[Feature] Golden Eagle Awards

The 11th Golden Eagle Festival Awards Show took place on October 16th, 2016 in Changsha. This is a prestigious award ceremony that only the top stars can attend. The Golden Eagle Award is held every 2 years. In the past, the public is allowed to vote for a “goddess” to represent these awards. However, this year, the public could not vote. That’s why there’s some controversy over the selection. In the running were Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Zheng Shuang, Yang Zi, and Dilireba. And this year’s Golden Eagle Goddess is Tang Yan! In 2014, the Golden Eagle Goddess was Zhao Liying. Two years before that, it was Liu Shi Shi. Other past winners include Liu Yifei, Wang Luodan, and Li Xiaolu. There is now 6 winners

UPDATED: Yang Yang, Hu Ge and Zhao Liying interactions

Tang Yan




Zhao Liying



Liu Shi Shi


Wang Luodan


Li Xiaolu


Liu Yifei


Results of a Weibo poll on which Golden Eagle Goddess was preferred (120 000 people voted):

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 11.05.31 PM.png

  1. Zhao Liying
  2. Tang Yan
  3. Liu Shi Shi
  4. Liu Yifei
  5. Li Xiaolu
  6. Wang Luodan

The star-studded guest list included Hu Ge, Zhao Liying, Tang Yan, TFBoys, Yang Yang, Wu Lei, Liu Hao Ran, Ou Hao, Liu Tao, Ariel Lin, Tong Li Ya, Qin Lan, Ximeng Yao, Zheng Xiaolong, Chen Jianbin, Liu Jiang, Li Xuejian, Gu Zhi Xin, Wang Lei, Wu Xiubo, Li Xiaomeng, Xu Baihui, Tang Jing Mei

Voting Results: Best Actor and Best Actress 


For Best Actor, Hu Ge came first (22.7 million votes). Wang Kai came second (8 million votes). For Best Actress, Zhao Liying won (57 million votes). Liu Tao came in second place (6.5 million votes). It’s not just fans who vote as a committee also vote.

There’s controvery over the actual winners.

Hu Ge received the Audience Favourite and Most Popular Actor Awards. Both Zhao Liying and Tong Li Ya received the Audience’s Favourite Actress Award. It’s a hot topic on Weibo right now because people do not understand how Tong Li Ya could have received this award when it’s a publicly voted award, and she only received 2.5 million votes. Liu Tao received the Most Popular Actress Award. Wang Lei also won the Audience’s Favourite Actor Award.

Hu Ge



Zhao Liying


Liu Tao



Tong Li Ya


Wang Lei


Li Xue Jian won the Best Performing Arts Award


Ma Su


Tang Yan



Yang Yang


Yang Yang’s fanservice – He Jiong (the host) recorded a morning call. It’s real cheesy!

Wu Lei


Ariel Lin and Hu Ge (presented together)

Yang Yang and Tang Yan (presented together)


Liu Haoran, Ou Hao, Wu Lei (presented Liying with her award)


And I’m sure you’re all curious about… seating arrangements


Rehearsal pictures

Yang Yang


Ou Hao728377e7gw1f8u8c4wmj0j21xg2w6x6q728377e7gw1f8u8kqodpdj21xg2vcnpf

Zhao Liying’s birthday surprise…

  • A “bun mountain”
  • The audience also sang her happy birthday



A video of all Zhao Liying moments during the ceremony (thanks archidisign)






Zhao Liying updated her Weibo: “Two years ago, two years later, I have improved. Golden Eagle is a good omen, I wish I could be like one and soar… (don’t know the translation for that part)…”


Lastly, He Jiong (the host) teased Zhao Liying and Hu Ge. Basically, Hu Ge has become the nation’s groomsman and now, everyone rushes to comfort him when someone gets married (on Weibo). He teased that others are saying, “hopefully when Wu Lei gets married, you won’t still be just a groomsman”. He Jiong also adds that whoever works with him has great luck with regard to their career, family, and love life, which is why everyone fights to work with him. So, he’s happy because his beloved (most loved) Zhao Li Ying is finally interacting with Hu Ge. He says that sitting together is still considered “working together” – it’s a play on words (so cute how he takes care of her!). Hu Ge also raises his hand to explain that since Li Ying is here representing The Journey of Flower, Wallace Huo should be sitting next to her. As Wallace couldn’t come, he came in the place of Wallace.

The full show (thanks fireflymaoh):


34 thoughts on “[Feature] Golden Eagle Awards

  1. I was wondering about the awards since it was a bit confusing. I am happy ZLY got an award and I guess all fandoms will be happy in the end since everyone won something. I hope HuGe and ZLY do a drama together soon.
    Liu Tao’s first dress was much prettier than her second. Ariel Lin looks so cute with short hair.


    1. I’m all for the combo for Hu Ge and ZLY! 🙂
      I really like her short hair. Also, Liu Tao looks so effortlessly elegant and classic every time


  2. wow! 57 million votes!! ZLY is slaying the competition.
    heheheh, my 3 favorites, HuGe ZLY and Liu Tao, sitting next to each other! I hope all three of them can be in a drama together!! @fireflymaoh wow good catch!! I actually didn’t even notice that Liu Tao was wearing 2 different dresses (since both were black)
    The bday celebrations is awesome. hahah a mountain of buns!


  3. Woah, everyone is so pretty! It is a shame they didn’t let the public vote for the Golden Goddess, but I am happy Tang Yan “won”. And so cute they celebrated the birthday…The seating looks weird.


  4. Everyone looks AMAZING. did Hu Ge lose some weight(he looks beautiful either way) love that Tang Yan won she looks gorgeous., wish I could get Ariel and ZLY in one frame and I know some people were “mad” that TLY received the word but because I adore her, Im happy😊😊


    1. Agreed! I wouldn’t say mad, but Yang Mi and Zheng Shuang’s fandoms thought they were more deserving I guess… I don’t mind that she won. She’s beautiful, just not a fan of her acting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YM and ZS did a lot more this year so I understand. Also, I feel like she’s IMPROVED in the acting department, I always feel like she’s trying. I think that’s what makes me like her😊


  5. It’s all good since ZLY came out as a winner. So sweet they surprised her with a bun mountain. Haha

    Hope to see HG and ZLY in a drama soon. They look compatible physically.


      1. I actually like her golden dress. Makes her figure look amazing! I think it’s HQG that made me an initial fan, then Boss & Me + Cuo Dian Yuan Yang solidified her status in my heart. I like that she came from a rural town, had no connections, and made it so far relying on her talent only. It’s not my favourite dress of hers, but it’s not horrible either


  6. Yeah at Liying winning the Popularity Actress award, so not surprising though 😉
    Haha, they celebrated her birthday, that is so cutee!!! And Teacher He took good care of her the whole time.
    So happy to see her seating next to Hu Ge. They are both representatives when it comes to single people whose co-stars are all in relationships. hehe Hope this means we can get a project with both of them together soon.
    Also, for anyone curious, here is a clip of all Liying moments during the ceremony!!


    1. He does take such good care of her!! I’m happy seeing that too. I wouldn’t mind a project with the two of both 🙂 p.s. I added that clip to the post

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oooh Ou Hao … from rehearsal outfit (understandable) to the actual onstage outfit… why are they so similar lol?
    All the ladies look lovely. Love Tang Yan’s, Liu Tao’s (first dress), and of course Zhao Liying’s look the most.


  8. What happened with WC not showed up at all? but its okay since there is HuGe to sit next to her..yess agree with all of you really waiting both of them as OTP in drama, ZLY ever said that she want to be paired with HuGe when being asked who is the next actor she really want to have in her next project…I think only ZLY fit as the Golden Eagle Goddess, dress and her figure looked really elegant as for other the dress just too much.


    1. I totally agree! Her dress and figure is perfect for the occasion. I think William Chan was promoting Old Nine Gates in Thailand, and I do hope Hu Ge and Zhao Liying collaborate! It’d be epic


      1. Did he already confirmed to come?but then fly to thailand..sighh..yess really want to watch ZLY & HuGe chemistry sparking everywhere please..


  9. Hu Ge is such a charming man – cant wait for HG and ZLY to do a show together – dramagods; please make it happen!

    So happy Wang Lei got an award too – he is also a good actor although I didnt watch the drama which he won for – looks too realistic and melancholic.

    Wu Lei is gonna be such a good looking man!!


  10. Just watched the entire show – love the medley, performances and all the speeches. He Jiong is a good host – the right balance between witty , heartfelt and serious. Hu Ge!!! You charming man!!! Have to say it definitely trumps TVB awards and even the recent Emmys in terms of sentiment and heart.


    1. I think the host makes a big difference. Sometimes in other award shows the hosts can make inappropriate jokes and just off putting remarks. For this one, there was a classy feel to it.


    1. From the side profile looks like Bai Jing Ting (Whirlwind Girl) but I can’t be sure. I thought it was Cheng Yi initially (Chusen) but this guys seems taller.


  11. I don’t think there’s any major controversy over Tong Liya’s win – in fact, both her and Zhao Liying won the Best Actress/Audience’s Choice Award (golden statue). The winners were decided by a panel of judges, not national voting.

    The screenshot above (where she only has 2.5 million votes) is for the popularity award 最具人气. The popularity polls were open until the end of the ceremony, and in the end Liu Tao overtook ZLY to take home the popularity award (crystal statue).

    The confusion probably stems from the fact that they included two sets of awards in the ceremony – the golden statues are given by the government approved Golden Eagle Awards 金鹰奖, while the crystal statues are part of the TV Arts Festival 金鹰节 (organised solely by Hunan TV).


    1. The Best Actress/Audience’s Favourite Award has always been a publicly voted award. The Golden Eagle Awards itself is referred to as the “people’s awards” meaning the public gets a say. The popularity award was unrelated to these awards because it was entirely chosen and given by Hunan TV 🙂


      1. The voters do have a say in Audience’s Choice, but so do the judges (according to the latest “rules”).
        It’s really easy to manipulate the votes behind the scenes as well, and Golden Eagles often finish up with head scratching results (which awards show doesn’t?) :p These days I just watch for the pretty 🙂


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