Entertainment Updates: Beneath the Embroidered Uniform, Our Glamorous Time, Love is Happening, To Love To Hate, The Thousand Faces of Dunjia, and Celebrity Updates (Photoshoots and Other)

Hello folks! I’ll try to keep up with the incoming news but there are so many while I have so little time >.<  However, feel free to comment if you want someone or something to be covered as I tend to forget things 😛

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Update: 2017 Bazaar Charity Night

Bazaar Charity Night took place September 9th in Beijing. It assembled a lot of popular celebrities, business leaders, public media, and fans to celebrate helping others through donations.

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Entertainment Update: Entrepreneurial Age, The King of Blaze, My Ruby My Blood, 24th Beijing College Student Film Fest


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Feature: Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there. I have compiled some pictures of celebrities with their moms or pictures that celebrities posted of their moms.

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Entertainment Update: Yang Mi, The Devotion of Suspect X, Drama Updates, This is Not I Expected Trailer

Image result for 杨幂工作室

After the success of the drama Three Lives Three Worlds, it is said that the value of Yang Mi’s company, Jay Walker, increased to 5 billion Yuan. (Given that the company was the main investor of the drama and a majority of the casts is from her company, it’s to be expected). This also put Yang Mi and the people in her company under the spotlight. Yang Mi signed  Vengo Gao, Dilireba, Zhang Binbin, Zhang Yunlong, Yang Chengcheng, Li Xi Rui, and Huang Mengying back in 2014 and is now being praised for successfully promoting the her people into stardom.

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First Impressions: Love & Life & Lie



Up to Ep5 and I am not sure why i am still watching! 🙂 It is a Spot-The-Cliche bonanza with the switched at birth backstory, spunky- poor-girl-with-attitude pitted against the spoilt-awful-rich-girl who fall in love with the male lead and the usual array of evil side characters plotting to separate the OTP (which there are so many of them!!!) BUT somehow, something keeps me watching and here I am!

I think it’s the Chen Xiao (Li Yao Nan) -Zhou Dong Yu (Liu Xin Tong)combo. Those 2 have a urban romantic nonchalance chemistry (liked their interactions at the vet) spiced with some sexy vibes which makes the relationship feel realistic for the early 20s set – not too angsty or overly passionate yet adult at the same time. I do like Liu Xin Tong as well – it’s my first time watching Zhou Dong Yu and I like that she is not your typical beauty with her small eyes and her personality does shine through compared to the second female lead. I can see why Yao Nan fell for her. And Chen Xiao – he does the urbane young man so well , polished but with a heart (not a supersized one like the second male lead but realistically sufficient!) That side eyed smirk from the Legend of Lu Zhen is back!

It helps that Jia Jing Hui who plays the second male lead Ji Zhen Yu is also a hottie and Ye Qing playing the second female lead Ji Zhi Zhen is so detestable. Interested to see his storyline and can’t wait for her comeuppance !

Not sure how much longer I will continue watching as I suspect that the dogblood scenes are coming. But for now, it’s meeting my quota for a light rom-com so let’s see where it goes!

Entertainment Update: Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!! How did you and some of your favorite stars spend their holidays together!?

Zhang Han and Gul Nazar celebrated in a cozy home with stuff animals.

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2016 Sina’s Best Performances Short Films

Sina announced the 10 actors and actresses for their annual “Best Performances” film. These actors and actresses participated in the making of 10 short creative films (with the help of 4 promising directors) at one minute each. The film was released on December 13th.

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