Entertainment Updates: iQIYI All-star Carnival, The Monkey King 3 casting update

iQIYI All-star Carnival took place December 3rd in Beijing.

Liu Shi and Huang Xuan won Best TV Actors. Here is a candid interview of them back stage.

They talked about Huang Xuan’s serious personality and mentioned the possibility of a baby for LongShi couple (basically trying to avoid the question by letting Huang Xuan answer the question hehe).


Liu Shishi looked gorgeous in her blue dress.

William Chan won Person of the Year award.

Zhao Liying was unable to attend the event and sent her manager to collect her Artist of the Year award.

Victoria won Popular Actor of the Year

Luhan won the Asian Entertainer award

MaKe and YingEr won Most Watched TV Actors

Aaron Kwok won Best Film Actor

Actors with the most potential went to Wang Xin and Tan Song Yun

Zhou DongYu  won Movie Actress of the Year

Zhang Yishan won Annual Leap Actor

Zhang Han won Most Popular TV Actor of the Year

Year’s most attention-screen CP: Rong Yang and Bai Yu

Xie Na won Host of the Year

Zhang MinGen and Hu Yunhao also won an award. The Mystic Nine is opening a lot of doors for them.

Note: I might have missed some awards, but everyone that attended got an award and they were all pretty much the same. Top honors went to William Chan.

Zhao Liying officially joined the cast of The Monkey King 3: The Land of Beauty. The cast already included Aaron Kwok as the Monkey King, Feng Shao Feng as the buddhist monk, Xiao ShenYang, and Him Law. The special effects for this movie are said to be beyond the other two. It is slated for a 2018 Chinese New Year release and it will be filmed in Filming will take place in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Taiwan, and other scenic locations.




She traveled to Changsha for the live announcement of her joining the cast. Here she is being crowned by the director of the movie, Zheng Bao Rui. The director revealed that the movie will feature more loving entanglements between master monk Tang Seng , who’s not supposed to marry, and Zhao Liying the Queen, who’s not supposed to get married either.



Tencent End of Year Show “Star Awards” announced their lineup: Li Yi Feng, Zhao Liying, Huang Zitao, Boran Jing, Wang Kai, Xie Na, Jackson Wang, Ju Jing Yi,etc. It will take place December 1oth.

The Wasted Time held their press conference and finally announces the release date of the film: December 16thGe You and Zhang Ziyi star in a story of love, hatred, and betrayal in Shanghai during the chaotic, war-torn 1930’s.



The Great Wall releases a 9 minute epic trailer. Starring Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe and Andy Lau, the movie will be in theater December 16th.


Three Lives Three World starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao announces January 30th as their broadcasting date!

A leaked teaser of the drama



17 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: iQIYI All-star Carnival, The Monkey King 3 casting update

  1. Thanks for this! Love LSS’s dress, so glad Lt Zhang and Chen Pi from 老九门 got recognition, Yang Rong and Bai Yu got the CP award (although what happened to Fo Ye and Xin Yue?) and so sad ZLY couldn’t make it! I do wonder if it’s because WC and ZLY both got individual awards which are meant to be more prestigious than the CP award so the XinYue couple was ignored and instead more limelight for Yang Rong and Bai Yu (they totally deserve it too and about time !!) to promote S3 of Memory Lost (starts 12.12.16). Also wonder if ZLY couldn’t make it because she had to go for the Monkey God announcement!!! Glad she got the role!!!!


    1. Loved ShiShi’s dress too. I was also happy for their awards, they have been getting more recognition after The Mystic Nine. Super sad ZLY couldn’t make it. I don’t know if it was because of the Monkey King announcement or something else.


  2. Thanks!! iQiyi without Zhao Liying felt so flat this year 😦 The only highlight of the night for me was the beautiful dress of Liu Shishi. She is so damn gorgeous!! Everyone deserves their awards though so congratulations!!
    The Monkey King movie series isn’t my cup of tea, but that harem for Liying looks pretty badass. Hope that it will be worth watching!
    Else, Yang Mi looks so pretty in the trailer for 3Lives!! I don’t really like Mark Zhao’s depiction, but will have to see more before judging..


    1. I know I was so sad over iQIYI. I waited for so long 😦 it really felt like it was missing something. Liu ShiShi always has the best gowns, just very pretty and classy. Same for Monkey King, I am hoping this one will be better.


  3. So happy for Liying!! this is indeed a big step up for her to be able to lead a high budgeted film like this one. But a whooooole year for the release tho….


    1. I know :/ and Eternal Wave still doesn’t have a release date. I am guessing she will pick a drama after filming for Monkey King. Movies usually don’t take long to film, which is good.


    1. I am also really looking forward to Eternal Wave. The plot sounds good and I have liked the stills they have released so far. What makes you think he knew already? ^^


        1. Really? Do you have the link for that post or video? What are their other fans in Baidu thinking about this situation? I noticed some people are thinking that they’re avoiding each other. Do Chinese fans also think like this?


  4. Did Huang Xuan win for Dear Interpretor or The Imperial Doctress? If the former, surprised Yang Mi no where to be seen! LSS is for The Imperial Doctress?


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