10 Chinese Actresses You Need to Know

I saw this article on China Film Insider that introduces 10 Chinese actresses and wanted to re-post this on our site to let our readers know some of the more influential and/or emerging actresses in the Chinese entertainment industry.

With a booming entertainment industry, China has seen a growing number of outstanding new generation actresses. Along with their more accomplished counterparts, we handpicked 10 Chinese actresses whom we think every filmmaker, and anyone who is interested in the Chinese film industry should know. These talented women are recognized for their achievements in film and TV, popularity, social influence, international recognition, commercial value, and potential to contribute to the film industry. Continue reading “10 Chinese Actresses You Need to Know”


Dior: Who wore it better?

A lot of popular Chinese celebrities have been wearing Dior this year. They all wear the same outfits, which makes it hard to miss. It seems that besides Angelababy, Dior tapped some popular celebrities to promote and wear their designs. This is just a fun compilation of celebrities wearing the same Dior outfit or handbag.

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Entertainment Update: 2017 dramas and movies, news, and Changchun Film Festival

UPDATE: Princess Agents is done filming! 

UPDATE 2: Huang Zitao will romance Yang Mi in The Negotiator (completely unrelated sequel to Dear Interpreter)


New entertainment update! Keep rolling because we like to have things moving in cdramaland 🙂

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