Bazaar Special: Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom


Another round of questions

  1. If both Yehua and Ali are drowning, who do you save? Of course, I would let Yehua save dumpling and cheer them on. lol

YangMi’s bts


19 thoughts on “Bazaar Special: Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom

    1. I really like her outfit. It is similar to the one she wore in Eternal Love, but prettier/fancier. Her photos were really pretty. Mark was just brooding on his lol


  1. OMG this makes me want to rewatch 3l3w!!
    The photos of YangMi looks amazing! The outfit and setting are just so beautiful. Wish they had given Mark more colors…His outfits are black against grey wall… . But absolutely love his expressions!

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    1. Same. I think she is a mediocre actress and her obvious plastic surgery is so offputting onscreen. She looked better before she got all the work done and her acting seems to have regressed compared to her earlier works.

      I have the same problem with AngelaBaby and her obviously cosmetically enhanced lips. They were so distracting in General and I.


      1. Personally YM is better than many popular current top actresses like LSS, LYF, AB who only look pretty. She isn’t perfect but she can definitely act as it’s seen in TMOPB. She need to have good project and good partner to show all her potential.
        I thought her face is bland at time was the result of Plastic surgery too. But seeing her old photos changed my mind. She looks the same and only changed her face shape due to having brace.


  2. Ahhh just when I nearly got over my 3l3w feels, they publish this beautiful collection. At least I can get some new wallpapers for my phone now hehe Might be time to rewatch again…


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