[News] Tang Yan and Luo Jin Dating

Out CP from The Princess Weiyoung, Tang Yan and Luo Jin, officially reveals that they are dating via Weibo. On Tang Yan’s birthday, Luo Jin posted a sweet message : “Happy birthday my love. My shoulder will always be your support”  and a fake picture of the two of them when they were young. (LOL. Cute.)  She then replied: “So it’s you” using the word fate as a pun.

Including The Princess Weiyoung, the two had also worked together in the past on the following dramas: Luan Shi Jia Ren, Agent X, and Diamon Lover.  Congratulation to the  two!!

Cute BTS of the couple from The Princess Weiyoung


10 thoughts on “[News] Tang Yan and Luo Jin Dating

  1. I love how all my C-drama OTPs become real 🙂 🙂 tooooo many to list so I’ll just list my Top 3: Ruby and Wallace, Shi Shi and Nicky, and OF COURSE Xin Yi and Yuan Hong

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  2. Awwww …. happy for them! Read that Tang Yan had a bad break up with Roy Qiu so happy that she finally found happiness!! Apparently she and Luo jin have been on and off for a while since their first show together so it’s so sweet that they are together for good – agree with @fireflymaoh that wedding bells are coming!

    2016 is really the year of the-long-rumored-together-and-they-are-indeed-lovers ;- Wallace Huo & Ruby Lin , Shu Qi & Stephen Fung and now Luo Jin & Tang Yan !

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    1. I think if they announced it like that is because they are planning on moving forward in a few months and don’t want people to be like shotgun wedding or something.


  3. so happy for them!! *_* Worried Luo Jin would never get out of the friendzone at the speed he was going Hahaha
    Omg, yes, Hu Ge is the only one out of the CP3 gang still single… >_<


  4. AWWW they are so cute
    Their chemistry in Princess Weiyoung is off the charts and there were rumors about them for a while now. I am really happy that they decided to go public with their relationship. I anticipate wedding bells soon.
    Also poor HuGe, the forever bachelor ^^


      1. he probably doesnt care but everyone else keeps seeing him stay single while all his friends start dating/marry.
        lol at the joke that wu lei will get married before him

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