[Thread] Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy

Finally some news on this long awaited drama!!! Pretty stills PLUS an epic 7 minute trailer that makes you anticipate this drama even more!! 0.0 Enjoy! 

I won’t bet on this but there has been a lot of rumors that this drama will be out September! If so, 5 more months to go!! 


Title: Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy (海上牧云记)

Episodes: 80

Release date: September 2017 (tentative)


The series is set in the fictional world of Novoland and tells the story of loyalty, friendship, enmity and romance between the young descendants during the twilight years of the Duan Dynasty. The Novoland Duan Dynasty/Empire has been in existence for more than 200 years after it was established from a Barbarian invasion. The people adopted the culture of Zhongzhou and despite its outward appearance of power and prosperity, it is showing signs of decay.

One day, a wandering peddler brought a gem to the court of Duan, which in it held a world of its own. The peddler named it as one’s most valued object. No one took the offer but the young prince Muyun Sheng (Huang Xuan), who is born of a beautiful demon mother. He was prophesied to become the emperor and destroy the world. Because of this, he is not loved by the Emperor, and lives in seclusion and loneliness. While his brothers fight for the throne, the whimsical half-spirit prince spent his days seeking the mysteries of the gem.

Years later, when the emperor and his brothers died, the abandoned prince was pushed to the throne. Longing for the world of the gem and the woman he saw in it (Janice Man), he escapes the palace by blowing apart the barrier between it and the River Folks. Along with the palace, he left behind chaos and a country under attack on all sides. Leading the attack on land is Shuofeng Heye (Zhou Yiwei), a man who has tamed the wolves and seeks to unify the nomadic tribes and finally give them a home of their own.

And then there is Muru Hanjiang (Shawn Dou), the son of the exiled family of generals who were once equals with the Muyun’s. Returning from the land of giants to seek revenge for the betrayal by the Muyun family, he ends being an unlikely ally to the young Emperor against the new ruler, Muyun Sheng’s uncle (Wang Qianyuan).


Huang Xuan as  Muyun Sheng, the Sixth Prince who is half human half spirit. He lives in seclusion and loneliness because his mom who is a spirit. He is destined to be the future emperor.


Shawn Dou as Muru Hanjiang, the third son of the great general, Mu Ru-shan, who was abandoned on the street at birth. He has an aggressive personality.

Zhou Yi Wei as Shuofeng Heye, the heir of Northern Hanzhou Shuofeng clan.


Xu Lu as  Su Yuning, the prophesied future Queen and future wife of Myyung Sheng but she likes Muru Hanjiang.

Janice Man as Pan Xi, a spirit locked inside Muyun Sheng’s painting.

Zhang Jianing as Muyun Yanshuang, Princess Jing. Eager to win and competitive. She loves Muyun Han.


Added 4/4/2017



Added 4/4/2017

7 minute trailer

Added 1/9/2017

Long 6 minute trailer:

Short 1 minute trailer:

Theme song/music videos:


Filming period: August 20, 2015 to May 27, 2016.

Background of the film:

making of the film:

Interviews from some actors/actresses:

credit: (wiki, baidu)


18 thoughts on “[Thread] Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy

  1. perpetually waiting for this drama to air… Also i believe you missed the character documentary for Mu Yunshen/Huang Xuan.

    However, the 80 episode count does scare me a bit, the content from novel probably can fill 30 episodes, perhaps 40 at most; so this means more than half of the plotlines will be original creation from the script writers. While i’m not against adding or even altering the story, i just hope the added plot meaningfully pushes character development and the main plot rather than fillers that drags on and on.

    Zhu Xian’s adoption into Lengend of Chusen painfully illustrated the failing of this approach, which the first 1/3 of the book dragged for on for 55 episodes (with tons of filler plots and side quests that does not affact the main plot at all) and the rest of the book seems to be crammed into just 18 episodes creating horrible pacing problems.


    1. ooh thanks! I’ll add that to the post.
      The trailer makes this drama look promising but eeks to the 80 eps for sure. 0_0 But if they’e dragging it out for character development than that’s reasonable.
      Chusen is still a painful memory for me….


      1. well, at least season 2 for Chosen is very tight at least. I almost wished there more episodes so it can tie up loose ends and properly develop Lu Xueqi as main character rather than someone that seems to just drop by once in a while to give Xiaofan a lecture.

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        1. Wow is that what happened in season 2? I heard rumors that he was supposed to fall in love with Xueqi in season 2. Guess that didn’t happened? Either way, the production team screwed up. They extended Biyao’s part just to try to keep ZLY there but that ended up compromising the whole story just because character developments were suppose to happen after she died…..


          1. I have not finished season 2 did, but my mom did. (she also read the book). She basically said plotwise, it stopped at ~60% of the book. However, lots of plot points from later parts of the book made happen much earlier (even season 1 plot points like resting Puzhi’s soul actually happened near the end of the book.), so they can easily end the story with just 2 more episodes or a movie.


            In Season 2, there is no development of Xiaofan-Xueqi love line. Which is understandable, since Xiaofan-Biyao love line is much stronger in season 1 than in the book, so it’s impossible he’ll be with anyone else. So it’s less of romance, more like friendship and one-sided infatuation from Xueqi.

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            1. Oh wow. In that case, they might really plan on having a part 3 to the drama. 0_0
              They publicized Biyao and Xiaofan’s CP too much to push for XF and Xueqi in part 2. Fans would not stand for that and it would be too weird. cause like you said, they didn’t connected them enough in part one.


  2. I feel like I played myself! I knew you wouldn’t have the date but I pressed the post anyways, I knew it would ONLY have BTS and Trailers but I pressed the post anyways and in conclusion I’VE BEEN WAITING 84YRS FOR THIS DRAMA!! But it won’t air *cries in corner while watching trailer*


    1. Lol. don’t blame me. I cut the post after showing the release date. You’re know you would’ve click on the post anyway just to stare at the beauties of the stills and trailers. hahaha

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  3. It’s clear already from trailer they change many things from the novel. But what I’m most curious about is, Mu Yun Sheng-Su Yu Ning’s marriage. The original novel series stopped without them married, so I’m curious on how the adaptation will develop the pair. Whether they intend to make it a triangle. An unruly & tough general’s son pining over a palace trainee girl who has to marry the shunned future Emperor. And how the married couple build their affections over time even though both loved another. Sounds exciting, that will fulfill some of my romance kicks.

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    1. From what I gathered from Tieba (interpolation from various trailers, interviews and photo from film set), one version go like this, which make the most sense to me:

      The intro will likely follow the book, however, Su YuNing (SYN) is more special than she was in the book. Muyun Sheng (MYS) is likely not to be confined in the beginning, and was to be engaged to Su, however, after outburst at the engagement ceremony (Among other things, it’s possible the Wanzhou rebellion timeline will happen earlier in the drama than the book to create more tensions in the beginning), the drama returns to the book arc with MYS confined, MRHJ exiled and SYN chases out of palace. There will likely to be a sort of unwilling triangle between MYS, SYN and Mu Ru Han Jiang (MRHJ). But it’s not really a triangle since SYN is into MRHJ, and MYS is into Panxi.

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      1. Thanks for the insight. Here what I also find:

        1. Seems like SYN’s eviction still happens when she was a teen. Li Kai Xin, SYN’s teen actress, once wrote in Weibo “The last luxury time in palace & with my besties the two Mu (Yunsheng & Hanjiang), will be exiled! huhu…” Its also rumored there will be a drama-only adventure with teen MYS-MRHJ-SYN in the span of 8 eps of past story, to give them deeper bonds for when they’re adults.

        2. The marriage may or may not really happen, but I read two of the additional plots the writer intends to make for SYN is, 1st her meeting & relationship with Princess Ji, & 2nd, the court ladies nemesis between her, Nanku Empress & Nanku Yueli. So maybe the marriage does happen.

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  4. Nooooo 80 episodes =_=

    But I really am looking forward to watching it when it FINALLY airs. The attention to detail (in the BTS videos) alone gives me hope that it’ll be a quality drama (like Nirvana in Fire).

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  5. I am also weary of the 80 episodes, but the trailer looks interesting enough. Will def check it out and see if I like it. Dramas with more than 60 episodes have broken their shows into two season, but we ended up watching ~80 episodes. I hope most cdramas go back to the ~40 episodes cap.


  6. Sat thru all 80 episodes, loved it. Spoiler or warning… BUT I think they ran out of money and didn’t finish the series. Very disappointing. Was really into it.


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