[Thread] Princess Agents (2017)

Princess Agents premiere today!! TOOOO EXCITED!! There’s no news yet on Viki or DF subbing this drama… (Please request on Viki if you want this drama to be subbed). The teaser for the first 2 eps looks soooo cool. Will update on where you can watch it raw once the episodes are out. 


Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 68

Release date:  June 5th, 2017 (every Monday and Tuesday and then it will change in mid September to Monday through Wednesday)

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!


The story takes place during the chaotic times of Western Wei, where innocent citizens are often kidnapped and turned into slaves. Slave girl, Chu Qiao (Zhao Liying) is thrown into a forest along with other slaves and becomes the next hunting target for the rich lords. She is saved by the Prince of Northern Wei, Yan Xun (Shawn Dou). Afterwards, she is brought into a powerful family of Yuwen and witnesses their bloody power struggle. Seeing this, she swears to take her younger sister and flee from the situation. However, she catches the attention of Yuwen Yue (Lin Gengxin) and undergoes strict training while building a sense of companionship with Yan Xun. Unfortunately, Western Wei goes into battle and Yan Xun’s family is slaughtered.

After that incident, Yan Xun grows ambitious and cruel to avenge for the things and the people he lost. He doubts Chu Qiao and takes advantages of her loyalty and love many times, disregarding their relationship as well as the sacrifices he will have to make for power. Disappointed with the man she once loved, Chu Qiao eventually breaks off her relationship with Yan Xun and chooses to fight with Yuwen Yue, destroying Yan Xun’s plans of vengeance. She eventually convinces Yuwen to free the country from slavery, becoming a successful military strategist/female general in the people’s hearts.

Teaser for the first two episodes!


Zhao Li Ying as Chu Qiao, a slave girl who eventually rises in power to bring down the slavery.

Lin Geng Xin as Zhuge Yue, who loved Chu Qiao and helped her with her plan to get rid of slavery.  He eventually won her love in the end.

Shawn Dou as Yan Xun the Prince of Northern Wei, who first saved Chu Qiao and earned her loves. He grew ambitious for power when his family fell and lost Chu Qiao’s love as a result.

Li Qin as Yuan Chun Princess of Western Wei. She was kind and loved Yan Xun. However, after undergoing numerous humiliating and painful situations, she turns vengeful and cold.

Deng Lun as Xiao Ce Crown Prince of Southern Liang, later the Emperor. He appears to be careless and unrestrained, but is intelligent and wise. He loves Chu Qiao, but chose to stay by her side as a loyal friend.



Behind the scene stills:


Modern version trailer

Theme song/music videos:

Opening theme song sang by Zhang Bichen and Zhao Liying “Hope”

Ending theme song by G.E.M “Heart of the Flame”


Press conference post

Filming Period: May 2016 to October 31th, 2016

Film ending celebration:

Behind the scene pictures4b0c804ajw1f8xrkaq9u4j229z1oge81.jpg

credit (wiki, baidu)


49 thoughts on “[Thread] Princess Agents (2017)

    1. I knooooww right!? No idea. Maybe it’s too expensive for the licence? who knows. Just hope it’ll get subbed by someone. =/


      1. Why should money be the problem? I can’t imagine that one Chinese drama costs more than 10 Korean dramas. If Dramafever can buy that many Kdramas (including weekenders with 50 episodes), then why not also Cdramas? And it’s also not like DF is lacking funds. I guess they just didn’t want to buy Princess Agents, but I can’t think of a reason.


  1. Well, I know that on the internet novel front that Qidian and perhaps others are trying to set up their own English translation site(s) so that they can make money off of all us westerners wanting our daily fix of wuxia, etc. Something that I don’t actually blame them for.

    It makes me wonder whether or not China is trying to do something like that on the drama front, where they have their own controllable streaming site with subtitled dramas/movies, etc for the non-Chinese audience. Princess Agents would be (have been) a good starting draw.

    It will be interesting to see what happens. Right now I am enjoying the english subs of Divas Hit the Road 3 that pop up a week late on Hunan TVs Official YouTube site. Don’t know if they are fan generated or done officially, but I would be happy to see more of that!


    1. Most likely they opened it up to fan subs. I really wish there was a Chinese platform putting in real investment for good translation of dramas and variety shows. I’m pretty sure Keep Running in also fan subbed and it drives me crazy how bad it is sometimes. Although I’m appreciative that there are a least some willing to sub it, but it is really frustrating. I don’t understand how movies have mandatory eng subs in them, but they do absolutely nothing for dramas and varieties.


      1. I thought about this a lot and I think it is bc they make more money without subs. Without subs, companies like DF and Viki will pay to sub it. With subs they would have to paid a company to sub it and they would lose the income from DF/Viki. Youtube views just dont make as much money.


        1. I honesty don’t think they care about any market outside of China, Viki/DF money is probably chunk change to them. I heard Fan Bing Bing’s new drama Win the World took $70+ million to make, and they pretty much broke even selling to 6 Chinese streaming sites alone, they will definitely profit from the tv stations buying 1st release rights, other stations buying the rights to release it afterwards as well as possible tv stations from HK, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. Youtube probably isn’t to make money, but some companies like Croton Media like to make the dramas they invest in available for overseas Chinese to watch since they can’t access the Chinese streaming sites due to copyright issues.


  2. I just watched the first 2 episodes and I want MORE! I really like that they didn’t water down the mistreatment of the slaves and kept it a bit cruel, it really helps understand QC’s faith of freeing the slaves more as she experienced first hand how belittled a slave’s life is.
    ZLY is as great as i expected her to be and Shaun did a great job on his character as I seem to like YX’s playful character more now, YWY has yet to grow on me.
    The plot does follow the book quite nicely as it substituted a mysterious past in, instead of time travelling and that has allowed the drama to start off exactly like the book, and I’m curious to find out about QC’s past.
    I like all the action/martial art scenes despite them being quite unrealistic but I’ve been seeing too much fantasy and Xianxia fighting that tbis is a breath of fresh air.

    That isn’t to say the drama isn’t without flaws though, the dubbing is quite off and that did annoy me while watching, it was honestly easier to watch if you didn’t look at the mouths hahas and i hope it matches a bit better in the future episodes.
    There are a few minor changes compared to the book for example the last arrow being shot by YWY instead of YX and YWY does seem more humane but I can still see the misunderstandings that is going to form between CQ and YWY.

    Overall, loving it and can’t wait to see the plot develop and see CQ become stronger and fight back against those who’ve done her wrong but I can already see even more heartache that is to come for QC.

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    1. The dubbing annoyed me too. Apparently it is caused they changed the lines. I also liked the fighting scenes.

      I liked how they showed the cruelty towards the slaves, they are seen as less than animals. We need to see how important it is for her to free other slaves.


      1. I have nothing to back this up but I think it’s done by the production crew as it’s subbed quite quickly which is usually quite difficult for fan subbing to do as they have to time it and also translate but this was subbed in like a day.


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