[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 34-37


Princess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 58

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Episode 34


Wei Guan tells Wei Shuye about an important item he his in his fathers grave. The only one else who knows about this is Liu Shen, therefore they need to kill him. Yuwen Yue and Yan Xun’ spies heard the news and reported back. As Wei Shuye tries to assassinate Liu Shen, Chu Qiao saves him. (Yuwen Yue arrives later and the two helped each other out) Liu Shen tries to run away as the two fights and almost got killed by Wei Shuye, but was saved again. Yuwen Yue let Wei Shuye leave. 


Yuwen Yue helps Chu Qiao treat her would and tells her it’s best if he takes Liu Shen. He also told her that he knew who burned the grave and took the things but he didn’t reveal it because of Chu Qiao. She doesn’t believe him and ask if he wants to kill Wei Guan too. He tells her if it makes her happy he will discuss about it with her. 


Now that the Emperor knows, the whole Wei family could be exterminated. Wei Guan wants to put the blame on himself to save the family. Yuwen Yue tells him that the only way is for Wei Shuye to testify for Wei Guan in front of the Emperor. Wei Shuye is reluctant but has no choice. The important item that was hidden in Wei Guan’s fathers is a Jade White Ding, which was supposed to be in the royal grave. Wei Guan is executed and Wei Shuye is in charge of the Wei family.


Chu Qiao is bestowed the Coach of Arrow in Qiaoqi Camp. The camp is a massive military force in the capital and is controlled by Prince Xiang and Yuwen Yue. Chu Qiao arrives when the commander is about to sentence the vice commander (He Xiao). She stops him and tells him that he should report to Prince Xiang or Yuwen Yue before deciding to kill a vice commander. The commander backs off and leaves. 


Xiuli army is the one that Chu Qiao got put in. They were originally from Yan Bei but are deemed traitors. Chu Qiao found He Xiao at night alone and had a talk with him. She tells him that although she emphasizes with him she doesn’t agree with his actions when he didn’t help Yan Bei three years ago. 

Episode 35 


Prince Xiang visits Consort Wei, the two talk about Chuner’s marriage. The Consort doesn’t want Chuner to marry the prince of Liang so she’s going to arrange her to marry someone else. Prince Xiang  visits Chuner after and tells her she will be busy preparing for her wedding soon but doesn’t tell her who. 


Yan Xun visits Chu Qiao and gifts her a gel for her hand, Yuwen Yue saw the whole thing. As Chu Qiao is teaching archery, Yuwen Yue comes along and shows off his skills before telling Chu Qiao to go to him for a decree to get new bows. He uses the chance to talk to her and warn her to be careful of Xue Zhileng and he will try to switch her whenever he can. 


The Consort invites Yuwen Yue to have dinner with her and Chuner. Chuner and Yuwen Yue both tried to leave but was stopped, so Chuner angers her mother into leaving. After the Consort is gone, she tells Yuwen Yue that she will never like him. 


Back in the camp, Prince Xiang ask Yuwen Yue how was the dinner with Chuner revealing that he was the one who set it up. Yuwen Yue tells him not to interfere and Prince Xiang tells him that he will never be able to marry Chu Qiao because of their status. Prince Xiang also tells him that he will kill Yan Xun and if Chu Qiao gets involved she will be killed too. 


Chu Qiao is sent to pick up the prince of Liang because the prince doesn’t like males. On the way the maids of the prince tried to give them a hard time but didn’t work on Chu Qiao. She sent their horse running and beat up the prince because he touched her. Chu Qiao goes to Prince Xiang to receive punishment but was shock to find that they wanted to beat the prince up too. Prince Xiang assures Chu Qiao that he will protect her since she works under him. 


As Prince Yu is complaining to Prince Xiang about Prince of Liang, he arrives. Prince Liang waits for Chu Qiao to arrive and try to sneak up on her but was beaten up again. He then tells her to be his bodyguard. During their carriage ride, the prince pester Chu Qiao with questions and even tried to touch her. Chu Qiao threw him out the window. 

Episode 36


Chu Qiao escorts Xiao Ce all the way to the palace. He tells the Emperor that he wants Chu Qiao as his personal body guard but was stopped by Concubine Lan. Concubine Lan was saved by Chu Qiao’s mother before, but was surprised when Chu Qiao didn’t recognize her. 


Xiao Ce meets up with Xiao Yu (princess of Lian). The two does not have a good relationship even though they are siblings and are plotting against each other. The two came all the way to Wei for the same reason, to work with Yan Xun. 


Since three years is almost over, many people don’t want Yan Xun to return to Yan Bei. Therefore the Emperor plans to make him believe that he is completely forgiven and then kill him. Before they can continue, Princess Chun arrives. She tells the Emperor that she won’t marry anyone else but Yan Xun. 


The Emperor summons Yan Xun and tells him that he wants to him to marry Chuner. Yan Xun tries to deny it but the Emperor threatens him with Chu Qiao. Yan Xun has no choice but to accept. 


Concubine Lan summons Chu Qiao to meet her. She reminisce a time where she sacrificed herself to save the young Chu Qiao. She ask if Chu Qiao know who Lou He is, and Chu Qiao tells her she lost her memory. As Chu Qiao leaves she meets Prince Yu and he tells her to be careful of concubine Lan. Yan Xun and Chuner comes not long after and she announced that they are engaged. 


Prince Yu ask if Chu Qiao is sad because Yan Xun is going to get married. She tells him that she doesn’t like him. He asks her if she likes anyone, and she asks him how does it feel to like someone. That night Chu Qiao meets Yan Xun and he tries to explain but she already knew.

Episode 37 


Chu Qiao tells Yan Xun that she feels bad for Chuner and that they didn’t think the Emperor would use his own daughter as bait. They talk through their escape plan again and think of other ways since the marriage ruined their plans. 


Yan Xun and Zhong Yu receives an anonymous letter telling them to meet somewhere. When they get there Xiao Yu is waiting for them. She wants to work with him and in return she can help them escape the capital. Yan Xun agrees after Xiao Yu tells him her reasons. 


Yuwen Yue watches as Chu Qiao missed the target and believes that she’s sad because Yan Xun is going to get married. He asks why they haven’t escape yet and what are they plotting now. Chu Qiao doesn’t tell him anything and Yuwen Yue warns her that as long as they don’t mess up the capital he won’t do anything to stop them. Chu Qiao warns him that she won’t know what she will do if he gets in their way. 


As Princess Chuner happily prepares for her wedding Consort Wei arrives. The Consort is angry that Chuner didn’t tell her anything and acted recklessly, she slapped Chuner. Chuner tells her mother that she just wants to protect Yan Xun even if he hates her. 


Xiao Ce is once again trying to get close to Chu Qiao but ends up getting beaten by her again. Yuwen Yue comes and Xiao Ce’s maid try to blame Chu Qiao but Xiao Ce ended up saying he fell himself. Xiao Ce asks Chu Qiao to take a walk with him outside, using this as an opportunity to see the situation outside, Chu Qiao agrees. 


Chu Qiao and Xiao Ce gets attacked by Xiao Yu’s men. They make a run for it, but Chu Qiao gets injured. Chu Qiao helps Xiao Ce climb up a mountain before she goes up herself and the two jump into the water. Chu Qiao faints because of her injury. 


Yan Xun rushes to save Chu Qiao as soon as he heard the news. Yuwen Yue finds out that Yan Xun sneaked out and brings his men along too. Chu Qiao wakes up just in time to take out the assassins but falls again because of her injury. Xiao Ce tries to distract the assassins in order to protect Chu Qiao. 

iiAngelx3:  I can’t wait till next week’s episode to see who saves Chu Qiao first! Chuner finally got what she wants, to marry Yan Xun. I pity her though, she loves someone who will never love her back. I do enjoy Xiao Ce’s character though, he adds some funny moments into this drama. I also love how Yuwen Yue is more open with himself about Chu Qiao.


17 thoughts on “[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 34-37

  1. Chun er’s gone crazy and doesn’t really know yx if she thinks yx will just sit and wait for the emperor to kill him..its funny how well ywy knows yx and cq’s devious scheming hearts haha..unfortunately for ywy, the capital will get messed up when they do escape..prince xiang is like ywy, he’s smart not like his emperor dad..and i am looking forward to see the real character of the prince of liang, so far, he’s only funny for now and i wonder why his sister would try to kill him


    1. Half sister, different mother. All the royals fight to be crown prince. Obviously she knows he’s not as dumb as he makes himself out to be and wants to kill him so that her full brother can take his place as crown prince.


  2. Prince xiang and chun er’s mother know ywy would be the best man for chun er but i guess she wants to suffer so yx it is


  3. I screamed when the emperor said Chu reminded him of Mulan😍😍 also I feel bad for Chunr because everyone is basically using but then I don’t only because she is aware YX doesn’t love her and she’s still willing😳 ANYWAYS, next week previews look AMAZING


  4. Thanks! I am up to Ep 40 TV version (which seems to be around the same for Ep 37 uncut) and found this week’s episodes to be really good:-

    1. As a mum to a young girl myself, I honestly could emphathise with Concubine Wei’s helplessness watching her daughter, Yuan Chun, blithefully marching to her own doom. 😦 Yuan Chun, who knows that Yan Xuan doesn’t love her but wants to try anyways because she has been in love with him since she was a kid althought acutely aware of the chasm that divide them because her father was responsible for the massacre of his family and he loves CQ. True love, no matter how sincere, cannot overcome all , if it is one-sided. She really should have bundled Yuan Chun off to another country for her own good as really, death is only the least painful option in this path.

    2. I actually like how CQ is in her interactions with YWY. It’s very realistic as she recognizes that she has feelings (which may even be love if Yuan Song is to be believed!) for this man who is not on the same side with her and Yan Xuan. She spent 3 years on borrowed time (which YWY got for YX and her) knowing that the King would not allow YX (and by extension her) return to Yan safely; they plotted and planned their escape after 3 years and now, YWY the omnipresent is back and has moments where he is seems to be helping them (she knows it’s just for her because he has said so) but ultimately he will be their enemy if they go through with their plans. I didn’t actually see her as rude but rather, masking her confusion and discomfort around him and trying her best to keep her distance – why be drawn to him when ultimately he could be the one to ruin her (and YX)? Her conversation with him when he was teasing her about YX’s marriage was telling – in a nutshell, she was asking him to please pick a side – unfortunately for CQ, she has to learn that scorched earth policy (and she doesn’t even know the depths of humanity that can be plumbed If YX’s plans are to be followed to the tee e.g. Dispose of XC) is not the only way to go and massive collateral damage (thousands of innocent civilians) which is what she doesn’t want, will be an inevitable outcome of such a plan. CQ, is after all a young girl who fights well, but wasn’t taught strategy or highly educated – at the moment, she is just an efficient blade for a different master (YX rather than YWY).

    3. I like that the drama finally put an end to the guessing game as to whether CQ likes YX by her clarifying to Yuan Song that their bond is due to them being off the same character. Love that! Platonic comradeship does exist (admittedly usually one sided as the other party may have romantic feelings for such a bond to be so strong to begin with). Sorry book lovers but I guess with the change in background, the reason why CQ is following YX to Yan is because she really has nowhere else to go and based on her mum’s only possession, she is meant to go to Yan anyways. In this tumultuous times, that reason is a good for me and I am glad it is not because she is doing it for YX but for herself.

    4. XC – he is gold that man! Just like how YWY adopts the ice prince exterior, XC adopts the pervy playboy facade to protect himself and inspect his surrounding with safety. His OTT love declaration to CQ is wisely calculated as she is known to be a YX loyalist and he wants to forge alliances with YX to destabilize Wei. I hope the drama also diverts from the book in that he doesn’t fall in love with CQ – that would be so run-off-the-mill and his character should be above all that. I am sure that had CQ not saved him from the assasins his half sister ordered, he would have arranged some people hiding in the background to rescue him – he literally left her there under the guise of diverting the baddies but gave her that one weapon as his thank-you-note-for-trying-your-best-to-protect-me-you-silly-one.

    5. Love that the first thing YWY said when he discovered that YX had left city’s boundaries in the same direction as XC and CQ was that he had to get YX (and not CQ) back – he definitely has feelings for CQ but he is rational in his viewpoints and he wants to help YX (even if YX cannot see it) just like when he manipulated YWH to guard the mausoleum for 3 years to protect YX (it was not for CQ as he thought she had already perished by then). He doesn’t want them to ruin Chang An but yet, if they had just tried to escape, he wouldn’t have stopped them. Which means that he was happy to let CQ go with Yan Xun to Yan (even if he himself wanted her to stay) if that could ensure them being safe. Hence him saying to Prince Xiang that he can watch the flower bloom from afar in someone’s else garden not because he was being romantic and noble, but because he realistically knows that the King will consider her to be a Yan Xun loyalist and not allow them to leave Chang An alive. The best he can do is to help them not make things worse (e.g. In the Wei Guang situation) or not pursue them if they somehow manage to escape. When he came to shoot arrows with CQ after seeing YX turning up at camp, I didn’t sense it was out of jealousy but rather because he could tell that they were plotting something and he was trying to warn both her (and Yan Xun) the potential pitfalls.

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    1. Mothers always know best so you should listen to your mother chun er!! Ywy is not selfish in his love for cq, he can love and protect her from afar as long as she is safe..ywy knows yx and cq are always plotting cause he knows their minds as they are alike in being wise when it comes to survival, he just warns them that they better not be planning war cause that will not be good for civilians which is whybhe smart prince xiang wants yx dead because he knows he will rebel and go to war when the opportunity arises..prince of liang is definitely more than what he shows people..as for the emperor, i just want him dead and replaced by prince xiang

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Prince Xiang doesn’t appear to be the type to conduct mutiny though . And this King seems to be in no hurry to relinquish his position !!


    2. I wasn’t sure that Chu Qiao straightly says he doesn’t like Yan Xun, so I rewatched that particular scene, and what she says is “He’s a prince, I’m a civilian, we don’t have a relationship.” Well, they don’t have a relationship, but nothing is mentioned about feelings. Only Yuan Song concludes that she doesn’t like him. She doesn’t correct him, but does she have to?


      1. I think Yuan Song went on to ask CQ if you have no feelings for him, why did you stay by his side and took care of him etc? Which she replied that it was because they are the same type of person but she didn’t elaborate further as she said YS wouldn’t understand. And she is right – he wouldn’t 🙂 a deep bond could be formed between a man and a woman aside from romantic attachment – soldiers who fought in a war together, accident survivors etc – she and YX have been in situations of life and death where the only other person they can rely on is each other and they trust each other hence their deal of not doing anything behind each other’s back. Even if she has no romantic feelings for YX, she would still be devastated if he broke their trust (which i think is coming soon 😦 ). CQ has been quite clear since Day 1 – when she agreed to follow YX back to YanBei initially, she immediately told him not to read more into it 🙂

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  5. Thankyou for the recaps and as always, I love reading the comments. I am loving this drama and counting down my days to watch the next episode 😮

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  6. Thanks for the recap!
    These episodes were so much better. Prince Xiang, Xiao Ce, and He Xiao are such a breath of fresh air. They are really interesting characters that actually move the plot along and have a purpose.

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  7. I feel bad for chun er and what hppen to her in the next few episodes is so wrong ugh. I am also starting to find chu qiao annoying. If anything she caused more unfortunate things to happen.


    1. Chun er chose to follow yx, without his consent..now yx aint got the tine to deal with stupid heartbroken princesses..he’s too busy rebelling


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