[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 5-8



Princess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 68

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Episode 5


When Xiao Liu aimed for his throat, it seems as if she wanted to kill him but doesn’t, and helps him shave instead. Yuwen Yue ask her why she didn’t kill him, and if she forgot that he was the one who killed her brother. He then tells her to follow him to the window and she sees her two sisters outside. He tells her you can stop worrying now and she thanks him. After that he gives her a new name, Xinger.


The next morning Xinger wakes up and sees Yuwen Yue next to her and screams. He asks her why shes screaming when she was the one who begged him to serve him. He then shows her a few moves saying that whoever serves him needs to know martial arts. As he shows her, she attacks him mid way and she ends up being stranggled by him in bed. At the same time, Jin Zhu walked in carrying food for them and sees that he is holding her.


The next scene shows princess Chuner coming out dressed like a man. She tries to grab Yan Xun’s attention but he ends up leaving and telling her hes going to feed a cat (Xinger). Yan Xun finds Xinger by the river washing bedsheets and starts talking to her. But everything that comes out of his mouth irritates Xinger to the point where she wants to beat him up. He then follows her back, but tells her to help him hold his horse.


Back at the manor, Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba are bullied by the other servants lead by Jin Zhu. Jin Zhu takes a pot of honey and spits in it and tries to feed it to Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba when Xinger throws a rock at Jin Xhu and she eats the honey instead. Jin Zhu gets angry and tells the other servants to attack Xinger. Then Jin Zhu starts attacking Xinger once she saw how Xinger beatup the other servants. The two start fighting, which ended with Xinger pushing Jin Zhu to the sheets covered with bugs that she did earlier. Angry that she was defeated, Jin Xhu throws three needles at Xinger but Yuwen Yue comes and kicks it out of the way and slaps Xinger. Yuwen Yue then uses punishment as an excuse to train Xinger.


Episode 6


Yan Xun burst into Yuwen Yue’s bedroom and the two start fighting until Yue Qi tells him its been 6 hours. Yuwen Yue then goes to check on Xinger who passed the 7th trap. He then opens the 8th trap and tells her if she can’t pass it then she won’t be able to sleep until late night. When Xinger finally finishes, she is carried to her shared bedroom with the other maids.


The following day Xinger continues to train. When she fell, she saw three rocks on the ground and a image of her younger self training came to mind. She then uses the same techneique to pass the 8th trap. At the same time she uses the rocks to close all the traps and claims that she is finished. Yue Qi then says that it took him a year to master it, while she only took one day. Yuwen Yue tells her she will continue to be punished because she cheated.


Her next “punishment” is standing on poles for a few hours. In between Yuwen Yue used a red date to knock her down and she complains it was his fault. He then shows her a few tricks, but she faints half way through.


Jin Zhu meets up with butler Zhu to tell him that Yuwen Yue is secretly training Xinger and using punishment as an excuse. Jin Zhu then goes to test Xinger’s skills, which she ends up being tied up like a puppet.


The servants all gather in one place and Yuwen Yue replaces Xinger’s bronze bell for a silver one. (Which he made himself) The bell symbolizes your status as a servant, silver being higher than bronze. Yue Qi then tells Jin Xhu to move out of her room so Xinger can move in. He also tells the servants that only silver bells can clean Yuwen Yue’s study room and only Xinger can enter his bedroom.


Yan Xun tries to bribe Yuwen Yue to go to a party and to bring Xinger along, but failed. Yuwen Yue then goes to see Xinger’s progress, which Yan Xun follows. Yue Qi states that its impossible how much progress Xinger is making. After training Xinger enters Yuwen Yue’s bedroom carrying a vase of flower. He throws a rock at her and the vase slips out of her hand, she catches the vase before it falls but water drops splashed on Yuwen Yue’s clothes and he tells her to whip it off.

Episode 7


Yuwen Yue, Yan Xun, Zhao Xifeng, Yuan Song, and Wei are asked to go to the palace while they were out playing. The five are told of the good news that Yan Xun’s family defeated Rouran. The king then asked to meet Yuwen Yue alone, to ask him to sent out his Eyes of God to check if his suspicions of the Yan family are true. As Yuwen Yue leaves he sees Yuwen Huai, at the same time the imperial decree arrived giving Yuwen Yue commander of the guards temporarily, and Yuwen Huai, a secret decree.


Back at Yuwen Huai’s manor, he is talking to Yuwen Xi about a plan to kill Yuwen Yue. Yuwen Xi brings up the Afterlife Camp, a group of cold and ruthless assassins, and tells Yuwen Huai to get them to kill Yuwen Yue.


Xinger is making tea for Yuwen Yue, but no matter how many times she makes the tea, its never right. Yuwen Yue then tells her a story, teaching her what people want you to see may not always be the truth. Yuwen Yue then goes to the training ground and shoot arrows. At the same time Xinger saw the ice arrow he used and remembered that it was the same arrow that saved her in the dessert. Xinger asked Yuwen Yue if it was him, but he just walked away.


The following night Yuwen Huai carries out his plan to assassinate Yuwen Yue with the Afterlife Camp. Since Yuwen Yue suffers from congenital typhoid, he is at his weakest during this time around. At the same time Jin Zhu tries to scapegoat Xinger by giving her a kind of treasure (Snow Jade Dog ) that can trigger Yuwen Yue’s typhoid. No one is allowed to go into Yuwen Yue’s room so Xinger stands outside holding the Snow Jade Dog. While she is holding it, the Snow Jade Dog is doing damage to her and due to this she gets flashbacks of training when she was younger.


At the same time the Afterlife Camp is attacking the manor and snakes enter Yuwen Yue’s room. He tries to kill the snakes but he is too weak. Xinger wakes up from her flashbacks when she hears the bird calling her and barge into the room. At this time the Afterlife Camp surrounds Yuwen Yue’s room but was flinged back by Xinger’s inner power.


Xinger remembers how Yuwen Yue killed her brother and walks towards him. She takes his hand and takes the sword out of his hand and was about to attack him, but kills the snake instead. Afterwards she collapse, slashes Yuwen Yue’s wrist and starts chasing off the snakes with a candle. Yue Qi arrives just in time and kills off the rest of the snakes. Yuwen Yue then heals Xinger with his inner power, and she falls on him afterwards.


The doctor comes and examines Yuwen Yue, and tells him to get rid of the Snow Jade Dog because its harming him. Yuwen Yue then asks the doctor to take a look at Xinger, but he refused saying that hes a noble and shes a slave. Yuwen Yue then threatens him with his power and he is forced to examine Xinger. The doctor tell Yuwen Yue that Xinger has a great inner power hidden in her and when triggered she won’t be able to control it like right now. If untreated she will die within 12 hours.


Episode 8


The doctor tells Yuwen Yue that inorder to heal her he needs someone with cold inner power to help her defend the fire that burns in her heart. The doctor then leaves after he swears not to tell anyone about what happened tonight. Yuwen Yue then takes Xinger to a secret place to heal her with the Snow Jade Dog and tells Yue Qi to push off his duty as the commander. Yue Qi tries to stop him from healing Xinger because it can injure him, but failed.


Yuwen Huai finds the doctor after he leaves and forces him to tell him what happened. The doctor refuses and is stabbed on the knee, he then tells them what happens to Yuwen Yue and kept Xinger a secret. Afterwards Yuwen Huai kills the doctor telling him he is useless now.


As Yuwen Yue heals Xinger, she get flashbacks of someone transfering inner power to her. As Xinger is healed Yuwen Yue spits out blood and tells Yue Qi he is temporarily blind. Yue Qi askes him why he is doing all this for a maid, and Yuwen Yue tells him he is trying to use Xinger and Jin Zhu to find out who is behind everything. Meanwhile Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba are locked up together and Xiao Ba confesses that she was the one who put the snakes there. Xiao Qi then tells her to push all the blame to Xinger because they are not blood related.


The following day Jin Zhu, Xinger, Xiao Qi and Xiao Ba are interrogated. Jin Zhu tries to scapegoat Xinger by saying she was the one who put the snakes in the room. Xiao Ba then confesses saying it was her, but was slapped by Xinger saying how can she take the blame when she didn’t do it. Jin Zhu then states that she saw Xiao Ba suspiciously looking around. Xinger makes up a story saying Xiao Ba was just looking for a handkerchief, the only thing left behind by their mother. (Yuwen Yue had the handkerchief in her hand while she was talking and secretly hide it in his sleeve)


Xinger then began to question Jin Zhu why there were certain flowers in Yuwen Yue’s room that wasn’t there before. The flowers attract insects and snakes and Jin Zhu tries to refute but instead reveals that she knew what the flowers can do. Xinger then reveals that Jin Zhu has been recieving bribes from the other servants meaning that she is greedy and can be easily influenced by money, therefore she gave her the Snow Jade Dog to harm Yuwen Yue. Jin Zhu claims that she doesn’t know what the Snow Jade Dog is but when Xinger goes to pick it up she pushes her and states that Xinger is trying to harm Yuwen Yue with it, revealing that she knows what the Snow Jade Dog can do. Yuwen Yue tells Xinger to whip Jin Zhu but she refuses saying its cruel.


Jin Zhu, wanting to flip the case sneaks into Xinger’s room to put a pot of snake. The next morning she takes the other maids with her to try and search for the snakes, but didn’t find them. Later on she catches Xiao Ba with the same pot and thought it was the snake so she chased her. Instead of the snakes, it was a pot of honey. Next Jin Zhu finds Xinger by the cliff with a pot. Just at this time butler Zhu comes running their direction and Jin Zhu tries to snatch the pot. Xinger gives her the pot and falls down the cliff.


iiAngelx3 – A lot of things happened in the four episodes. Yuwen Yue starts training Xinger and Yuwen Huai tries to assasinate Yuwen Yue but failed.  There were also many action scenes, everytime ZLY fights my eyes are glued to her. <33 Also I’m loving how Yuwen Yue cares for Xinger but doesn’t show it, especially that part where he is holding her hankerchief with a pokerface.

My first time writing a recap, hopefully it isn’t too long ><.



31 thoughts on “[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 5-8

  1. Thanks for the recap! Time to spazz. I really enjoyed these last episodes. I am deep in the Yuwen Yue/XingEr ship. I have a thing for characters like Yuwen Yue so this is right down my alley. Everyone is doing a great job acting wise and the story is moving along at a good pace. There are a lot of things going on so time just flies while watching the show.

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  2. Thanks for taking the time to recap these episodes – I’ll be looking forward to the next couple of episodes! I must confess, I’m on the Shawn Dou side . . .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I rewatched the hanky scene in ep6 and actually it’s not her handkerchief but his. That’s why he keeps it close to him – I was mistaken! But what is more important is that he knew she was lying when she said she came in to look for her heirloom handkerchief when she was cross examined. So he accepted the way she defended herself (that was his intention anyways because he wanted to see how she would react in such situations when she became a spy) but he hinted to her subsequently when she brought in flowers to his room that she is not that much smarter than Jin Zhu and to be careful not to be caught red handed by him. Why he clutched the hanky was more that he recognized she was lying and probably because it was the first time a lady touched his personal item and he was okay with it I.e. Not toss it away as surely he could afford more than one hanky!

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    1. Thanks for explaining! In ep 6 She did pick up the handkerchief from his table so it wasn’t hers but his.. that got me confused as to why he didn’t call out her lie during the interrogation, and why he clutched it as if it was something precious from her. What you’re saying makes more sense!


    2. I rewatched that episode and I noticed that the handkerchief was there when she came in, but I didn’t know if he realized it or not. I guess he did.
      I am honestly really liking LGX’s acting so far. I also noticed when he made her his personal maid, he paused for a moment and there was the slightest smile on his lips.
      I missed over-analyzing dramas with you 😛


      1. Yes I noticed that slight smile too! I was wondering if he would and he did – and just the right amount! I am glad in a way that it was his hanky and not hers so he is not that sappy – he did after all use his temporary blindness most beneficially to ward off the king’s intention for him to be his henchman. I like my heroes not too sappy and still savvy smart! Yes, it has been a while since we spazzed !!! 🙂 also love what that concubine told the king – total Inception !! LOL


        1. lol she was playing her cards right. Now it makes sense that in that scene I wasnt sure if he was a bit angry when holding onto the handkerchief. He probably was that she was lying to him.
          Yuwen Yue seems very practical but I do think he is kind of soft on the inside. Just how he keeps that toy from his brother, etc.


    3. I agreed that he knew she was lying when talking about her “heirloom” but I think he clutched the handkerchief because what she said stirred up some emotions in him as he is reminded of the wiping scene. That’s why he immediately put it away when Yue Qi said that she’s using the emotion card well. What Yue Qi said probably reminded him that he can’t have any emotion for her and that she probably does not have the same thoughts as him regarding the wiping scene.
      Lol! Or we’re just over analyzing a simple handkerchief. hahahah

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I don’t think we are over analyzing at all !! LOL – it’s an important scene as it’s the first time he acknowledged that she wasn’t just an object (when she was wiping his shirt). I agree that when he clutched the hanky during her testimony it reminded him of how he felt and that she didn’t feel the same thing. What was telling is that he didn’t throw it away! He must have more than one !! 🙂


  4. It was worth watching. My eyes are glued to every scene. The actress and actors are great. Am hoping that it will not fail my satisfaction till the next episode to its ending. More episodes to go. Enjoy watching. 🙂

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    1. I think someone already answered this in the PA’s thread but we assume it’s the production since it comes out quite fast. Usually fan subs take a while, so hopefully that answer your question 🙂


  5. Couldn’t resist and watched today’s episodes raw. I’m happy that eng subs come faster than most Chinese dramas so not complaining, haha.
    Both guys have cute scenes today with our leading lady but still YueXing shipper all the way.

    I love how YuwenYue’s exterior is cracking…There’s a lot of cute scenes today but my favorite has to be when another guy compliments XingEr and give her the rock candy and Mr.Serious throws to the ground. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Watching the subbed version for full understanding LOL so not up to here yet (ep10) but notwithstanding how much I emphatise with YWY, I like that XingEr is not head over heels in love with him. It makes sense as to why he finds her interesting (I think at this stage he is not in love with her but finds himself taken aback that he cares for her more than an asset) but it’s also understandable that she is wary of him. He is her master (not shifu) and any relationship with him is not going to be smooth sailing with her slave status. I thought it was good that XingEr did not immediately jump to conclusion that he abandoned her but tried to find out if that was the case (which shows she does trust him to a certain extent) and is comfortable enough to talk back to him (under her breath!) and be playful enough – if she was completely unmoved by him, she would just shut down and be dismissive (kinda how she treats Yan Xun and the prince) – I think ZLY interpretation is spot on : he is getting under her skin and she is responding in her own way (as an amnesiac hired killer / fighter) but unconsciously although still not yet to the point of being romantically interested in him considering their status. Any half intelligent person would know that falling for your master is bad news all round – even if reciprocates, you are more than likely to be a plaything as he can’t marry you – so one should only allow oneself to have romantic attachments if one knows the other person is totally into you.

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        1. I havent figure her out yet. I have a better understanding of Yuwen Yue. XingEr is hard bc she fakes a lot of her emotions, so it is hard to tell how she really feels. I do think there is some sort of attraction, but she might not even know that is there. But from recent episodes, you can feel that sometimes she stares at him. However, she is still very much in control. Unlike Yuwen Yue who is very soft and lenient towards her.


          1. Xing Er gives me slightly similar vibes to Yan Zhi (Rookie Agent Rouge) in that she tests her boundaries with Yu Wen Yue (not as much as Yan Zhu tests Song Msian because the former was not in a master-slave position!) but in doing so while it’s for self preservation it is also that she is unconsciously comfortable with him and inherently trusts him (one doesn’t do that blindly if you don’t even have some conviction that it wouldn’t backfire ) that he wouldn’t harm her. The way zLy interpretes it doesn’t give me the vibe she is purely using him although there is certainly that element. Kinda benign cat-and-mouse !


            1. XingEr does remind me of Yanzhi at times. I think when she is acting over-confident or arrogant.
              I feel like YWY and XE are in a constant dance. They dance when training and they dance around their feelings of attraction.


      2. I actually like the face-off scene between YWY and YWH where he acknowledges that he doesn’t like people taking his things or touching his people (and quite clearly meant to be “my woman” as opposed to “my chattel of slave”). Love how he sidestepped both the prince and Yan Xun when it came to Xing Er without coming off like a possessive boot but in such a calm, matter of fact way. I also like that YWY, while piqued by XingEr is not a fool in love and is fully aware of her machinations and treats that as training for a spy and is keenly interested in harnessing her inner power for his use – that makes his character more multi faceted, realistic and interesting


        1. I like his character a lot. Lin GengXin is doing a great job. Yuwen Yue is a very complex/interesting character. I will wait for you to catch up, but there was a lot more insights into his character in the recent episodes. ^^


  6. thank you so much for the recap… I am totally into Yuwen Yu and desperately hoping they will end up together in the end.. from the synopsis and her current feeling, I can foresee Yuwen Yu secretly hurting in the future so I hope the ending will be satisfactory…. hope you will continue to do the recap..

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