[Recap] Ode To Joy 2 Episode 1-3

 photo capture20170512171743338_zps4tght3mi.png

Title: Ode to Joy 2 (欢乐颂 第二季)

# of episodes: 52

Release date: May 11, 2017 Monday – Friday 2 episodes and Sunday  1 episode.

Synopsis: The continuation of this simple story on 5 different women sharing the top floor of an apartment building as they each go through family, financial, relationship, and career related struggles. Some of the questions to be answered in the upcoming season: Who will Andy end up with? Will Fang Shengmei finally be happy? Will Qu Xiaoxiao and Zhao Qiping end up together? Will Qiu Yingying and Ying Qing be in a relationship? One thing is sure: these questions will be answered in season 2!

Where to watch: Youtube (raw) or Dramafever  (eng sub) – airing 2 eps/day starting May 15.  Thread (for more info, pics, and trailers)

Episode 1

 photo capture20170511161228716_zpsmfzbx6vk.png

The episode started with off with Andy in bed and talking to Xiao Qiuying, Guan Guan, Xiao Qu, and Xiao Mei (who are all back in their home town) about what they did during new year. She flipped her bed cover then scream! Flashback to 3 days earlier in Thailand, Phuket when Andy was checking into a resort. Bao Yifan pretended to meet her there by chance but got shut down by Andy instantly. Right before Andy closed the door to her room, Bao Yifan stuck his foot and slid into her room. He asked if he could stay with her as a “furniture” but got rejected coldly. In the end he guilted Andy into letting him sleep on the couch.

 photo capture20170511162253235_zps6fxinvu3.png3 days early at the same time on New year eve: Xiao Qu was spending new year eve with Yao Bin and some friends. She was disengaged and kept checking for doctor Zhao’s updates.

 photo capture20170511162800166_zpscxa0eweb.pngXiao Mei was cooking for her family. Her mom asked if her brother can come back and join them for the new year. Xiao Mei said it’s not up to her. When Bai Quan called her, she was sick but did not wanted his help so that her family can learn to stop relying on her.

 photo capture20170511201638994_zpsxsjfmvdz.pngXiao Qiuying was back at home with her parents. She updated them about her online shop. The minute the phone rang, she rang back to her room to take the call. Her parents were curious and got a little worried about her. Guan Guan was with her mom visiting “friends” for the new year. She realized that her mom was trying to set her up with the son of these friends. Luckily, the son was not home yet.

 photo capture20170511164902267_zpsk1i9nlns.pngThe next day, Bao Yifan kept bugging the sleeping Andy to wait up. She finally left her room when breakfast was delivered. Bao Yifan wanted to take her out and explore the city with her. When Lao Tang called to check up on her, Bao Yifan ate her breakfast and annoyed her until she agreed to leave the room with him. The two enjoy the city together. (Gosh! This makes me really wanna travel!)

 photo capture20170511194512397_zps4lwaru6p.pngXiao Mei called Bai Quan but because he had relatives over the called ended quickly. His mom sneaked a peak at his phone and saw his chat history with Xiao Mei and deduced that the two are together.

 photo capture20170511195553738_zpsifksk4by.pngBack at the resort, Andy got a message from Qi Dian and started remembering all the memories she shared with him. When Bao Yifan asked her what was wrong she told him about her recent breakup. He smirked and ask what she thought of him. “Annoying” she replied. He smiled and said that means that you’re afraid that of liking me and falling for me. She rolled her eyes and started releasing stress by screaming.

Episode 2

 photo capture20170511201209896_zpsb7bdjkjn.pngNext day, on new year day, Xiao Qu was spending it with her family. Her dad congratulated her on the success of her company. The phone rang and her brother smirkily when to pick it up knowing that it’s their grandmother. Because grandma doesn’t approve of Xiao Qu and her mother, she didn’t want to talk to her but was forced to go give her new year greeting.

 photo capture20170511201604079_zps1juujk0k.pngGuan Guan is also having new year dinner with her relative. Her mother continually talked about introducing a guy to her and setting up her. She got tired and walked off. She heard Xiao Qiuying’s message on how Yin Ting said he missed her and want to see her. Guan Guan, Xiao Qiuying, and Xiao Mei left voice messages back to each other wishing them a happy new year.

 photo capture20170511203644525_zpskx3uf4vi.pngNighttime, Bao Yifan heard a crash and cautiously went into Andy’s room to see what was wrong. He saw Andy lying on the bathroom room floor (drunk). He carried her to bed. The next morning (also the start of the drama), while she was listening to the voice messages, she flipped the bed cover and saw Bao Yifan on the bed too. She screamed! She kept asking him what happened yesterday night but he kept saying he doesn’t remember making her very irritated.

 photo capture20170511205016219_zpswpkzzssw.pngBack to Xiao Mei. Bai Quan said he misses her and wants to see her. She reluctantly agreed but only in a more isolated location so that no one see them. Bai Quan wanted to offer her financial help but she refused. (I think Xiao Mei’s story is the saddest out of the 5 girls =( On the drive home, Bai Quan wanted her to meet his parents but she made up excuses to refuse. In her head, she thought that his parents won’t accept her and the baggades that she has (crippled dad and a troublemaking brother).

 photo capture20170511210322120_zpsflmu75xn.pngXiao Qu was stuck with her mom for new year while her dad and brother went to visit their hometown. Since her grandmother does not accept her and her mom, the both were not allowed to go. She called Doctor Zhao and Andy but both did not pick up. She got a message about a new project and set out for a business meeting instead.

 photo capture20170511212445479_zpsrrnnwkik.pngWhile Andy was sleeping, Bao Yifan finally told her what happened that night. He set her in bed after discovering her drunken stage but she kept rolling off of bed. Therefore he spent the night trying in her room. He told her that he’s not the type to take advantage of woman and left. She woke up, peaked at him and smiled.

Episode 3

 photo capture20170512161418511_zps05ljlefo.pngXiao Mei got a message from Bai Quan asking to meet. She agreed but at the meeting spot, who she saw was not Bai Quan but his mom. Bai Quan’s mom got straight to the point and told Xiao Mei that her family is a burden to her son. She told Xiao Mei that it’s better if they breakup rather than weighing Bai Quan down. Xiao Mei accepted her suggestion and turned around and left. Guan Guan called her to talk but heard the sadness in her voice. Xiao Mei told Guan Guan that she will be heading back to Shanghai early.

 photo capture20170512162224244_zpswkflyc2t.pngThe next day, Xiao Mei packed up and left. She was the first one back in the apartment. Bai Quan called her and told her that he misses her and wanted to see her but she told him she’s already back in Shanghai. She told him that they should go their separate way now and for him to ask his mom for an explanation for her decision. (Lol. She’s really not sneering at the kid. Just happened to screen cap at that moment where she was crying)

 photo capture20170512163059329_zpsqpijkypf.pngGuan Guan and Xiao Qiuying were both worried about Xiao Mei and decided to come back to Shanghai early. They snuck into the house to surprise her and Xiao Qiuying started rapping! The three finally settled down on the couch. Xiao Mei asked them about their new year. Xiao Qiuying talked about YingQin and how he kept saying he misses her. Since he was never direct, she doesn’t know what to think of it.

 photo capture20170512164341109_zpsjhgoz9fk.pngXiao Qu continued her business discussion oversea while constantly checking on updates from Doctor Zhao. Because it was new year, she couldn’t find anyone to help me do business investigations therefore she called Bai Quan to ask for his help. At that moment, he was arguing with him mom about her interring with his relationship.

 photo capture20170512164816682_zpsa8cqon6m.pngAndy and Bao Yifan also came back to Shanghai from their vacation. He offered to give her a ride but she coldly rejected him saying that they are just friends. She came back to the apartment and went to visit Xiao Mei and them first. The group exchanged gifts. At night, Xiao Mei finally turned on her phone and heard the messaged that Bai Quan left. He promised that he will work hard to make money to support her and her family. She thanked him for understanding.

 photo capture20170512171857029_zpsjl9ydmff.pngAfter Xiao Qu landed, she headed to the hospital right away. He asked what was wrong and she told him that he’s the heart problem that she’s having. Very flirtatiously, she told him that most foxes are women but she didn’t know that a male sly fox existed. (Lol! This couple is just too much) She asked him for a dinner date and he told her to wait for him at his car. After she left, he covered his face and smiled. At the car, she asked him why he didn’t contact her. He told her that he was busy at first but afterward he thought about their relationship.

Chexmix: Yay to the second season!! How’s it so far? Sad and funny at the same time. Xiao Qiuying’s silly smile is contagious. Andy and Bao Yifan’s story is not shippable yet. It’s half-half between Bao Yifan and Lao Tang right now. Guan Guan’s story just started. Anticipating her changes/makeover thou. Did not expected her mom to be the lady from Nirvana in the Fire at all! She played the nagging mom to the tee! Hahaha. Xiao Qu and doctor Zhao….what can I say…they are just meant for each other! Xiao Mei’s story is the most heartbreaking!! Broken family and an unsupportive future mother-in-law… at least Bai Quan is 100% supportive of her. I was bias toward Andy in the first season but now I like all 5 of them + Zhao Qi Ping! hahahah


10 thoughts on “[Recap] Ode To Joy 2 Episode 1-3

    1. Lol! That makes them brother and sister! I’m so curious in her story with the new guy. I’m sure ull ship her with this other guy too. 😆


  1. I love this show so much, the first one definitely left a deep impression on me. It’s so chock full of lessons on life. So excited there’s 50+ episodes to enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fosho! The most relistic modern drama I have seen so far!
      Lol. U usually cringe at the long drama and now it’s an enjoyment. 😝


  2. It was a let down that there was not a smooth continuation from Season 1 to Season 2. I can see the Andy transition, but Xiao Qu and the doctor is completely off from where we left them. Also, Xiao Mei had met his mother at the end of last season, but now they meet for the first time. I think they did it in case someone had not seen the first season they could still pick it up, but it was disappointing.
    So far not enough Xiao Qu this season. I am also split between Bao Yifan and Lao Tang. I see Bao Yifan as a sexy distraction, Lao Tang is the marrying type. Sadly, Andy doesn’t see him that way. She is completely oblivious to his feelings.


    1. Ooh Yay!! I’m so glad you picked up Ode to Joy! I hope season 1 wasn’t a let down.
      Yea the transition was a bit off. But for someone who watched season 1 a year ago..it was kinda ok. hahah
      yes!! Xiao Qu is just a character! You can’t help but love her character! Andi is oblivious to anything relationship related unless it’s BYF style where he shove himself to her face. hahahaha


      1. Yep, I finish Ode to Joy recently prepping for season 2. I liked Season 1. I really liked how it ended making you want to know more but satisfied at the same time. I like all the girls, but I love crazy Xiao Qu. I am liking this season so far, but I just really wish they had made a smooth transition.


        1. My fave was Andi in the first season but Xiao Qu crept up on me in this season and I find myself liking her a lot! I love her personality and the I-go-for-what-I-want attitude.


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