[Thread] The Eternal Love

Basking in the popularity of Princess Agents and YueQi, this web drama is getting a lot of buzz. It already has over 1 billion views on Tencent. 

Title: The Eternal Love

Episode Count: 24

Airing: Tencent

Douban: 7.0

Where can you watch it: Youtube (raw/Eng/Thai sub)| Viki (Eng Subs)



Qu Tan Er tries to commit suicide because she doesn’t want to marry Mo Lian Cheng (8th Prince) but doesn’t succeed. She wakes up with another person consciousness, Xiao Tan, inside her body. Xiao Tan is from the modern world and just wants to go back to the present time. But as much as she tries to achieve this, she fails.

Two people living in one body, but each has a different personality. Qu Tan Er/Xiao Tan is forced to marry Mo Lian Cheng. While Xiao Tan finds herself attracted to Mo Lian Cheng, Qu Tan Er is in love with Mo Lian Cheng’s greedy brother Mo Yi Huai. Mo Lian Cheng is suspicious of Qu Tan Er, but he ends up falling for one of her personalities, Xiao Tan. 

The drama is adapted from the novel, Pampered Consort: Lord, I Will Wait for Your Divorce.

Liang Jie as Qu Tan Er/Xiao Tan

Xing Zhaolin as Mo Lian Cheng

Wang Ruichang as Mo Yi Huai


Intro Song:

Xing Zhaolin is probably getting the most attention out of the Princess Agent’s supporting cast since he played one of the most liked characters, Yue Qi. And it is showing with the buzz around this web drama.

I have only seen the first four episodes and I like it so far. It is a bit crazy in a Go Princess Go fashion but not as crazy or funny. They both have the time traveling aspect and the leading lady is bit eccentric. The drama has a lot of kisses and flirting between the leads. If you are looking for a light historical romance that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then this is it. I think this could be the dark horse of the Summer.


21 thoughts on “[Thread] The Eternal Love


    When first ep came out I was a bit skeptical but omg IT’S SO GOOD. Am up to date (ep 12) and I think I’m in love *___*

    It’s totally rising in terms of popularity and I think it’s because:
    1. Yue Qi. His role in PA defo gained exposure for the Eternal Love
    2. The lead girl MC ain’t a damsel (cept during certain situations …)
    3. It’s not draggy. Understandings are quickly cleared up
    4. The lead guy MC is so swoon-worthy. <33
    5. So many romantic scenes

    I love it so much that I bought the novel luls. Only 24 eps though, think imma cry when it's over ;w;

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  2. This is pretty flirty for a Chinese drama! I like the look in the heroine’s eye when she sees whose she’s married too! Oh, course, that’s only one personality.


  3. It felt so much like a Go Princess Go knockoff after watching the first episode that I didn’t really feel like continuing.


    1. yeah, it gave me a lot of Go Princess Go vibes. I think they were trying to copy its format, plus the original story is also similar. I am hoping it is just as good but with a better ending.


  4. Good thing viki got the licence for this (as well as first half of my life, which has a extremely misleading name), i thought they have given up getting new c-drama.


    1. Viki has been getting bad cdramas this year. This is probably their first decent license in months.
      I didn’t know about First Half of my life. It fits with Viki getting a lot of modern cdramas lately. But that drama doesnt appeal to me since the synopsis sounds morally wrong. It is doing great in China.


      1. My mom is watching that drama, and I have caught a few episodes last weekend. It’s basically a marriage/divorce centered drama aimed at older audiences similar to A Chinese Divorce, A New Age of Marriage etc.


        1. I just have an issue with her falling in love with her best friend’s 10 year boyfriend. Doesn’t sit well with me.


      2. I had some qualms about the plot of First Half of My Life too. I felt really uncomfortable about the idea of the main character falling in love with her best friend’s boyfriend… I’m sure it happens in real life, but it felt really wrong and I wasn’t sure how the drama would be able to sell that ship. However, I started watching because I was bored one day and was pleasantly surprised. They do a fantastic job with the story and characters – each character is acted beautifully and hard not to sympathize with, even the ones who would typically be typecast as the “villain”. And the story never felt too overdramatic to me (my main annoyance about the majority Asian dramas lol), even though it could have easily gone that direction. I’ve only watched about half the episodes but so far, I highly recommend it!


        1. I actually dont like this type of subjects, but I can deal with it as long as it is not the main focus. In this case, it seems like this is a big part of the plot so that is too much for me.
          Stuff like this probably happens in real life. I have seen people marry their ex-wife’s sister which is another level. It just makes you feel bad watching it, at least to me. It doesn’t sit well with me so I would rather skip it on my free time.


          1. I understand. Everyone has their own preferences, haha. I was just trying to explain that, while 我的前半生 may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I think there’s a good reason for its popularity. Lately, I’ve seen some people complaining that Chinese audiences have poor judgment (not you, but I literally read an article saying that just a few days ago). But I think Chinese viewers actually made a good decision here because 我的前半生 is a well done, *nuanced* show – a rarity in Chinese TV imo. Again, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I personally enjoy it and I’m glad Viki is subbing it!


            1. Well, not everyone watches the same thing. So we can’t generalize. There are many popular shows that I could never get into. And there are some less known shows that I particularly enjoyed.
              This one in particular is pretty popular in China. I can’t see it but I couldnt see what was so attractive about Because of Meeting You, which I actually watched more episodes than I should hoping to find what others saw. Obviously, my taste in these cases is not the consensus.
              I feel like First Half of My Life would give me a similar feeling to this k-drama I saw, My wife is having an affair this weekend. A lot of people liked it for the story, how it challenge views, etc. However, I really disliked it because there were a lot of moments that felt morally wrong to me so it was hard to watch.


              1. In the beginning, it’s just about a person who felt in love with their childhood friend. And their childhood using her to gained the trown. But they are already dead at episode 19 – 20. At Episode 21 above they true story reveal and make it more and more interesting..


  5. It’s like GPG with its additive qualities toned down a lot. But not bad for a short light-hearted watch 🙂

    The maid Jing Xin reminds me of Mao Xiao Tong. Aside from her, the acting in this drama is very unpolished but still watchable.

    I love the intro song!


  6. Haha. This is a good break away from the long wait of Princess Agents. I am at episode 12 and they are pretty cute! They get together early on, so less angst unlike Go Princess Go. What is interesting is that the couple eventually time travel together? It is a bit of a riot. Hehe


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