[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 44-46

Princess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 67 (for the TV version).

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Episode 44

A Chu sees Liang scholar captured as a slave again. She goes to buy him but the slave trader hiked up the price. She doesn’t want to pay and decides to rob him to rescue Liang scholar instead. They hide out in an abandoned temple but the guards find her easily. During the fight, flying arrows stab A Chu in the chest while she was proctecting Liang scholar. He carries her to escape. At a safe distant, she chases him again. After he left, the slave trader and his guards appear.

Yan Xun comes to visit Feng Mian who reports to him the development in the city of Xian Yan. Under Mr. Wu’s guidance, Liu Yi, a loyalist of Yan Bei, became a business leader in Xian Yan business coalition that fund Yan Bei. Feng explains that the growth of the coalition made many people greedy and stopped financing Yan Bei. Now both Yan Xun and Yuwen Yue are looking for account book from this business coalition.

A Chu and Liang are being sold as slaves by the slave trader. In the cage, Liang gives A Chu an account book for keepsake. A Chu is severely injured because of the arrow still in her chest. The slave trader sends her back into the tent for treatment. At the same time, Yuwen Yue is walking the city. He sees the side profile of A Chu and rushes to ask the slave trader but could not find her. He leaves after buying all the other slave. On the second round, a man comes by to buy A Chu and Liang scholar. Not long after Yuwen Yue  receives news about the sword that belongs to Xing Er. He realizes that she must have been injured and rushes back to the slave trade to look for A Chu. He asks the slave trader and the slave trader tells him that she was sold to a man who left the city. Yuwen Yue chases after her without much luck.

A Chu wakes up on a ship. Liang tells her that they were bought by a master and he hired a doctor to care for her injury. Seeing the medicine, A Chu walks out from the ship and sees a man in wheel chair. She asks him for his motive in buy her. He tells her that it is on the request of Xiao Ce that he rescues her. Once the boat docks, they are free to leave. A Chu parts way with Liang. But she realizes that she still have his account book and goes back to look for him. She finds him being captured by guards who are looking for the account book too.

A Chu sneaks into the manor where Liang was taken too. She knocked out the one of the dancing slaves. Unexpected, Yuwen Yue also arrives at the manor for a hot spring bath. He enters the room that the dancing slave was suppose to serve him. A Chu was trying to sneak out when Yuwen Yue asks her to massage him. She walks towards him and gives him a massage. Mid-way, she pulls out a knife and tries to stab him but he quickly blocks her and the two battles. He pulls off her shirt and underwear in the process. She grabs a cloth and wraps herself before they continue. Yue Qi hears the noise and rushes in to “rescue” Yuwen Yue. Yuwen Yue quickly covers A Chu up and shoos Yue Qi away. Yue Qi and the guards discuss that their master is no longer a monk. (LOL!! YWY’s guards are too funny). Yuwen Yue grabs A Chu when she was trying to leave. Wei Shuye also arrives at the city under the order of the princess to kill A Chu.

Episode 45

A Chu stays the night in Yuwen Yue’s room until the next morning when Wei Shuye visits. Wei Shuye suspects that the woman in Yuwen Yue’s room is A Chu. He tells him to bring her to the party with him. Yuwen Yue agrees. After Wei Shuye leaves, Yuwen Yue tells A Chu to dress up and come with him to the party.

A Chu dresses up in all pink with make-up on. Yuwen Yue compliments her and then put a cover-up over her head to cover her face completely. Because she can’t see where she’s going, he uses this opportunity to grab her hand and leads the way. At the party, the guards bring the captive Liang to Wei Shuye. He was about to go and lift the veil on A Chu’s head away when Yuwen Yue steps in to stop him. Before he can argue, a guard reports that Liang was rescued by some mysterious people.

A Chu heads out by herself to rescue Liang. She knocks out the guards and take Liang with her. She tells Liang to go first and lure the rest of the guards toward her. She drops the account out and heads back to pick up it. Chen Yuan is charging at her at the same time. She knocks him down but leaves the account book in the process and ride away.

A Chu rides into the dark and Yuwen Yue follows after her. He tells her that the horse she stole from belongs to Wei Shuye. A Chu leaves the horse and rides with Yuwen Yue. They stop and hide out. Wei Shuye chases pass them. Not long after, 3 assassins hired by consort Lan come to kill Chu Qiao. Yuwen Yue gives her her sword and the two go out to face the assassins. Yuwen Yue knocks down the leader and in a last desperate act, she flings poison needles at him. A Chu sees the attack and dives to block the needles from reaching Yuwen Yue.

On the other side, general Chen returns with the account book for Yan Xun. With the account book in hand, Yan Xun makes plan to control the Xian Yan business coalition. He puts general Chen in charge. General Chen arrives at the business meeting unannouced with Feng Mian. The business coalition was against him at first but general Chen brutally stabs Mr. Yu in the hand and kills him in one swift move. After seeing that, all the business leaders eagerly opt to support Yan Bei financially. Along with Feng Mian, general Chen reveals that the business leaders will be kills either by the Wei or by him. They are useless now. The massacre of the business leaders and their family began. The only survivor is the young son of Mr. Yu.

Yuwen Yue realizes that the needles are poisonous and carries A Chu away for help. They hide out with a group of people heading to Da Liang, as a married couple. A Chu’s poison is suppressed for now but they still need to find antidote for it. A Chu teases Yuwen Yue about eating rough food but he tells her that he has changed in the past 3 years. After seeing the deaths in battle, he finally understood the hierarchy that she firmly fights against to cherish her life and the life that was deemed worthless.

Episode 46

A Chu is surprised by his response but the attention quickly shifts toward a young girl hiding  under a horse carriage. They walk toward her and ask what is she doing here. She tells them that she’s hiding out here with her brother. The brother appears behind a bush. Yuwen Yue quickly catches that the little boy is wearing very high class silk clothing while the girl is in rough fabric. The little girl explains that the boy is the sole survivor of Mr. Yu’s family. She took him in since he has nowhere else to go but her family doesn’t want to burden the son therefore she settled him at the back carriage. A Chu promises to take care of him and ushers her to go home first.

That night, A Chu puts little Mo Er to bed in the middle between her and Yuwen Yue. (Such a cute family picture XD). She accidently grabs Yuwen Yue’s hand when she was trying to reach for the blanket. They hears noise outside and runs to see what is going on. A Chu rushes to the scene with Yuwen Yue and a Mo following behind. By the time they got there, it was too late. Yuwen Yue finds the little girl buried under a heap of dirt. Masked men on horse are all heading toward a direction. A Chu and Yuwen Yue catches one and ask him for their motive and he reveals that they are assigned to kill the little girl’s family under Yan Bei’s order.

A Chu leaves to get revenge for the little girl and Yuwen Yue and Mo Er follow. They enter the enemy’s camp and kill off people to avenge thinking the that master mind is Liu Xi. A Chu yells for Liu Xi to come out but Yan Xun, disguised as Liu Xi, recognizes her voice. Yuwen Yue and A Chu is surrounded but Yan Xun chooses to let them go. He doesn’t want to face A Chu after all the killing he has done. The three hide out at a cave. Yuwen Yue leaves to get food. A Chu tugs Mo Er in and tells him that she has to go and save her friend before he does any more bad things. By the time Yuwen Yue returns, A Chu is already gone.

A Chu goes to visit Xing Xing’s grave first but unfortunately bump into Wei Shuye. Surrounded, she shoots at him and jumps off the cliff. Hang by a string, Wei Shuye attacks her until she falls. When she falls, a mysterious horse carriage opens up and catches her. The master of the carriage is Xiao Ce.

Wei Shuye tells Yuwen Yue that his and A Chu’s status is different and that A Chu fell off the cliff and died already. In his study, Yuwen Yue receives an arrow message from Xiao Ce regarding A Chu’s whereabout. He rushes to Xiao Ce’s place and finds A Chu still weak and injured. She wakes up for no more than 10 seconds and then fainted.  Xiao Ce pulls him aside and tell him that A Chu is poisoned and is most likely assassins from Wang Sheng Yin, a mysterious assassin organization. The poison is too complicated for them to make an antidote. Without it, A Chu doesn’t have much longer to live.

Chexmix: Cute interactions between Yuwen Yue and A Chu.  XD I like that they’re slowly establishing their relationship as man and woman instead of master and slave. Last episode is going to air August 1st!! Can’t wait to see how are they gonna wrap this up. I feel like Chu Qiao is slowly losing her goal in this drama. I hope they will slowly bring her character back to the purpose to fighting against the power and freeing the slaves.


13 thoughts on “[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 44-46

  1. I actually think she is finding her goals again. She lost her goals when she went with YX, she started dedicating herself to helping him achieve his goal of escaping. Now that she is free of everyone else expectations, she has time to think about what she really wants. Like saving the army, taking YS/CE back to the city, and saving that scholar. They were not the smart choice or the choice that helped YX, but it was what she felt she needed to do. I think she has been thinking a lot about what she needs to do. Like when she tells Moer that if he does something bad in the future, she understands but she still has to stop him. She is talking about YX, I think she is starting to see that their goals are not the same.

    I liked these episodes a lot. YWY and XE are so funny and adorable together. I think they were finally able to have an honest conversation when they were eating bread. No more pretending for either of them. They were being themselves and sharing their honest thoughts. She was herself in making fun of him and enjoying herself. There were a lot of moments where you could tell she cares for him. I don’t know if romantically, but she cares. When they were fighting the spies she seemed more worried about him than herself, but YWY is an expert fighter. I am looking forward to today’s episode :DDD

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    1. Yea. Today’s episodes seems like she’s finally realizes that what is worth her protection.
      Love the eating bread scene! Especially when she smiles after teasing him. hahah They definitely can be more honest with each other now. Hence YWY’s confession XD!

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  2. Finally caught up to ep 46 and my thoughts:-

    1. I think CQ was kinda sold on the idea of Yanbei being the land of the free and the brave as a contrast to Wei where the strong reigns supreme and the weak/downtrodden are enslaved. Bear in mind that this is right after she thinks that she discovers YWY was just using her so with her memory loss, she has nowhere to go and Yanbei becomes the promised land. Seems like she equated escaping Wei to go to Yanbei (and being an enemy of Wei) as her lifegoal especially since her roots are meant to be there based on her mum’s heirloom.

    2. I like that both YWY and CQ are their own persons even when navigating the treacherous realms of romance, relationship and survival in these uncertain times. YWY’s declaration is muted, well thought out and sardonic, consistent with his character (until he realised what a dummy he was without being obvious as XC insolently questioned him as to what right he has to thank him on behalf of CQ) and CQ’s own way of showing him that she is not YX (which is all she can offer now) is by obviously caring for him (darting ahead to take the poison needle for him is totally unnecessary – he is actually a better fighter than her – but totally reactionary driven by her subconscious) and that conversation where they were obviously mirroring Xing Xing’s relationship with Mo Er with her relationship with YX – her retort that familial bond can be forged despite the difference in classes is all the more revealing in that its familial rather than romantic). Agree with @fireflymaoh that I too love their conversation while eating bread – the genuineness in that repartee made it non-cheesy as it was devoid of majestic declarations but rather consisted of heartfelt coming together of minds. Even the fact that he named her Xing Er was because her eyes reminded him of stars was because it was bright and brimming with life and possibiities as opposed to sparklingly beautiful as that would have ruined the thoughtfulness of it. Anyone thinks that he just wanted to see CQ dolled up for once as he knew she was ultimately going to be hidden under the veil for that meet-up anyways! 🙂

    3. Oh the destruction we leave in our wake in our quest for power. Oh YX, our Darth Vader – once darkness sets inside you, it corrupts you from within.. 😦 It truly is that when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. While I do not advocate that one should just accept the indignities /cruelties inflicted upon you without retaliating/reclaiming what is once yours – where does it stop? How long can one justify the cruelty dealt upon others because it was once inflicted upon you? There is no easy answer and CQ is learning that as she sees more of the world (not just confined to YX’s house arrest for 3 years or prior to that, Green Hill Court gilded cage) – does Mo Er harbour hatred for his entire life and let that consume him in his quest for revenge or lives his own life while remembering the slain.

    4. I can understand why CQ felt that she had to return to Yanbei to help YX – if nothing else, to help prevent more unnecessary bloodshed. Between him and YWY, the latter is definitely more level headed and even without her, will be able to make it through. Her hesitance to go further down that road with YWY is understandable particuarly since he is still a Wei General and she is a wanted rebel criminal. I read some comments that she comes off unfeeling and cold to YWY but I do not think so – its in all the little things she say, does and act around him but if she doesnt hold back a little bit for herself and starts mooning over him, how would she be able to defend herself while fighting her way back to Yanbei.

    5. Love that the Yue Guards loyalty are to YWY (even if YQ thinks YWY should stay away for CQ, he still goes with him to WSY and XC to find CQ). The same applies too for YX’s loyal followers but Darth Vader stands alone and commands the Stormtroopers without having a confidante – that I feel is YX’s beginning to the end when he starts to disregard the good advice around him (even that of CQ eventually). This is why I feel that despite YX undergoing such a traumatic event, he hasnt matured – it has hardened him but he is essentially still an entitled brat who doesnt value Life as he proclaims he does (except for the ones that he loves – like CQ) and everyone’s else’s pain and suffering doesnt compare to his.

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    1. Very well written, loved your points. I love how the dynamics of their relationship has evolved. Just hope they are not apart for too long this time.

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  3. You know…there are flaws to the drama (practically every drama), but the acting and chemistry make up for it. I just need a good ending here.

    I’m pulling through considering how Hunan and the production team butchered the drama. Crappy air time and sloppy editing? Jeez.


  4. Thanks for the recap. Love all of your comments guys. I totally agree. I love how cq is very strong and has never forgotten her dreams .


  5. The more cq is away from yx, the more it is too late to redeem him..by the time she gets back to his side, it is already too late


  6. In the latest ep, cq calling for yx using the flute breaks my heart..yx gave her that flute and he used it twice before to call for her back in chang an and now she’s doing it for him to come back to yanbei


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