Entertainment Update: 2017 dramas and movies, news, and Changchun Film Festival

UPDATE: Princess Agents is done filming! 

UPDATE 2: Huang Zitao will romance Yang Mi in The Negotiator (completely unrelated sequel to Dear Interpreter)


New entertainment update! Keep rolling because we like to have things moving in cdramaland 🙂

Huang Zitao and Yang Mi have worked together before. In the upcoming Takes a Real Man (reality show), they will both be regular cast members. In You Are My Sunshine (the movie), they had scenes together.

They also endorsed a game called I’m the Sovereign

Also, they are game partners in real life. Often, playing together in online games with Huang Xiaoming too. This is the game promotion trailer in case anyone is curious (it’s their real voices):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congrats to Legend of Chusen, the only drama to have surpassed 20 billion views this year! And only the third drama ever to have passed this mark. The other two dramas are Journey of Flower and Legend of Mi Yue (you are truly the ratings queen, Ying Bao Bao)

Hunan TV announced the dramas it will broadcast in 2017 (get ready!):

  • The Starry Night, The Starry Sky starring Feng Shaofeng and Bea Hayden
  • In the Name of People starring Lu Yi and Zhang Fengyi
  • She is Pretty starring Sheng Yilun and Dilireba
  • Elite Squad starring Zhang Danfeng and Su Jing
  • The Negotiator starring Yang Mi and Huang Zitao
  • Princess Agents starring Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, and Shawn Dou
  • Our Youth starring the TFBoys
  • Song of Phoenix starring Ma Ke, Zhang Xinyu, and Qiao Zhenyu
  • Love Actually starring Tong Dawei and Joe Chen
  • Tribes and Empires starring Huang Xuan and Shawn Dou
  • If Love Like This starring Liu Shi Shi and Tong Dawei
  • General and I starring Wallace Chung and Angelababy
  • This Life, Can We Not Get Hurt? starring Wallace Chung, Ma Tianyu, and Sun Yi
  • Rush to the Dead Summer starring Zheng Shuang, Chen Xuedong, and Bai Jing Ting
  • The Game of Hunting starring Hu Ge
  • Win the World starring Fan Bingbing

Wang Kai for Trendshealth (this man should wear suits everyday! My new Barney Stinson ^^)


Princess Agents released 2 new stills of Zhao Liying to celebrate her birthday



(Lin Gengxin wished Zhao Liying happy birthday by reposting pictures from her at the Golden Eagle Awards and saying “my dear, this is the best birthday gift”)


Press conference of movie, Cherry Returns, starring Hu Ge

Hu Ge


Song Jia

A Chinese Odyssey: Love You a Million Years allowed media into the set


New stills were also released

Huang Zitao as the reincarnation of the Monkey King


Yin Zheng as Longevity Monk, Liu Tianzuo as Pigsy


Zhao Yi as Zixia Fairy



Posters for Suddenly Seventeen. I will be very disappointed in you Wallace if you don’t realize this woman is your wife:

Ni Ni

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Wallace Huo


Darren Wang


Another exciting project, The Flower Road to Bid Farewell, starring Maggie Jiang and Wallace Chung

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Wallace Huo said in an interview that he created an account to talk with his fans, but no one believed him and they even deleted his posts. Wallace Huo is known for being really private so it doesn’t surprise me that fans didn’t believe him.

Leo Wu (Wu Lei) is all grown up, 10 years ago with Fan Bingbing and Hu Ge


Another star who grew up is Liu Yifei! Here is what she looked like when she was fifteen years old


Zheng Shuang is in the news recently because she has been accompanying a sick elderly lady on walks. She also got stopped by fans and signed autographs for them. For the elderly woman to get treatment, Zheng Shuang arranged for a private jet and limo.


Jing Boran and Ni Ni were spotted shopping together


A bit late, but happy belated birthday to Jimmy Lin who turned 42 on October 15, 2016!  🙂 He celebrated his birthday with his daughters (haha… they are male twins XD They are so pretty though ><) and JJ Lin.

Changchun Film Festival (an international film festival held every two years in the Chinese city of Changchun) closing red carpet with various groups and celebrities from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. Huang Xiaoming and Bai Baihe won the best actor’s and actress’ awards. Film director Derek Tung-Shing Yee received the best director award. The best Chinese language film went to Xuan Zhang.


20 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: 2017 dramas and movies, news, and Changchun Film Festival

  1. Zheng Shuang is really nice. I’ve been watching her behind-the-scenes and offcam videos and I’m liking her even more. I like her personality the most and she also looks very pretty with no make-up in my opinion.


  2. Ohhhh, I am excited about Tao’s new project! Can’t wait, maybe I should watch season 1 of Dear Translator to see what it is about.


  3. Some iQIYI dramas for 2017:
    Legend of Zu 2
    Nirvana in Fire 2 (HuGe is not coming back)
    Ode to Joy 2
    Paladin 4
    Rush to the Dead Summer
    Tribes and Empires
    Princess Agents
    Princess Weiyoung
    Song of Phoenix


      1. no news about Legend of Zu. I know Wang Kai confirmed for Nirvana but we don’t know about anyone else. It is a shame HuGe is not coming back.


  4. omg I didn’t realize I wrote the wrong gender for Jimmy’s sons >.<
    Aaaaah I should have double check the article and look at the character properly. Asides from that they're so adorable and Jimmy barely age that much lol. No more editing at night then for me 😛
    Awww poor Wallace Huo. I would follow him, but I don't even know his account lol.
    Waited forever for Tribes and Empires.


  5. wow. I didn’t know Chusen was that popular… I might have just developed a new found respect for it.
    ZLY is soooo cute in those bday pics!! =D =D and Wang Kai looks stunning in white! tho that red splash is a little…
    is Zheng Shuang doing charity work for the grandma? That’s pretty nice of her.


    1. I think Zheng Shuang was helping the grandma because she lost her husband. It’s a sad story, but it’s just out of the kindness of her heart. Makes me like her so much more!


    1. I know. I didn’t even hear about Dear Translator having a second season or Joe Chen and Tong Dawei’s drama until now! I do too ❤ he's just so handsome even in rags! Have you seen the new stills of him for Takes a Real Man? Such up close and personal shots! I didn't know they were doing a project together, but they seem very well-suited


    1. I hope so too!! Princess Agents should be a hit. Also, when she finishes filming that, hopefully she has another modern romcom. That would really help with keeping up her popularity!


  6. Thanks for this!! HXM looking uber hot in the film festival and so many familiar TVB faces! Kevin Cheng!! (Is that Li Cheng Yuan with him? The Queen in The Imperial Doctress?) Kate Tsui !!

    cant wait for Agent Princess – LGX does seem very friendly with ZLY so hopefully the chemistry will rock !!!


    1. It does look like Li Cheng Yuan. She’s also Yuan Li Shu in Boss & Me!!

      I think so too. From the stills, the chemistry looks great 🙂


  7. Great update. So ZLY has two dramas in the 20 billion club and The Mystic Nine celebrated reaching 10 billion views. I hope Princess Agents is her next hit.


    1. thanks for the help! I like the pictures of the Changchun Film Festival that you added!! I think Princess Agents will be a hit 🙂 even Rookie Agent Rouge is doing very well now! More views online than Sparrow (even if it’s just a bit more)


      1. I didn’t add those. It was probably Chexmix since they are all nice quality pics ^^
        I am really hoping for Princess Agents and I am really excited about the story. I just saw your update that filming for Princess Agents is finishing up and I am so happy. ZLY needs a mini break. And yes Rookie Agent is doing pretty decent. Daily views and ratings are going up. ^^


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