2017 China’s Top 100 Commercially Valuable Celebrities

Another list of China’s most commercially valuable celebrities released by Jie Mian after a vigorous compilation of a lot of data from different apps and sites from the beginning of 2016 to the end of 2016 (even though they call it 2017, it’s technically 2016 data)

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Entertainment Update: Elle Style Awards, Happy Celebrities, etc

Elle Style Awards took place December 15th in Shanghai

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Chinese Dramas with over 10 billion online views


VLinkage released a list of dramas with over 10 billion online views. And the current King and Queen of online views.

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Entertainment Updates: Baidu Award, 53rd Golden Horse Award, General and I Trailer, YangZi and Qin Jun Jie dating rumor.

<Congratulation to Zhao Liying on becoming “100 billions queen”. Though not an official award it is a great accomplishment for gaining 100 billions online views for all her dramas combined.>

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Entertainment Updates: Zhao Liying for Yixia, Railroad Tigers and Cherry Returns Trailers

Yi Xia Technology announces new employee #0535: Zhao Li Ying! Zhao Liying has now became Zhao BOSS as she is the new Vice President for Yi Xia Technology.

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[Review] Nirvana in the Fire

I recently started rewatching Nirvana in the Fire and thought that I would share this gem with everyone. If you have been a follower of c-drama you’ve probably watched and maybe even rewatched it already but if you’re new to the world of c-dramaland then this drama could be a good start. This drama was released back in 2015 with a total of 54 episodes starring HuGe, Wang Kai, and Liu Tao.

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Entertainment Update: The Great Expectations, TVB StarHub Awards, Legend of Du Gu, and Royal Highness

The Great Expectation officially announces the 4 main actors and actresses: Cheng Si Cheng, Yuan Hong, Tong Li Ya, and Amber Kuo!! This will Amber Kuo first drama in a looooong while. Hopefully it’ll be a good one. (Sad to say that this is not the same Great Expectations by Charles Dickens but excited for the drama nevertheless =D)

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Entertainment Update: stats, news, and dramas

Rookie Agent Rouge finished broadcasting October 21st. Even so, Zhao Liying still has 4 dramas broadcasting simultaneously right now. Hunan TV is re-broadcasting Wife’s Secret. Jiangsu TV will re-broadcast Rookie Agent Rouge. Southeast TV is re-broadcasting Best Get Going in the morning, and Boss & Me in the afternoon.

UPDATED: Zhao Liying promotional pictures, and Tao singing Teardrops on my Guitar on Real Man


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