Feature: Top 30 Celebrities with the Most Weibo Followers

I wanted to update my previous feature once Xie Na reached 100 million fans, but I was too busy when it happened. So here is my super late update on this feature. ^^

Everything stayed pretty much the same just some movement up and down the list. At the very top we still have Xie Na and He Jiong, hosts of Happy Camp. The top ten also remained unchanged, however there was some rearrangement as Yang Mi moved up probably due to the success of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

1. Xie Na: 102 millions (host)

2. He Jiong: 93.5 millions (host)

3. Angelababy: 85.9 millions (actress)

4. Chen Kun: 82.2 millions (actor)

5. Zhao Wei: 80.9 millions (actress)

6. Yang Mi: 80.4 millions (actress)

7. Yao Chen: 80.0 millions (actress)

8. Ruby Lin: 75.9 millions (actress)

9. Guo Degang: 68.1 millions (comedian)

10. Jimmy Lin: 67.7 millions (actor/singer)

11. Deng Chao: 66.8 millions (actor)

12. Zhang Xiaoxian: 64.3 millions (writer)

13. Jia Nailiang: 62.6 millions (actor)

14. Fan Bing Bing: 62.5 millions (actress)

15. Zhao Liying: 61.0  millions (actress)

16. Hu Ge: 60.9 millions (actor)

17. Joe Chen: 60.6 millions (actress)

18. Tang Yan: 60.5 millions (actress)

19. Wang Lihong: 59.1 millions (singer/actor)

20. Wen Zhang : 56.8 millions (actor)

21. Huang Xiao Ming: 56.3 millions (actor)

22. Liu Yifei: 55.2 millions (actress)

23. Kevin Chou: 54.6 millions (celebrity makeup artists)

24. Liu Ye: 53.3 millions (actor)

25. Li Chen: 53.2 M millions (actor)

26. Luo Zhi Xiang: 52.4 millions (singer)

27. Han Geng: 51.1 millions (singer/actor)

28. Su Qin (苏芩): 50.0 millions (writer)

29. Gao Yuan Yuan: 49.1 millions (actress)

30. Fan Fan: 47.8 millions (singer)

*As of June 2018*


I only included celebrities related to the entertainment business. I wasn’t sure if I should have included writers, but I decided to keep them since they are part of the entertainment business and it is pretty impressive that they’ve accumulated such a fanbase.

2 thoughts on “Feature: Top 30 Celebrities with the Most Weibo Followers

  1. I enjoyed reading the list above including the writers. It’s good to know weibo users read up on these writers. It’s good that writers also have fans. Do you know these writers? I’m not familiar with these two writers. Blush.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not really familiar with their work but they are pretty popular. I think their target audience is mainly women. Even popular writers are usually not really that active or as popular on weibo so it says a lot that some of them have so many fans. I mainly follow the light romcom writers, Gu Man probably being the most popular and she has around 3 million followers so nothing in comparison to these writers.

      I am glad that you liked that I included the writers. I was wondering if I should for a while since they are not really as “active” in the industry as other celebrities.


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