Entertainment Update: My True Friend, Fearless Whispers, The King’s Avatar, The Files of Teenagers In The Concession, Shadow, Story of Minglan, Yang Shuo and Wang Liwen’s Wedding

A lot of dramas are wrapping up this month and are expected to air 2019. I’m super hyped for The King’s Avatar. >.<

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[Admin note] and 520 Celebration

NOTE: Hi all! Sorry, we’ve been inactive lately. Everyone is just very very busy. We’ll try but I don’t think we will be updating much for while. At least for me, I I probably won’t be posting much until Summer. To those that are wondering, we’re still alive! Just slowing down a bit. Thanks for understanding! 

Here’s an update from some celebrities on 520. 520 sounds like I love you in Chinese so today is considered Valentine’s Day or confession day in China.

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[Feature] Huang Zitao

Many people know of Huang Zitao (Tao), but here is his moving life story that converted me from a neutral to a fan… I hope it will dispel some misconceptions and provide an overview of the person he is:

  • As the only child of a billionaire father (7th richest man in China), Tao was not interested in/did not excel in school. So, he left home at age 14 to make it on his own. He worked odd jobs to support himself, even donning costumes to hand out flyers on the street. When his father passed by him on the street, he would cry but did not force him to come home. By age 20, Tao bought houses for his parents. To this day, he has never taken any money from them
  • Even then, Tao saved up money to buy clothes for his grandma and lied about its price so his grandmother would not feel like he is spending too much money on her

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[Watching] The Negotiator: Ratings, links, and stills

For the overseas fans, DramaFever will start uploading the subs February 12th!

Here’s the official playlist on the YouTube channel of Croton Media where you can find The Negotiator episodes as it’s being broadcast (English subtitles are now available on episode 1)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFaC6Oaaygs&list=PLpOa-OrneXm2K32ZhATtnDnFKPZe6FUyL

What do you think of the drama so far?!

As of February 9 (5 days into its broadcast/8 episodes released), Negotiator has reached 1 billion views on Chinese platforms!

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 2.18.24 AM.png

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[Coming Soon] The Negotiator

Updated with press conference photos, new stills, and a new trailer!

Coming soon is “Negotiator”, a drama starring Yang Mi and Huang Zitao, which has been licensed by Dramafever and Viki (thanks for the info, May) to be streamed simulcast!

“Negotiator” will start broadcasting on Hunan TV starting February 4th (to March 1st). The schedule is as follows:
Sunday to Thursday: 8:10pm to 10pm (2 episodes)
Friday to Saturday: 7:30pm to 8:20pm (1 episode)

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[Feature] Celebrities’ Baby Pictures

 photo _storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo_slaquosigraveUumlsegraveiquestscent_img-6709d712ly1fetd8kupfmg20c20co1kz_zpsewa0x2hg.gif

I’ve been seeing so many baby pictures of celebrities recently that I thought I would compile them all into a post. Included in this post are baby pictures of Yang Mi, Gul Nazhar, Angelababy, Yang Zi, Dilireba, Liu Yi Fei, Zhao Liying, Liu Shi Shi, Huang Zitao, Luhan, Lay Zhang Yixing, HuGe, Leo Wu Lei, Li Yi Feng, William Chan, Kris Wu, and Zhang Yi Shan. But before you click on, try to take a guess who that adorable curly hair kid is?

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Entertainment Update: Dramas, movies, music, and fashion

Hey everyone! I’m back since I only have one exam and it’s 2 weeks away. This will be my first entertainment update in awhile.


  • The Brightest Star in the Night Sky is an upcoming musical drama starring Huang Zitao (Chinese Odyssey, The Negotiator). His female lead is rumoured to be Janice Wu (My Amazing Boyfriend). It is the first Chinese musical drama, which will feature Tao’s songs. Filming begins June 2017 (after Tao’s Promise Tour) and will take place in Los Angeles and Beijing. This drama is the story of a young girl (Janice Wu) who joins an entertainment agency to pursue her dreams. It’s there where she meets and falls in love with the CEO (Tao). To be broadcast on Hunan TV as it’s one of their productions. Last year, Princess Agents was their summer production. This year, this drama is.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 11.27.38 PM.png

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Entertainment Update: Relationship updates, dramas, and movies

On January 6th, Ruby Lin gave birth to a baby girl via C-section weighing 6.6 pounds. Wallace Huo was present for the birth. They have yet to name their baby

Famous paparazzi, Zhou Wei, has exposed yet another relationship. He caught Li Bingbing with a much younger man. She’s 43 years old and he is 24 (19 years younger)

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