Feature: Top 30 Celebrities with the Most Weibo Followers


1. Xie Na : 90,829,078 (MC)

2. He Jiong: 84,234,372 (MC)

3. Chen Kun: 81,135,016 (actor)

4. Angelababy : 80,927,510 (actress)

5. Yao Chen: 80,568,360 (actress)

6. Zhao Wei: 79,577,129 (actress)

7. Ruby Lin: 74,552,932 (actress)

8. Yang Mi: 71,682,152 (actress)

9. Guo Degang: 67,643,977 (comedian)

10. Jimmy Lin: 66,981,928 (actor/singer)


11. Zhang Xiaoxian: 64,434,261 (writer)

12. Tang Yan: 57,685,892 (actress)

13. Wen Zhang : 57,297,089 (actor)

13. Joe Chen: 57,137,259 (actress)

14. Wang Lihong: 56,834,485 (singer/actor)

15. Deng Chao: 56,883,422 (actor)

16. Fan BingBing: 56,657,624 (actress) 

17. Jia Nailiang: 56,447,681 (actor)

18. Kevin Chou: 55,480,783 (celebrity makeup artist)

19. Hu Ge: 55,369,773 (actor)

20. Liu Ye: 52,411,444 (actor)

21. Huang Xiaoming: 52,289,749 (actor)

22. Liu Yifei: 50,815,107 (actress)

23. Su Qin (苏芩): 50,176,675 (writer)

24. Han Geng: 49,540,058 (singer/actor)

25. Luo Zhixiang: 49,293,621 (singer)

26. Gao Yuanyuan: 48,568,371 (actress) 

27. Fan Fan: 47,942,488 (singer)

28. Zhao Liying: 47,910,347 (actress)

29. Li Chen: 46,951,721 (actor)

30. Le Jia: 44,149,474 (MC/writer)


When will XieNa reach 100M?

I tried to only include celebrities related to the entertainment business. Let me know if I missed anyone.


21 thoughts on “Feature: Top 30 Celebrities with the Most Weibo Followers

    1. you can follow her if you get a weibo account. I only counted weibo followers since it is like Twitter or IG followers, just a rank of which celebrities have the most followers.


  1. Interesting after following most of these people online I guess someone miscalculated 😎like anything in life


  2. The last time I looked at the list, Chen Kun was no.1 I think — wow Xie Na, not a fav tv personality of mine but she’s popular on weibo


    1. yeah list is constantly changing. Some are gaining more followers that the rest so they move up on the list a lot.


  3. I’m surprised AB is that high.
    And as expected of the original pearl princess ZW and Ruby.
    Yangmi is catching up though


    1. Running Man made her much more popular. Variety shows are a driving force behind the popularity of a lot of celebrities.


  4. I knew XieNa has the most but 90M!!!? WOW!! That’s amazing. 0.0
    Liying is making her way up but I think because she’s so inactive on Weibo (compared to other celebrities) that it’s hard for her to gain followers.


    1. XieNa is the real weibo Queen.
      Liying is not that active but she is gaining a lot of followers. A year ago she had like 35M. She will probably pass 50M when Princess Agents airs.


      1. Heck yea!! Lots of fans are anticipating what she’s gonna post to celebrate 50M followers hahaha!
        OH I just saw news that PA might get pushed up to June!!!! SO excited for it!! =D =D =D


    1. ZLY won Queen of Weibo in 2016 and Fan BingBing won it in 2017. I think Kris Wu won it in 2016 with ZLY and he is in the ~20’s. It doesnt relate to having the most followers, although that helps. I know when ZLY won Queen of Weibo, she didnt even have 35M followers.


    1. Dont know tbh I am also unfamiliar with her. Wiki says she is China’s Angelina Jolie. I also read somewhere that she was one of the first ones to use weibo that is why she has so many followers.


    2. Yao Chen appears more in movies than in dramas. She used to top the Weibo rank and was even featured in Time magazine. I remember I was quite surprised that she surpassed more familiar names (including Fan Bingbing!) in terms of Weibo followers. According to the Time’s article, she’s famous for being frank, she engages her followers, etc., and she uses her popularity for social causes. She’s also quite active with the UN works (hence the moniker “Chinese Angelina Jolie”).


    3. Yao Chen got a Crystal Award from the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, for her years of refugee advocacy work as the official Chinese ambassador to the UNHCR. Then VP Biden plus a laundry-list of other world political, academic and business dignitaries were in attendance. Make no mistake about it, that is a **really** big deal!

      If you’d like to sample her acting talents, I recommend ‘Divorce Lawyers’. It’s a super-pleasant watch where she is totally charming and her on-screen chemistry with Wu Xiubo is so much fun to follow. If you try just a few episodes, you’re likely to be in full binge-watch mode! Fully sub-titled on YouTube as well.

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