Entertainment Update: Zhao Liying on Happy Life, Fighter of the Destiny, Reset, Monkey King 3

Happy Birthday to Chen Qiao En who turned 38 on April 4th!

Variety News:

Zhao Liying will be the guest on variety show, Happy Life (向往的生活), with Xie Na!! Preview of the episode that will air April 9th.

Drama News:

Fighter of the Destiny starring Lu Han and Gulinazha is confirmed to be released on April 17th on Hunan TV

Synopsis: Chun Chang Sheng was abandoned in a flowing river and plucked up by a Taoist monk. He’s actually the fourth Prince of the Chen’s Royal bloodline. He’s plagued with an incurable illness, fated not to live past the age of 20. To find a cure, he leaves his temple, armed with a promise of marriage scroll, to become a student at a famous academy. He meets Xu You Rong and they slowly fall in love after hopping through the trials and tribulations of his journey (credit: dramalist)

New trailer with English sub.

Oh My General starring Peter Sheng Yilun and Ma Sichun officially wrapped up filming after 6 months

Heirs starring Hawick Lau and Jiang Xin will be airing April 14 on Dragon TV with 43 episodes



The drama themesong by Tan Weiwei – The Lost Edge

Movie News:

Movie Return the World to You starring Yang Shuo and Gulinazha released two posters for the leads. This is a typical story that will focus on the life of our female CEO in the fashion industry and how she overcomes betrayals and learn about love.


Action packed and totally futuristic movie, Reset, starring Yang Mi and Wallace Huo is set to be released June 30th

Synopsis: The story focuses on Yang Mi, a single mother, who is given a chance to save her son from the kidnapper (Wallace Huo) by travelling back in time to 1 hour and 50 minutes before the kidnapping

Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng finished filming their parts for The Monkey King 3 after four months of filming

Random News:


Deng Chao copied Yang Mi’s airport fashion and posted on Weibo. Yang Mi jokingly responded: “I don’t mind looking alike. The uglier one should feel awkward”


Deng Chao posted another look alike style and responded: “I got a new style. Where’s yours?” (lol these two are so funny)

Sun Yi and Dong Zijian were seen hanging out. She was also photographed with his mom. They have been openly dating since last year

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4 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Zhao Liying on Happy Life, Fighter of the Destiny, Reset, Monkey King 3

  1. Is Oh My General’s crew is the one that did Go Princess Go? Costumes are really looks familiar.

    Lol Yang Mi is savage.

    Reset looks fantastic. Wallace looks especially good as villain.


  2. I wonder what will be ZLY’s next project. I think this is the first time she is all done with a project and she has nothing else announced. Maybe she plans to go on a trip before starting up again.
    Yay for XieNa, ZLY, and HeJiong back together ^^


    1. I’m curious too! I hope she gets her well deserved rest and come back with something we all look forward too. But sad that most likely it won’t be till mid to late 2018 earliest till we see her next drama (after PA) if she’s filming once this year. 😢


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