China’s most commercially valuable stars for 2016

First Financial Weekly magazine published their Top 100 list of China’s most commercially valuable stars for 2016.


Top 10 

1. HuGe


2. Angelababy


3. Deng Chao


4. Fan Bingbing


5. Liu Tao


6. Jay Chou


7. Lu Han


8. Zhao Liying

9. Sun Li

10. Yang Yang


Full Top 100 List


17 thoughts on “China’s most commercially valuable stars for 2016

  1. Its weird. I think Zhao Li Ying should be number 1 or 2 on the list. Well at least higher that Angelababy and Liu Tao. Like she’s highest paid actress withvmost watched dramas.


    1. ZLY is the highest paid for TV Drama, but when you take into consideration endorsements and movies she falls behind many other big names. I was surprised that Angelababy was ranked higher than Fan BingBing, I thought FBB made the most money out of everyone on this list. At least according to Forbes last year. However, I am not surprised if HuGe is making more right now.

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  2. As soon as I opened up this list, I knew that some people would be questioning why is so-and-so not on here and why is so-and-so higher/lower than so-and-so. Well, I’m one of them. Where’s William Chan?! I don’t even know some of the people in the lower half of this list!


    1. I think probably bc he rose to another level after The Mystic Nine and that is only a few months of the whole time they gathered data.


  3. Because I saw Hu Ge, I immediately thought the list has a higher focus on TV values and thought people like Zhao Liying, Yang Yang, Tang Yan, etc would be high on this. However, it looks like it is a mix of everything. Variety shows are doing wonders and it would be hard to imagine a few years ago if anyone told me Angelababy would be higher than people like Huang Xiaoming and Fan Bingbing. I don’t agree with the order of this list, but it is true that everyone in that top 10/20/30 are “most commercially valuable stars”. Congratulation to everyone!


    1. I think among the super popular celebrities ranking is always changing bc it is so hard to really determined it since it is in constant flux.


  4. Same with me how come ZLY not in the top 3? I’m not question it why angelababy at no.2 because when I travelled to Seoul as soon as I landed I saw her adv. at seoul public bus from incheon hahahaha..but Liu Tao? How come?..also William Chan where is he?perhaps because he being more famous only in this two years?..Yang Mi is everywhere but only no.23?


  5. In the top 10, I am surprised (but not surprised) that Liu Tao is in it. China is so big and I think that aside from the more internationally known ones (idol shows etc), there are many other Chinese celebrities that are super popular domestically but not internationally. I loved LIu Tao in NiF but she is definitely not as well known as ZLY internationally but probably domestically, much more reknown. That’s my two cents 🙂

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    1. yeah same for Liu Tao, I was surprised but then not so much if you look at her latest success and how everyone pretty much likes her. I also think she appeals to a different target audience.


  6. wow. I’m surprised that ZLY is not higher too. But at the same time, she has only recently developed herself to be “commercially valuable.” Before, she mainly focuses on filming. I’m not surprised that Liu Tao is up there tho. Popularity aside, she has been involved in a lot of brand related events and fashion shows.


    1. yeah ZLY is trying to increase her commercial value by taking bigger movies, etc. I once saw an article about how she doesn’t have a lot of magazines covers and how that is one area she is lacking on.


  7. There were some dissents from C-fandom with regards to this list but in general they agreed with Hu Ge being at the top. He has the most endorsements (25 was the last count) and managed to nabbed Piaget, Emporio Armani and Chanel. The dude is still on fire more than a year after NiF.


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