Kris and Luhan Update!

Journey to the West 2: The Demon Chapter, sequel for Stephen Chow’s box office hit movie in 2013, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, has begun the dubbing process for the movie. The announced cast includes Kris Wu as Tang Monk, Lin Gengxin as Monkey King, Yao Chen as Guanyin. Lin Gengxin revealed that Huang Bo secretly filmed for the movie too:


Tsui Hark is directing the movie while Stephen Chow is producing. Huge names!


This is not the first time Kris has worked with Stephen Chow. Stephen Chow invited him to cameo in his record-breaking movie, The Mermaid and expressed his admiration for Kris countless times.




Journey to the West: Demon Chapter comes out this Lunar New Year.

Luhan will be releasing his new mini-album in 3 days


His drama, Fighter of the Destiny, wrapped up filming. It’s scheduled to air in 2017.


Are you ready for new Luhan music?

And here’s a Kris Wu update because he has been really busy! After releasing 3 back to back movies this summer, he has also been busy attending events and being on the cover of 5 magazines in October. He has been appointed the new global ambassador for Burberry and the first non-British person to be one.

Kris previously walked for the brand in January where closed the show:

He is looking regal and gorgeous in his cover shoot for Bazaar:






His cover for Vogue Me last month was great:


And so were the rest of his covers:

He is currently in Rome filming Europe Raiders with Tony Leung




Tony Leung’s stunt double, who trended on Weibo because of his startling resemblance to the famous actor, also shared that Tony likes Kris:


Kris has always been well-liked by his seniors! Glad to see Tony’s joining the club!

The resemblance is uncanny!


Last month Kris filmed in Milan with both Tony Leung and Tang Yan. Supermodel Du Juan was also with them.



What a formidable foursome!

Kris has four movies coming out next year (Journey to the West 2, xXx: Return of Xander Cage with Vin Diesel, Valerian with Luc Besson, Cara Delevingne and Rihanna, and Europe Raiders with Tony Leung and Tang Yan). Wonder if he’s ever going to take up a drama? He’s received tons of offers after all! I would love for him to be in one 😀


21 thoughts on “Kris and Luhan Update!

  1. Thank you for posting the update. I have been idle lately so I can’t post much. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Burberry campaign he will have mainly 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Me too! November can’t come fast enough. New music & a new major campaign. We haven’t met but I hope you’re doing well! I loved your first post.


      1. Yeah I really want to see more Kris updates in C-blogs. Most of them ignore any project he is in no matter how great it actually is and focus on small projects with some people whom I’m not aware of.

        I hope he takes a drama. He will probably convert more fans through that, though he has a lot already


        1. I think it’s just a matter of who the authors are interested in and they probably feel Kris gets enough coverage in other sites.

          My reasoning for wanting him to take a drama is more superficial, lol. I would love to see more of him! Especially in multiple episodes! It would be a dream. (Plus he can prove the naysayers wrong by doing well where a lot of people can see it, a lot of them are just judging him based on maliciously-cut scenes from one movie and completely ignoring his great performances from other movies).


  2. Glad to see that Burberry is appointing a non Western celebrity as their spokesperson. Asia is the largest consumer of branded items and any attempt to reach out should be a genuine one. LeeHom appearance for Coach was a good one and we all need more of that!

    Not too familiar with either :- Kris Wu – only saw him in one movie (Somewhere Only We Know) and he gives off a James Dean vibe – couldn’t finish the movie though , it was too meandering ! Saw Luhan in Witness with Yang Mi and the recent Tomb Raider movie with Jing Brian but both roles were fairly run-off-the-mill. He looks really young though !


    1. Yeah, it’s always great to see more Asian representation in fashion.

      He does give off a James Dean vibe and it’s funny because his directors think so too. You should check out Sweet Sixteen. It’s a movie with a very serious tone but he was brilliant in it.

      Luhan has taken a sip from the fountain of youth. We all want that too haha!


  3. Thanks for this in depth article on Kris, I never can keep up unlike Luhan and Zitao because Kris is doing so much all around the world (not that Luhan and Zitao aren’t, don’t get angry folks!), he even came to Toronto but I couldn’t go to meet him.
    Hope to see more of your articles on Kris, wutheringwind!

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