[Recap] Ode to Joy 2 Episode 13-20

 photo 2017-05-23 9_zps7mybe6si.png

The face of Xiao Qu being up to no good! =D

Title: Ode to Joy 2 (欢乐颂 第二季)

# of episodes: 55

Release date: May 11, 2017 Monday – Friday 2 episodes and Saturday 1 episode.

Synopsis: The continuation of this simple story on 5 different women sharing the top floor of an apartment building as they each go through family, financial, relationship, and career related struggles. Some of the questions to be answered in the upcoming season: Who will Andy end up with? Will Fang Shengmei finally be happy? Will Qu Xiaoxiao and Zhao Qiping end up together? Will Qiu Yingying and Ying Qing be in a relationship? One thing is sure: these questions will be answered in season 2!

Where to watch: Youtube (raw) or Dramafever  (eng sub) – airing 2 eps/day starting May 15.  Thread (for more info, pics, and trailers)

Episode 13
 photo 2017-05-22_zpsih7gzbwz.pngXiao Qu returned to the apartment with a bad mood after her phone call with her mom while Xiao Mei anxiously waited for Bai Quan’s solution. He called her and told her that he already asked a friend to deliver food to her family without her mom knowing it’s from her. After hearing that, Xiao Mei finally was able to relax.
Guan Guan, on the other side, gathered the courage to sign up for a belly dancing class that is out of her comfort zone.

 photo 2017-05-22 2_zpspnxpbtiw.pngLao Tan told Andi that the DNA confirmed her relationship with her grandpa and now they will do the paperwork for the inheritance. It was going so smoothly that she called Wei Guo Qian to question his intention. Andi decided to visit one of the apartments that she inherited but was scared to face Wei Wei who lived in the same area. Wei Wei saw her and she asked for his help to find the apartment. The two finally had their closure since the break-up.

 photo 2017-05-22 5_zpsqo1omtta.png
After Andi and Wei Wei parted, Bao Yifan called her and she asked to meet up with him. They met up at Bao Yifan’s old home and did boxing there. She told him everything and he told her to stay here to the night and relax.

Episode 14
 photo 2017-05-22 7_zpso4majh8t.pngThe next morning, Bao Yifan kidnapped Andi to his office. His company’s engineer told him that the parts Bai Quan’s company made did not meet company’s standards. Andi volunteered to break the news to Bai Quan and helped him ask for a second chance. Andi set up a dinner meeting with Bai Quan and broke the news to him.
At the same time, Xiao Mei went out for dinner with Mr. Chen, her client and the same guy that Xiao Qu duped.
 photo 2017-05-25_zpsnyn9ifjq.pngBai Quan knew that it was hard to pass the inspection to meet Bao Yifan’s standards but he lied to Xiao Mei that he got the contract anyway. Xiao Mei was so happy that when she saw Andi returned home, she ran out to thank her! Andi was bewildered but did not say anything.

Episode 15
 photo 2017-05-23 4_zps4afeveef.pngMrs. Wei contacted Bao Yifan’s mom and convinced her that Andi is about the Bao’s money. His mom told him to cut contact with Andi. He didn’t listen and argued that Andi is not the type of woman she thinks she is and the two had an argument. His mom went to try to convince the dad to convince the son to stop seeing Andi. But the dad trusted Bao Yifan’s judgment and told her to leave him alone for now.
 photo 2017-05-23 6_zpsuzzyhvr9.pngXiao Mei’s friend from Bao Yifan’s company told her that the friend did not pass inspection. Xiao Mei confronted Bai Quan about it but he kept lying that he got the contract until she burst. He yelled at her for putting too much pressure on him to the point that she left and slammed the door. He calmed down after he called Andi and said that he’ll let me calm down to before contacting her.
 photo 2017-05-23 7_zpspgrib1vm.pngXiao Mei also snapped at Andi for lying to her. Xiao Qiuying found out the “breakup” between Xiao Mei and Bai Quan and thought to gather everyone under the excuse of meeting her boyfriend Yin Qing. When she invited Bai Quan, Xiao Qu happened to be there with him to meet a client. She invited herself to the dinner.

Episode 16
 photo 2017-05-23 10_zpsdborj6ii.pngDuring dinner, Xiao Qu joked around with Guan Guan how she’s the only virgin on the 22nd floor. After hearing that Yin Qing got angry and asked Xiao Qiuying to step out for a second. Xiao Qiuying came back crying saying that Yin Qing left cause she’s no longer a virgin. After hearing that, Xiao Qu rushed out and started hitting him! Andi held him down why she did so! (kekekek It feels so good see that!). Xiao Qu stormed off angrier than ever, Xiao Mei and Bai Quan made up again, and Xiao Qiuying continued to cry over her break-up.
 photo 2017-05-25 2_zpsa47d2eoi.pngXiao Mei went to talk to Yin Qin but he couldn’t accept that Xiao Qiuying slept with someone already. The heart broken Xiao Qiuying put all her grudge on Xiao Qu. Andi saw her weirdly waiting outside Xiao Qu’s apartment but before she can do much, Bao Yifan snatched her away. Inside Andi’s house, Bao Yifan started imposing again and told her he’ll sleep the night here.
 photo 2017-05-25 3_zpstpslwehi.pngXiao Qu and doctor Zhao was having a romantic dinner and doctor Zhao serenaded her! =D Xiao Qu got info that her brother is having an affair right now. Xiao Qu lied to doctor Zhao and said she had to work but was actually at the hotel to call her dad to catch her brother in action. Her dad rushed in thinking she was in danger but saw her brother instead. Because of that and business failure, her dad demoted the brother. Xiao Qu happily left the hotel with her dad.

Episode 17
 photo 2017-05-25 7_zpshzzztpjf.pngXiao Qiuying felt sick and collapse as she lined up to buy a train ticket home for the holiday. She called Xiao Mei but because everyone was unavailable, Xiao Mei called Yin Qing to pick her up. He carried her to the car, bought her warm soup, and tucked her in bed. When Xiao Qu saw him in the apartment, she started yelling at him but later apologize for misunderstanding. Yin Qing spent the whole night at the apartment taking care of Xiao Qiuying.
 photo 2017-05-25 10_zpsnpypzlbk.pngThe next day, Andi, Xiao Qu and doctor Zhao went to check up on Xiao Qiuying. When Xiao Qiuying saw Xiao Qu, she got angry and started insulting her and telling doctor Zhao that Xiao Qu is a player and had slept with many guys. Doctor Zhao got angry at Xiao Qiuying and left. Andi stayed to calm Xiao Qiuying down. Doctor Zhao and Xiao Qu went back to their apartment and “fought” playfully.
 photo 2017-05-25 12_zpsps1wtacb.pngAndi wrote a very long and logical email to Yin Qing stating that he owe Xiao Qiuying an apology for making the wrong assumptions and sending the wrong signals. He called back later and agreed that he owe her an apology. Andi also made Yin Qing agree to helping her find a way home since he promised he would drive and she can’t buy a ticket at this late of a notice.

Episode 18
 photo 2017-05-26 3_zpsvl1vuboz.pngXiao Qiuying continued to be depress and moody during this break-up period. While Xiao Qu is going crazy with how to impress doctor Zhao’s parents since they will be coming for the holiday.  At work, Yin Qing called and told Andi that he got Xiao Qiuying’s ticket home. He asked to meet with her so that she can give her the ticket. Since he couldn’t buy train ticket, he bought an airplane ticket instead. He told Andi that since they have broken up, he rather cut it off cleanly. Andi deduced that if he wanted to end things, he wouldn’t have been so hesitant.
 photo 2017-05-26 8_zpsh9dlnocy.pngAndi didn’t know how to break the news to Xiao Qiuying therefore Xiao Mei did. They decided to lie about Yin Qing’s clear cut break-up and told Xiao Qiuying that there are hopes with him. Andi sent her to the airport and seeing how depressed she was, she lied and told her that Yin Qing is worth waiting for and that cheered her up.

Episode 19
 photo 2017-05-26 9_zpsg5tpg86c.pngWith the big holiday here, Xiao Qu decided to run away to avoid meeting doctor Zhao’s mom and Andi decided to go on a vacation with Bao Yifan. When doctor Zhao called, she told him that she got called in to go to an oversea meeting and cannot meet his parents.
 photo 2017-05-26 10_zpsq8sserya.pngXiao Mei and Bai Quan also went home for the holiday. Xiao Mei cared for her family as usual and her mom is annoyingly bias toward the brother as usual. People came knocking at their door in the middle of the night demanding money. Xiao Mei tried to ignore them but at the same time wanted to burn them. Xiao Qu called Bai Quan about a business deal during his family dinner. He rejected her therefore she called Xiao Mei to convince him. Xiao Mei nagged him to accept the business and made a deal that if he does, she’ll meet his parents. In the end, he called people to help him out during the holiday. His family was very unhappy about his absence during dinner.

Episode 20
 photo 2017-05-26 18_zpsabup4ypf.pngAs promised, Xiao Mei went to visit Bai Quan’s parents. However, his mom still couldn’t accept her. She left feeling hurt. He argued with him mom and went to chase after her. While carrying her home, he told her that he had loved her and never thought he could be with her. When she accepted him, it was the happiest day of his life. The two cried as they slowly walk back. (D’awwww. Bai Quan is like the ideal man! He loves her and is willing to do anything for her)
 photo 2017-05-26 20_zpseyvs5fbj.pngAndi and Bao Yifan continued their vacation in the village. He told her about his plan to help the village develop. During their walk, Andi told Bao Yifan that she likes him!! (Andi confessed!!) The man was so happy that he picked her up and spun her around.
 photo 2017-05-26 23_zpsqm7bisp0.pngGuan Guan and Xiao Mei returned home to find a dazed out Xiao Qiuying. She told them that Yin Qing might have found a new girlfriend already. She saw a post of him with another girl. She snapped out a little when she heard that Bao Yifan and Andi are inviting them to dinner. At dinner, Andi introduce BYF as her boyfriend!!! The whole crew celebrated with them and got really drunk. Doctor Zhao and Bai Quan came to pick their girlfriend up while BYF and Andi, Guan Guan and Xiao Qiuying left on their own. While the first two are happy in their new relationship the later two are sad about theirs.

Highlights in these episodes: 1. Xiao Quiying and Yin Qing broke up. 2. Andi and BYF got together.

Chexmix: The story doesn’t move very fast but I think that’s the beauty of this drama. Since it’s about the life events of these girls, dramas don’t come all at once, get solved right away and then they life happily ever after, it’s more like a slow process of overcoming their obstacles.  I have so much sympathy and annoyance for Xiao Mei that it’s contradicting! Sympathy when she deals with home and annoyance when she relies on Bai Quan to solve her problems and puts pressure on him to do so. Xiao Qu is such a fun character to watch! hahah especially her and doctor Zhao’s relationship! Also, Guan Guan, when is her man gonna show up!! We’re almost half way thru already!


7 thoughts on “[Recap] Ode to Joy 2 Episode 13-20

  1. My favorite thing about this drama is when one of them is going through things, you see some of the other girls’ take on the situation. They are all so different that they all see things in a different way. It is definitely very real. It’s not realistic for someone to learn their lesson and immediately change into a different person, but that’s what we see all the time in dramas. In reality it is very difficult for people to change, they very often make the same mistakes over and over. Not owning up to your own problems and blaming others is something that a lot of people do. There are also people in this world that rely on others to save them and solve all your problems. We all have flaws and this drama highlights both the good and bad parts of each character. Yes, there are times when one of them is being annoying, but instead of being impatient about their progress in learning their lesson, I am enjoying the journey that this drama takes us on and come away with so much more than I usually do with any other drama.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. absolutely agree! It’s one of those dramas that you have to watch with patient to enjoy the progress that these ladies go thru.


  2. I was so frustrated by Xiao Qiuying during these episodes. I gave her a pass last season because she is young and immature, but I can’t deal with her anymore. Half the time, I am just like “grow up and get it together”.

    Xiao Mei can be frustrating, but I understand where she is coming from. However, her desperation and constant pressure on Bai Quan can get tiring. He loves her a lot, I don’t think anyone else could put up with it. But she is a very real character.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree, Qiuying is annoying me more and more. It was hard watching her last season being so immature after her break up and its happening again this season.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. ahahah. I was frustrated with both of them at many points. But that’s also why I like this drama so much. The characters are so realistic and relatable. They all have flaws that they need to work on. They slowly work it out while others learn to slowly accept them for the way they are. It’s not like some dramas where the main character had a life changing event and then he/she just change personality overnight.


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