 244 million Yuan ($35 million dollars)
  2. Jackie Chan – 168 million Yuan
  3. Jay Chou – 181.5 million Yuan
  4. Huang Xiaoming – 167.9 million Yuan
  5. Lu Han – 181.6 million Yuan
  6. Li Yifeng – 170.7 million Yuan
  7. Angelababy 146.8 million Yuan
  8. Yang Mi – 124.8 million Yuan
  9. Hu Ge – 136.1 million Yuan
  10. Liu Tao – 156.1 million Yuan
  11. Andy Lau – 128.1 million Yuan
  12. Kris Wu – 136.8 million Yuan
  13.  Zhao Liying – 104.8 million Yuan ($15 million dollars)

Some interesting facts on the list:

1. When you add up all the income of the 100 people, it equates to 7 billion Yuan

2. 73 out of the 100 are from mainland China and the other 23 are from Hong Kong/Taiwan

3. 66 out of the 100 are males and 44  are females. There’s more information on the site (JieMian) for those who can read Chinese

Source (JieMian)


21 thoughts on “2017 China’s Top 100 Commercially Valuable Celebrities

    1. hahahah indeed. So many people fall out of radar and just never made it. And I can’t even imagine all the late nights and no privacy life they have to go thru…It’s a lot of $$ but also little when compared to the celebs in the US.


  1. I saw part of it on Toutiao, but your post is better. Kind of expected for Fan Bing Bing to be number one, but I am surprised by LuHan. He is even number 2 on income.
    I am glad ZLY is making her way up this list.


    1. hahah Thanks!
      Yup. FBB is no surprised at all. LuHan came out as a surprise to me too. It could be all the brands he endorses + variety shows.
      Yay for ZLY too. LOl. I cut the list off at 13 to include her in it. Hopefully we’ll see her in top 10 next year. =D

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hehehe I saw that you made it to #13 for her. I hope so too, but when I think how far she has come since 2013 it is still pretty amazing.
        I always see that Luhan ad for KFC and he does have more expensive brands. He is also really popular on weibo so I am sure that helped.


      1. Quite a few power couples:

        Fan Bing Bing (#1) & Li Chen (#57)
        Yang Mi (#8) & Hawick Lau (#45)
        Deng Chao (#14) & Sun Li (#21)
        Faye Wong (#16) & Nicholas Tse (#23)
        Wallace Huo (#17) & Ruby Lin (#54)
        Cecilia Liu (#31) & Nicky Wu (#62)
        Tony Leung (#43) & Carena Lau (#49)
        Zhang Jie (#64) & Xie Na (#85) – surprised that she’s not higher on the list.

        Am I missing anyone?


        1. Wow you got most of them! According to the article there should be 10 couples total. You have 8 on your list.
          ABB (#4) and HXM (#7) is the 9th. Not sure about the last couple….


    1. Hmm.. that’s pretty surprising! But she is quite low-key right? Don’t see many advertisements and endorsements from her after Love O2O whereas Yang Yang was everywhere. 😛


  2. Thank you. I find these lists so interesting.

    Fan Bing Bing is a legend. Awesome seeing a woman on top of the list and so far ahead of anyone else. Zhao Li Ying is doing so well and she’ll definitely go even higher. I’m surprised Yang Yang and Tiffany Tang Yan aren’t higher on this list. I also had absolutely no idea Liu Tao was so hugely popular either but glad to know she is!


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