[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 1-4

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Princess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 68

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Episode 1

 photo capture20170605165109400_zpswwknhonf.pngOur female lead, Chu Qiao or Jing Xiao Liu (I will refer to her as this in the beginning), was dreaming while on her way to the hunting ground. She dreamt of her mom, her training, her past and asking who she is (amnesia). When she woke up, a girl in the same carriage offered her food. When they got to the campsite, they were hushed into the tents to pick new clothing with embroidered name.

 photo capture20170605164725688_zpsiv0tjskg.pngOn the other side, the 5 royalties/lords (Left to right is Zhao Xifeng, Yan Xun, Yuan Song, Yuwen Huai and Wei) bashed thru the city and toward the hunting ground since Yuwen Huai wanted to introduce them to his new “game.” The rules of the game are to either shoot the wolves or the slave girls, whoever have the most slave girls remaining win the game. Yan Xun and Yuan Song were against the killing while the Zhao Xi Feng was excited for the “game.”

 photo capture20170605165941940_zps3wltirbq.pngBack at the manor, Yuwen Yue sat like a monk as the assassin lay waiting for him in bed to seduce him. He played along but easily disarmed the assassin. He left the assassins to the guards and rushed to the hunting ground afterward.

 photo giphy2_zpspawvat2z.gifXiao Liu tried to protect the little sister as they ran away from the shooting arrows and wolves. She lured the wolves away but was dragged and bitten by the two. Using an arrow, she killed the two wolves. She went back to find the little sister and the two ran for survival. However, even with the announcement of the end of the “game”, Yuwen Huai didn’t like that Yuwen Yue won (since they both had the Yue embroidered clothing) therefore shot at the girl. He wanted to kill off Xiao Liu too but was saved by Yuwen Yue, who shot his arrow from far away. (Yan Xun attempted but failed)

 photo capture20170605171851499_zpsotshrzvy.pngAs promised, Xiao Liu was pardoned for her crime but was taken back to the manor. 5th brother, Lin Xi, saw the whole scenario and snuck in to give her food. As she laid there, she questioned the values of life and the rights given by status. 5th brother asked ZhiXiang to find medicine to cure Xiao Liu.

 photo capture20170605174906514_zpsnto8rccw.pngThe next day, Yan Xun asked Yuwen Yue to help him out with Chun Er trying to throw him a birthday party. Yuwen Yue suggested having it in his manor to avoid the conflict. On the other side, two of Xiao Liu’s sisters were taking care of her while she was dreaming about her past where she fought with a guy named Yuwen Hao. It was in that fight that she got thrown into water and bumped her head in the depth of the ocean. Before she woke up, a mean lady, Song, burst in and started whipping the two sisters for being lazy. Xiao Liu used a slingshot and shot Song in the thigh and scared her away.

Episode 2

 photo 2017-06-05 6_zpslvl7epey.pngWhile everyone was playing arrow throwing game, princess Chun Er arrived at the party. Her attachment to Yan Xun is obvious to everyone when she called her brother a pig and Yan Xun “the only handsome guy in the room.” In Yuwen Yue’s room, he received information regarding his investigation of the assassin in a cool device. With his grandfather, they revealed that the assassin was sent by Yuwen Huai to kill him.

 photo 2017-06-05 10_zpsytm76jps.pngDuring the Yan Xun’s bday party, everyone arrived and was having fun. Xiao Liu was sent to be a stepping stool for the princess to aid her off the horse carriage. She overheard Yuwen Huai’s plan to poison Yuwen Yue’s alcohol. Zhixiang went to serve the alcohol to Yuwen Yue but he noticed that something was off and stopped drinking. Yuwen Huai pushed for him to drink and said if he doesn’t, they will kill off the beauty (the big sister). photo 2017-06-05 11_zps9rfgpgev.pngNot wanting her big sister to suffer, Xiao Liu knock the wine glass off. Yuwen Huai wanted to kill her but Yan Xun stopped him and gave her a chance to survive in a flip the pendant game. If she guessed right, she will be pardoned if not she will be killed. He helped her by doing something to the jade pendant.

 photo 2017-06-05 17_zpsv0sdmomo.png Even though she guessed right, she couldn’t escape punishment. They hung her upside down through the night. Yuwen Yue let her down afterward and told her that she was dumb to be courageous without an escape plan.

 photo 2017-06-05 16_zpsur08wtcu.pngBut since Xiao Liu ruined Yuwen Huai’s plan, her family tried to help her escape. 5th brother asked an upper maid, Jin Zhu, to help him get a pass that will allow people to leave the estate. She did so and asked 5th brother to give Yuwen Yue’s grandfather a chess set in return. 5th brother agreed without knowing that the chess set was poisoned by Yuwen Huai and that he was just a scapegoat in the whole plot. Xiao Liu escaped at night but overheard the plot and rushed back to rescue 5th brother. When she arrived, the place was on fire and Yuwen Yue had stabbed 5th brother thru the heart!

Episode 3

 photo 2017-06-06 1_zpsg0zesyqo.pngXiao Liu witnessed the death of 5th brother as Yuwen Yue stabbed him and threw him in the pit of fire. She ran toward the fire but was stopped by the guards. Xiao Liu cried and told him that her brother is innocent. His replied was “So what if I killed the innocents. The strongs survive in this world and the weaks are meant to be stepped on” She promised him that if she lives she will become strong! On the ground, Yuwen Yue saw the poisoned spider crawling on Xiao Liu’s arm and slashed at it. He told her that that was “punishment” for trying to runaway.

 photo 2017-06-06 5_zpsmjs9amfx.png

Yuwen Huai wanted to confirm the death by pretending to pay his respect to the old man at the funeral. He was stopped by Yuwen Yue. Yuwen Yue and Yuwen Huai picked up their sword and went at each other again. Yuwen Huai’s weapon shot out a hidden arrow and headed straight toward the incoming Wei consort. The both stopped fighting and welcomed the consort. The consort praised Yuewen Yue for sealing off the body to keep the suspect from tampering with evidence and agreed to examine the body for verification. After the examination, she concluded that the grandfather died of poison and forbid Yuwen Huai from entering Qing Shan Yuan, Yuwen Yue’s manor. Yuwen Yue thanked the consort Wei for helping him. She advice him gain the king’s trust and revive DieZhiTianYan so that he can marry Chun Er and gain more power since DieZhiTian Yan is a precious treasure that the king will not let just anyone take ownership over.

 photo 2017-06-06 15_zpsyry1nski.png

The next day, guards were carrying a bloody body across the garden and Xiao Liu overheard that the body belonged to Jin Yan who was sent to Ji Le Ge to serve Yuwen Yue’s grandfather. Song picked the next batch of slaves to be sent to Ji Le Ge and Xiao Liu was choosen. Zhixiang begged her to let Xiao Liu go and promised to do anything in return. Xiao Qi finally returned to the Yuwen Manor. Zhixiang sister told them that she will be gone for a few days and asked Xiao Liu to take care of Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba in her place. She didn’t tell them where she was going. Zhixiang gave Xiao Ba a pendant that belonged to Xiao Liu for keepsake. (Love the sisterly bond here)

 photo 2017-06-06 18_zps53vqziq1.pngZhixiang and other girls were sent to Ji Le Ge where they were surrounded by make-up and pretty clothings. The girls excitedly tried out everything while Zhixiang stood tense. Slowly from the water, Yuwen Xi crawled out and walked toward ZhiXiang. She stood still while everyone ran away. He took a sniff and left her to chase after the other girls. Until the last one died, Yuwen Xi went back to ZhiXiang and strangled her.

 photo 2017-06-06 23_zpsd8z3cvb8.pngXiao Liu was waken up by Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba crying. When she asked them what was wrong, they told her that Zhixiang was sent to Ji Le Ge. The three rushed out to find Zhixiang’s body being wheeled to a body disposable spot. Xiao Liu and them waited for the guards to leave before approaching the body. While kneeling, she promised Zhixiang that she will take care of the little ones. She took her slingshot from Zhixiang’s hand and cried in the rain.

 photo 2017-06-06 27_zpsk6esfb89.pngBecause of her big mouth, Song was asked to pack her bag to leave. On her way out, she saw Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba doing something sneakily. She followed them and saw that they were burying Zhixiang and LinXi, which is against the rule at Yuwen manor. She wanted to report it to Yuwen Huai. Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba ran after her to stop her. The three started fighting at the bridge and by accident Song got knocked over and fell into the water.

Episode 4

 photo 2017-06-06 29_zpsq8rx3t4r.pngWhile Yuwen Yue was studying, his parrot announce the arrival of “bad egg” Yan Xun. Yan Xun warned him about Yuwen Xi’s visit and sending him a lady to warm his bed. Before he left, Yan Xun pocketed Yuwen Yue’s expensive medicine.

 photo 2017-06-06 32_zpsi8ll7b5v.pngYan Xun wandered toward the court where the slaves work and live and got involved when some guards were trying to take Xiao Liu away for interrogation regarding Song’s death. He accused the guard of stealing his horse and used the same words that the guard said to Xiao Liu “I’m evidence. Everything I said is true.” The guard begged Xiao Liu for forgiveness and she told him to roll away (Lol! which he did literally). After the guard left, Yan Xuan told Xiao Liu that he wanted something to drink. She told him to go elsewhere. She told him of her brother and sister’s death and do not that the mood to entertain him. He noticed the seriousness, put down the medicine and left.

 photo 2017-06-06 35_zps2weoxili.pngYuwen Xi came to Qing Shan Yuan as warned. He wanted to refute Yuwen Yue’s right to the manor. 16 years ago, Yuwen Yue was born to the second household but because his mom went crazy, the first household took him in. However, his status was not sealed since his father’s signature was missing. Right at that moment, the king’s notice came and announce Yuwen Yue as the heir of Qing Shan Yuan. With that plan down the drain, Yuwen Xi wanted Yuwen Yue to accept a designated slave as his woman. Yuwen Yue told him that to be fair, he will hold a competition to pick the woman that will serve him. The competition will be opened up to the bronze and silver class slaves in the Yuwen estate.

 photo 2017-06-06 39_zpse0debh3y.pngXiao Liu wanted to use this opportunity to protect Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba from Yuwen Huai and avenge LinXi. She went to sign up for the opportunity but because she is of the metal class, she had no rights. She kneeled in front of his door for hours before he came out. He explained that the slave chosen will be serving the master in bed. If that is the only way to survive, then she is willing to. Before he left, Yuwen Yue permit her to participate in the competition.

 photo 2017-06-06 43_zpssu9uapma.pngThere were three rounds on the day of the exam, those that lost twice will be eliminated. The first round was some sort of chess game. Xiao Liu does not know the rules and was forced to forfeit. In the second round, Xiao Liu used fresh water and a mint leave to brew tea and that caught Yuwen Yue’s attention. She passed the second round (even though knowledge of tea brewing was zero to none). For the third round, the remaining slaves were told to memorized a buddha’s scripture and write it out in the allotted time. Thru watching, Xiao Liu learned how to write and wrote out the symbols based on memory. Before she was announced winner, Yuwen Yue told her to sign her name. But because she doesn’t know how to write, she used her bell to do so.

 photo 2017-06-06 47_zpsbkppwdls.pngAs the winner of the competition, she was brought to Yuwen Yue’s chamber. He told her that he will use her if she passes all his tests. He asked her to come over and help him shave. With all those sharp knilves in front of her, Xiao Liu remembered how he killed her brother and wanted to aim for his throat.

Chexmix: First episode was heaaaaavy! I had to stop for a while before I watched the second ep. All the killing and torturing! At least they toned it down quite a bit from the book. I think they also toned down Chu Qiao’s character (like how they did Weiyoung..) a bit too. In the book, Madame Song died because of Xiao Liu’s revenge instead of it being an accident. And she schemed to harm the maid to get into Yuwen Yue’s manor. I guess they didn’t want Chu Qiao to start off too strong.  I don’t know how but even all torn and ragged up, Liying still look amazing! XD I like it so far. Yan Xun is such a fun character to watch. Still gotta warm up to Yuwen Yue. So sad when the brother and sister died!!! =(

The only thing that is off so far is the weird biology lesson when Liying was dreaming about her battle with Yuwen Hao. The whole bone breaking, blood freezing, heart tearing part is kinda weird….Oh and the part where she “jumped” 40 feet to kill the wolf made me feel like Biyao was alive again. hahahah

Episode 1 BTS

Episode 2 BTS

Episode 3 BTS

Episode 4 BTS


42 thoughts on “[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 1-4

  1. What about that cartoon parrot? That came out of nowhere and had me saying WTF? Enjoying the story, but I’m a little disappointed with the quality.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I really enjoyed these episodes. The show has a really good pace and time just flies while watching it. I was not bothered with the intense scenes in the first episode. They are living in cruel times. Like her sister said they are seen as less than grass. For some reason the scene where her sister was killed was more scary to me. Yuwen Xi looks super creepy and scary, very disturbing. And I was very sad to see her die, I really liked her.
    I like all the three main leads a lot so far. I haven’t enough of Lin Qin yet, but she seems to be just a happy go lucky spoiled princess. Am I the only one feeling Yuwen Yue. It is just like when I was watching Scarlet Heart and I was in the fourth prince’s camp since the first episode. I like how she picked up his interest just from her skills and wanting to survive. I think due to his family situation, he admires that side of her. Standing against all odds trying to change her destiny.

    Now, what I didn’t like. The dubbing, it is getting better but it was really bad in the first two episodes. Apparently, some lines didn’t pass regulation so they had to re-dub them. The green screens in the first episode bothered me. I was not bothered by the CGI animals/insects until this last episode. I agree with the whole battle thing where they had to show the heart, etc. It felt so pointless, just battle each other and get on with it.

    II think it was the right call to make her a bit softer. They probably want the viewers to feel as if all her actions are just. Plus I am anticipating her killing Yuwen Xi from the intro theme, so everything is good. I can’t wait for him to die.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I really like it so far too. The emotions emitting from Liying’s eyes are just so….real! Her pain and everything is just so raw.
      I can’t ship her with anyone yet knowing who she will end up with in the end. I want to ship her with Shawn tho. His character is just so carefree right now. hahaha
      Noticed the dubbing too…keeps throwing me off as I was watching. It’s getting better tho.
      Yuwen Xi is such a creeeeeeep! First his first appearance to when he killed Zhi Xiang…everything just yell sicko! Can’t wait for his death either!


      1. yes ZLY is doing a great job. I think everyone’s acting is on point. I live for ships <333 lol From the trailer I liked Shawn better, but in the drama, I think she has more chemistry with LGX. The drama is creating a lot of moments on purpose.
        Is it following the book for the most part?


        1. I thought I was the only one bothered by the dubbing..
          I usually ship the main leads, hopefully LGX/ZLY doesn’t disapoint me.
          I didn’t want to read the novel because the drama was coming out, tend to compare them if I do


        2. For now I would say about 85% is on point. How she got to become Xing Er was thru scheming to get rid of Jin Zhu tho and not a competition.
          I’m glad that LGX is delivering! His little gestures and emotions are all on point! =D I was a little worried cause he could be a hit or miss sometimes.


    2. I am with you on Yuwen Yue’s ship!! 🙂 i like that he steps up when it is crucial (killing that venomous spider on her hand/shielding her from the poisonous needles of that senior maidservant ) without making it obvious and masks his intention in line with his demeanor as “Cold Sir” and maintaining their master-servant relationship without triggering suspicions of Yuwen Huai and that freaky old dude. Brains with a great dose of realism – any “over-helping” would have instead damaged his grand plan and endangered her too. He also thinks ahead (spoiler). That scene where he nicked her thumb to engender her response which would be mimicked by that darn parrot and hence broadcasted to the world that they have had sex! – priceless!!

      Yan Xian is cute too but aside from the novelty factor, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for him to be interested in Chu Qiao – akin to slumming it and clearly she feels that way too!!

      I have to say that I actually prefer Shawn Dou over Lin Geng Xin so the latter is rocking it here with his portrayal of a closed-up, deep thinking dude.

      Zhao Li Ying ? She is great!! She acts with her eyes and I always enjoy that she can convey acceptance without indignity, fearlessness without aggression and misery without self pity. Haven’t actually seen her smile yet to hopefully she will have at least one or two happy scenes !!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I feel the same way. I I think LGX is doing such a good job with subtle hints to his thoughts, etc. I thought I was going to like Shawn Dou’s character more from the trailer, but I understand LGX’s interest more. He also personally made her bells.

        I saw her smile in this last episode, but it was all fake. She is learning fast on trying to deceive him, but he is an expert at that.


      2. Agree!

        Before starting this drama, I told myself I will only like Shawn’s character. Shawn’s hot and he’s the one she loves first even though he become evil later…no way are you going to convince me that I will like her with LGX’s char? *see trailer* okay warming up to him…not bad…Then watched first couple episodes…okay okay not bad…then ep4 happened and boo goes immediately to LGX’s ship.

        I think LGX is doing a good job despite ZLY’s awesomeness. I thought he was a bit stiff in the first episode but somehow he grows on you. I’m quite surprised by the chemistry. Sorry…judging by their looks, they don’t match but somehow they have this very easy chemistry going on. My favorite scene has to be when she wiped off water on his shirt and he stares at her but then get caught and was like okay enough, I’m still mean & cold. The exchange was quite cute. Not sure if he’s fallen for just yet but I like that he sees potential in her and slowly falls her charms. So it’s not like those drama where male lead has to fall for female lead because it says so. Also, it’s a breath of freshness to have two leads with brains and skills.

        However, I thought Yan Xuan appeared more in the first half (though not complaining) but so far we see a lot Yuwen Yue…I guess it’s to make sure viewers like us to fall for him when he and Chu Qiao become the endgame OTP. So far, I love scenes with both guys but something about YY seems more intriguing at the moment as say to the cheery YX. I wonder what’s going to happen to make her sacrifice for YX because so far she’s always scolding him like a little puppy. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol. We can’t help it! They’re just herding everyone on the Yuexing ship right now!! Yan Xun barely showed up in the first 8 eps….(totally didn’t expect that at all too!!)
          Supposedly she fell for Yan Xun because he saved her one to many times.. but it’s seems the drama is giving YWY all the credit. So I’m curious how they’re gonna make her fall for him too.


  3. I love the first four eps omg the wolves I kept screaming, YOU”RE ALL SICK!! and Ji Le Ge uggh so gross how could he just kill?! This drama palace world is brutal and I loved every moment except some of the dubbing because (maybe it was just me) but some of the characters voiceovers changed throughout the eps.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. MEE TOO! Love it so far =D I noticed that change in the voice too.
      Sick to the bone!! And to think those boys are just in their teens in the book! What kind of kids learn to be so brutal!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I would blame their parents or the palace but I think they’re just to brutal I can’t blame anyone but themselves (it makes sense in my head)😂😂


  4. Watched the first 3 episodes and it’s quite enjoyable so far. Main complaints are about the dubbing (I want to hear their real voice and why is it so out of sync =_=) and the fighting/CGI looking fake. But the story is interesting and luckily ZLY is a good actress (esp her eyes!) otherwise I’d be complaining a lot more haha.

    I like how the story starts with a bang and want to find out ZLY’s real identity. Haven’t warmed up to the male leads yet, I hope I ship the right couple lol. Seems like they’ll have their own motivations and not just run around the female lead all day which is great.

    Still too early to tell whether I’ll love this drama and finish it but will be watching for the next couple of weeks at least XD


    1. I started noticing that starting ep 3…the voice and lips movement are not matching up at all!
      Same! So curious about Chu Qiao’s identity. The convo with the guy she fought with (Yuwen Hao I think) makes her seems important enough that they can take over the world together. hahaha


  5. Just followed this drama because of Lin Geng Xin…Saw him and liked him in the God of War and Great Wall Movie…Hope the storyline of this drama will be his favor..


    1. You are right! I looked at some clips where the sync was really bad in the Eng Sub version but it looks fine in the raw. Maybe they fixed the TV version and not the other one. What a shame 😦


  6. That scene in Ep 8 (Spoiler) where Yuwen Yue clutches her handkerchief (which he keeps close to him) – too precious! One doesn’t do that to an asset one cultivates solely for business purposes! #yuwenyuexingership

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Same! I was like I see you. You can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to me lol
      Also, when he saved her and acted like he did it just to question her. Like please Yuwen Yue.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Can I say I wanted to clap when he threatened the “noble” doctor that he could make him a slave if he didn’t treat Xing Er? Blatant abuse of power – and in such a cold, quiet tone too! Please-la Yuwen Yue – who you kidding? 🙂

        I also like that Xing Er had enough brain cells to figure out he saved her and didn’t kill her brother Willy nilly.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I was so like yesss you tell him Yuwen Yue. He treats her so well but pretends it means nothing, pshhh.
          Yep, I was happy she was able to figure everything that he was telling her. She doesn’t even know all the times he has saved her.


    2. All aboard the YueXing ship!! That scene was too sweet to not love YWY with XingEr for that. Applaud to LGX to be able to convey that feeling! *clap clap*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yess, I think he is doing a great job with his character. He is cold, but out of no having any choice. And you can see momentarily glances into his thoughts and feelings. It is like he forces himself to be that way and when he feels the facade cracking he backs away. I have a feeling he lies to himself a lot. That scene from the trailer when he says he never had any feelings for XingEr, total lie.
        Right now, she doesn’t hate him like she did bc she knows he saved her and due to that lesson he taught her. Meanwhile, he seems very infatuated in his own way. Taking unnecessary actions and finding excuses for his actions every time. We know that she is going to fall in love with Yan Xun first, so I am prepping for some heartbreak.
        I like everyone’s acting so far.


  7. I loved the last 2 episodes, my only complaint was the dubbing but as Kimmy pointed out the raw doesn’t have sync problems. I do prefer the visual quality of the uncut/eng sub version. It is such a shame that they only fixed the dubbing problem for the raw.
    So if you don’t need eng subs, watch the TV version for much better dubbing.


  8. All these ZLY x LGX scenes from the first 8 episodes already have me shipping them hard 😍 I kinda want them to just get together soon, without this Yan Xun interruption in the middle ._.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Lol! Same here. I don’t even know how they’re gonna incorporate Yan Xun in at all. The production team is pushing everyone on YueXing ship right now!


    2. The funny thing is, Team YueXing are flocks here and bashing YX while there is a forum that Team XunXing gather together and bashing YWY…hahaha

      I visited both forums and more for spoilers…hehe… but I am Team YueXing


  9. YWY mentioned to YX that he doesn’t have many choices in his life including in women bcoz of his life-standing. That’s the main reason he is Mister IceCold aka Mister PokerFace. Those kind of person usually cold in the outside BUT burning hot in the inside.

    From what I watched so far, YWY is a closeted hopeless romantic. He gives XingEr everything but asks nothing in return (While YX keeps counting n announces to the world about how many times he saved XE…hehe). He gave her a name that matches his, made her bells personally, keeps her hanky close, sacrifices his eyesight etc etc….#TeamYueXing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is such a softie trying to be cool. He lost his eyesight for her and yet pretended to be like “oh it’s just for investigation” Lol.


  10. This drama is just lit. I like it to the point that re-watching small parts from videos. ZLY is badass goddess and none of ass deserve her xD I’m snatched from how she delivers emotions just by glancing. Actions in plot are really cruel and bloody is disturbing in certain scenes but fighting scenes looks like actual fighting rather than choreography with spec-effects.

    From cast I like Shawn’s character and I’m having painful second lead syndrome. LGX looks like stern version of Bai Zi Hua which makes things obvious that I don’t like that generous but could master characters so far, who fall in forbidden love with his servant/disciple. Besides he killed Xing Er’s brother which makes they romance more inappropriate. I wish she would kill him at the end but I know it won’t happen.

    Liked by 1 person

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